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    Highschool Preview !

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    On this weeks show we will review the top football games of the week including the NCAA plus, we will be covering National topics in sports. The guru's welcome Rashad Haylock (CBS Sports) ., and JACK DAVIS CEO of Calihisports.com one of the leading highschool sports web site in the world. Plus a call-in from one of the most explosive players in all of southern Cali, Mike Davison (Crespi High   #1) as he talks recruiting and their upcoming game vs the Dominguez Dons on fri. another power packed show this week on THE ALL STAR APPROACH!!!

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    The Challenges of Refugees and Immigrants in U.S.

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    Emily Koch an ESL instructor who is teaching ESL for the Newcomer Program in Utica. This program is for young refugee students ages 17 - 21 who were not accepted by the highschool. In their morning time they work with her on ESL, Reading, US History and Cultural Issues and Adaptation. In the afternoons, they spend time with GED/TASC teachers who work on English and Math

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    Authoress Linnea LDP & Alexis Nicole

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    Authoress Linnea LDP was born and raised in New Orleans A.K.A the big easy. By day she is a full time employee in corporate America and a mother to her wonderful son. Her love for writing came at an early age but it took an unfornutate seat to the back so that she could focus on her ultimate career goals. With nothing but time on her hands she picked back up the pen in early 2014 and was later blessed to release her debut novel DONT FU#K WITH MY HEART which is available now on amazon with her sequel DONT FU#K WITH MY HEART2: LOVE DONT LIVE HERE ANYMORE to follow will be available soon on amazon. 


    ALexis Nicole was born in Hartford, CT. SHe started reading at the early age of 3 and later skipped a grade in grammer school. She was in many different gifted and talanted programs as a child. she danced ballet and played many different musical instruments. She was even a life guard at the YWCA at the age of 10. Her love for writing started at the age of 14. Although her stories were never published she was able to write her first series in highschool and shared it amongst her friends and schoolmates. Now signed to Jaded publications she had released her debut TRUST AND DINERO. 

    Come get to know these 2 divas behind the pen of these hot releases right here on Rich Behavior Radio. 

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    Go From Jobless to a Career in 90 Days

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    One thing for sure, all Americans who are jobless now know change will happen whether we are ready or not. What better time than today to set a plan in action to have a career in 90 days. You know from experience getting someone to hire you have been super difficult. The best thing for those who are jobless is to update your skills to increase your chances of getting hired. A better America begins with where you are and what skills you are most interested in at this moment. A better American begins when we all make decisions to stop surviving and begin thriving for the rest of our lives. Being unemployed or underemployed is not what anyone wants or need. You needs money and beginning today, decide to not settle for being jobless. Today, right here, I will share with you who want careers how to invest 90 days in a career in demand that pays more than minimum wage.

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    MelaniNation Presents: Is The Knowledge Really Sweeter at a HBCU?

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    1. Why do we have HBCU's 2. Do HBCU's hold us back or project us forward? 3. How do they truly stack against each other (statistically: graduation rate, retention rate, number of degrees, value of degree, return on investment, starting salary, etc.) 4. Why did you choose HBCU or PWI. 5. Can HBCU's ever reach PWI size or stature. 1. Do HBCUs better fit African Americans Academically? 2. Why don't more black parents expose their children to HBCUs? Is there a culture stigma behind it? 3. Could the top HBCUS compare to the Top Ivy League schools? 4. Is pledging the divine 9 at PWI different than at HBCU? Is there still a need for the divine 9 at HBCUs? 1. How do we work to remove classism, elitism, sexism, etc. from HBCU culture? Is that even feasible? I.e. How do HBCUs avoid breeding Kanyes who are only angry until they have access to the parts of whiteness they envy? 2. How do pro black students at PWIs handle their experience? 3. Some black people feel unsafe in both spaces. Remedy? 1.Why do black students go to pwis only to try and recreate the HBCU experience? 2. Can a black student ever feel completely welcome at a pwi? 3. Do black students in the north hear enough about HBCUs in highschool? 4. Why do some black students choose pwis for "diversity" but only hang out with the black population?

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    Who is Coach K.?

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    What is H.S./College Coaching ? helping each client to transition and maintain careers

    Its Benefits: Helps to understand you as a student. The difference between high school/college. Your student brand.

    Introducing you to working your net, Interning early for information.-

    Contact Info:




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    Rise of the Entrepreneur Mindset and Not Depending on a JOB!

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    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look at the delima of seemingly not enough good jobs to go around. What is a good job anyway? Is there such a thing as the perfect job? Is striving for a job, an antiquated idea? Should the quest for a job be your first thought after leaving highschool or heading to college? Retiring from your job with a gold watch is so far behind us, it's a shame. Employers don't love you like that. What's important to them, is their bottom line and their shareholders. Why not take your destiny into your own hands? Take on that entrepreneurial spirit. What do you think? Call in and tell us.

    Call in number is 347-202-0942

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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    How Should We Prepare Today's YouthTo Lead Tomorrow's World?

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    Young people today have so many opportunities at their finger tips for personal growth and development. Gone are the days when parents were bound by race and class restrictions that kept them from exposing their children to knowlege. The Internet opens up a world of information for every child that chooses to,explore the possibilities. But are parents still stuck in the past, fearful that racial discrimination creates an un breakable ceiling, restricting the ascension of our youth? The world of tomorrow will look different only if today's youth choose to prepare to lead society in a new direction. Should we continue to mold our children to fit a dysfunctional society of violence, hate and deprivation? Or should we free their minds to create something betterk? Rev. Janette Wilson, National Director of PUSH for Excellence, discusses the organizations programs designed to help youth master Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in High School, receive college scholarships and prepare themselves for leadership in tomorrow's world.


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    Manny & Floyd talk. Will they fight? NBA midseason grades!! Tiger injured again!

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    1- HS Sports- Sayerville Highschool Coach fired!! Was this deserved??

    2- Golf- Tiger Woods injured again!! Is his career over??

    3- Hockey

    3A- Winnipeg Jets Left Wing Evander Kane out for the season with shoulder injury also the inner turmoil on this team.

    3B- New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist out for 3 weeks, would have risked a stroke by trying to play.

    4- MLB- Pitchers & Catchers

    5- Boxing/MMA- Floyd and Manny talking... Will they fight??

    6- NFL- Darren Sharper's co-defendent Brandon Licciardi implicates Detroit Lions Reggie Bush as someone who was giving women ecstasy, dropping it in drinks at a Las Vegas club a few years ago. Why is this news?

    7- NBA

    7A- Surprises and Disappointments so far at the All-Star Break.

    7B- Brooklyn Nets at the all-star break.

    7C- NY Knicks at the the all star break




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    Sturgis East vs. South Shore Christian Academy Boys Basketball Game

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    The Sturgis East boys basketball team faces off against South Shore Christian Academy at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center. Listen live at 7 PM for play by play commentary.