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    At the Chalk Face: Progressive #edreform radio

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    10.20.13: Today at 8PM EST. Our attentions today shift to an interesting development in Michigan, whereby a teachers' union is suggesting a boycott of Eastern Michican University's student teachers because of its support of education reform. Interesting. Let's talk about it, at the chalk face.
    We're here every Sunday, 6PM EST for progressive education chat, with guests ranging from parent activists to national leaders and scholars. 
    Educated educators talking education. Follow the show in Twitter @thechalkface, and the blog At the Chalk Face. Also chat with us during the show.

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    Daily Dose of Higher Education for January 24th [Audio]

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    Daily Dose of Higher Education for January 24th [Audio]

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    The T.R.U. SKOOL movement (Teaching Reading Uniquely/ To Reverse Underperformance). Parents, teachers, school leaders, students, and community leaders “T.R.U. SKOOL is here now let's be clear our impact will be enormous” Shango Blake shares insights and model(s) for educational reform.
    Dubbed “The Hip Hop Principal” by parents and students, he has taken the powerful and magnetic force known as Hip Hop and channeled it into a tool that gets young urban students excited about education while at the same time building their self-esteem and confidence. 
    With Special Guest:
    Tiesha Thomas, was one the first safety officers highered for Yonkers Public Schools. She Worked in School Safety for over 15 years; upon  moving through the ranks and reaching her top pay, she began to be harassed by administration. She resigned under duress and was given a neutral letter of reference

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    Student Affairs Podcast: Project 1st Gen

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    Join Julie and Gary as they talk with some of the individuals involved in Project 1st Gen in Student Affairs.  How is the college/student affairs expeirence different for 1st generation students?
    Visit Project 1st Gen in Student Affairs: http://project1stgen.blogspot.com/
    Something interesting is happening. There are more first generation students working and studying in student affairs than people think. We are interested in collecting and sharing stories about people’s experiences as first generation students working and studying in student affairs. We are especially interested in why people chose to go into student affairs. This blog is a place to find connections, inspire others, and be inspired. Every Gen is welcome to contribute here.

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    Daily Dose of Student Affairs 3.13.12

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    UCLA Deciding If It Should Inquire about Sexual Identity (#UCLAreg)

    The UCLA Academic Senate recently recommended that students be allowed to identify as LGBTQ on their “Statement on Intent to Register” if they choose to do so.


    University of Calgary Student’s Campaign Poster Gets Noticed at the Urinal (#Calgarycamp)

    Hayley Wade recently won the campus wide election as the Vice President of Student life with a controversial campaign poster. 


    Physical Restraints Overused in K-12 Educational Environments (#EdRestraints)

    A recent report released by the Education Department  details the practice of “seclusion and restraint” in K-12 education. 

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    Daily Dose of Student Affairs (March 20)

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    Southern Mississippi Students Disciplined After Racist Incident at NCAA Tournament (#SoMissStep)
    Five members of the University of Southern Mississippi pep band have had their scholarships revoked and have been removed from the band after they yelled a derogatory chant at a Puerto Rican player during an NCAA basketball tournament game last week.
    Kansas Spirit Squad Saves Man Trapped Under Car (#KUHeroes)
    On their way to the KU women’s basketball NCAA tournament on Sunday night the KU Spirit Squad and pep bound came across a man who was trapped beneath his car.  The squads were getting ready to load up the bus when they heard someone yelling for help.
    Arizona is At It Again (#AgainAZ)
    Members of the Arizona legislature are proposing at least five new controversial bills for the state’s public colleges.

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    CTCX #57: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part II

    in Technology

    #CTCX Guests this week include the @SAFirstYears, Bob Ertischek from http://beta.profology.com/ and developer Mark Mruss with http://www.andromo.com/

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    CTCX #56: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part I

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    Laura Megivern @thesasearch #SAsearch

    Mike Petroff @mikepetroff
    EDUTweetups & @FollowEDU

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    Campus Tech Connection - Dec 23: List-O-Mania

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    Join the Campus Tech Connection hosts as they run down their year end tech lists. What was the best new tech in 2011? What app can you not live without? What was the biggest tech news story this year and how does it affect higher ed?
    Join the CTCX crew live at Noon CST on Friday, Dec 23 at breakdrink.com or join in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #ctcx. 

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    CTCX #53: Tech News Breakdown

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    The Campus Tech Connection crew brings you an all-news show for the start of December.
    We know it is a busy time in the higher ed world, so join CTCX for rundowns and analysis of tech stories you might have missed. 
    Join the backchannel on Twitter by using the hashtag #CTCX.

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    Daily Dose - November 2 [Audio]

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    Daily Higher Education News for November 2, 2011.