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    RedvsBlue HighStakes Footbal-Special Guest-Greg Ambrosius

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    Greg Ambrosius is founder of the National Fantasy Football Championship. He will be our guest to discuss the state of the high stakes industry, his contests (The Classic and Primetime) both of which sport a $100k top prize, and we'll break down a recent draft, the Trendsetters.
    After just one season, is LeSean Mccoy a Top 3 Fantasy pick now? How high would you take Mike Vick? The dude averaged a gazillion points per game! Is this just another Tom Brady type record season or can we count on more of the same? QBs are so deep, you can wait on QBs this year... right??? Why is Austin Collie being drafted in the Top 20??? Does Steve Smith CAR have anything left in the tank or was CAR QB the problem? Are you getting a steal with him? Jordy is being drafted VERY high after that Super bowl performance, with Finley back, should he be? Ryan Grant is being drafted outside the Top 100. I thought you get your job back after an injury? How bad was it? Is Starks THAT good? Lots more gang...
    Don't miss it. 
    Are you a die-hard fantasy footballer? Are you good? You think so huh? Well if you're not playing high stakes, you have NO IDEA! Experience the world of High Stakes Fantasy Football! Join Scott Atkins aka Team Legacy and Michael "Teez for Sheez" Trent as they explore the major national competitions in the annual quest to crown the best of the best. Don't worry, if you don't have a grand to pony up, enter one of the lower priced satellite leagues ($50-$100)in one of the contests we discuss and take your SHOT at GLORY!

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    The High Stakes Inline Roller Hockey Tournament Show

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    Tune in as Dougiecuurs talks with Cj Tiefenwerth, promoter for The High Stakes Inline Roller Hockey Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 12-14, 2012, at the Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center. Also scheduled on the show is Daniel Corsetea, Owner of the Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center.

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    Red vs Blue HighStakes Radio w/Scott Atkins-LIVE NFFC DRAFT

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    NFFC's debut draft with Stats software. 60 seconds per pick!!
    6 points per passing TD, .5 for RB receptions, 1 PPR for wideouts and tight ends. 3rd round reversal, so the drafter in the 14 hole goes 1st in the 3rd round. (makes up for any disadvantage in the first)
    $60 entry fee
    League Prizes:
    First Place = $480
    Second Place = $120
    Third Place = $75
    30, yes I said 30 rounds of action - no lineups - no waivers - no trades. Draftmaster style! Here's the lineup:
    1. Michael Trent
    2. Mike Gustafson
    3. Mark Srebro 
    4. Marc Quitsch
    5. John Haskell
    6. Henry Muto
    7. Wayne Ellis
    8. Scott Shudy
    9. Greg Dietzler
    10. Billy Wasosky
    11. Glenn Lowy
    12. Scott Atkins
    13. Rich Dunn
    14. Jeff Clampitt
    All kinds of folks dropping by tonight to chat as we battle for draft supremacy! - Jim Day, John Duckworth and more. 
    Who will be the first pick?? We'll talk Austin Collie, Darren McFadden, Josh Freeman, Matt Forte, Michael Vick and a whole lot more. BRING IT!

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    Red vs Blue - The Highstakes Fantasy Football Show w/ Scott Atkins - Episode # 50

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    TONIGHT we're reviewing the two Red vs Blue Satellite leagues on our show. The 1st Live play by play draft AND the Big PAYBACK $500 entry fee draft. Remember, one of these 12 wins a seat at the BIG PAYBACK in VEGAS, a $5,000 entry fee. WOW!
    Can one of OUR listeners win the whole enchilada?

    PLUS, we break down the very difficult LINEUP DECISIONS this week as the bye weeks are in FULL effect. How will teams do with the Colts, Dolphins and Cowboys on bye? How do you replace Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark? Find out tonight, on Red vs Blue!

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    Red vs Blue - Highstakes Fantasy Football Radio - Special Guest - CHRIS LAMBERT - Episode #49

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    Seems like there's a new first lady in the world of High Stakes Fantasy Football these days. Chris Lambert, formerly of the WCOFF, joins the FFPC and talks with us tonight! Do not miss this exclusive one on one interview with Chris.

    PLUS, we break down Week 5 in the world of fantasy football.

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