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    Ditching the Realm of Holiday Stress and Overwhelm

    in Self Help


    It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday stress and overwhelm.  Tis the season- has it kicked in for you yet?  Do you feel that creating the perfect family holiday is a responsibility that falls directly on your shoulders?  You want to duplicate for your family and guests a Currier & Ives holiday full of good times and good memories right out of a nostalgic magazine. So many preparations, parties, purchases… Like St Nick you set off so lively and quick, but in a twinkling you get caught in the busyness, you start to lose sight of the joy, and become overwhelmed and stressed. 

    Join us on this week’s show as we discuss tips that will empower you to beat stress and overwhelm, and enjoy the fullness of joy and cheer that this special season has to offer. 


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    Replay- "Halloween" What Our Parents Didn't Tell Us! Let Take It To The Word...

    in Christianity

    October 30th, A Testimony from my Book, HE LIVES A Living Testimony, and the study of the week, Replay - "HALLOWEEN"... What Our Parents Didn't Tell Us! , Let's Take it to the WORD....... Fill free to select/copy/and print any of the articles for discussion, from my website – http://www.jesusandweTalk.org. Also Music, other Biblical Topics, Inspirational quotes and more...

    Leave your salvation up to No Man; all should study to show themselves approved, 2Timothy 2:15 KJV. Follow me and be inspired and I hope I will shine some light on your world as was shown into mine.


    “If the discussion gets a bit too much for you, just put it on the shelf”

    I am not a Jehovah Witness, but I do witness for Jehovah!

    "Promoting a Message, Not just Selling a BooK"

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    Yellow Carded Podcast with Stephen and Keith

    in Soccer

     Stephen and Keith talk about soccer, random historical references, MLS, and Soccer by Ives Goal 

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    The Lisa Williams Show with Erica Ives

    in Spirituality

    Another chance to join world renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams and  her special guest, therapist and author Erica Ives, as they discuss eating disorders and Erica's new book Eating Disorders - Decode the Controlled Chaos.

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    Our first musical with award winning Songwriter/Singer Amy Hindman

    in Entertainment

    Hey y'all...we are breaking ground on this episode!  Join us for our first musical at Mama Char's houzzz!  Award winning Songwriter/Singer, Amy Hindman (amyhindman.com) will be sharing her music, her journey as a musician and her inspiration for each song!

    Amy's music has been shared on the west coast and Hawaii including singing with Burl Ives (actor, writer and folk singer) and in her CDs, "In my waking Dream" and "Beyond the edge".  Her style reminds me of Joni Mitchell and her lyrics pack a message.  You won't want to miss her song "Gandhi and King; Becoming the dream"...a song about Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr...it is so awesome Mahatma Gandhi's grandson endorsed it!

    Join us Tuesday, August 25th at 9pm EDT/8pm CDT/6pm PDT or on replay here!

    You can always reach me on mamachar.com or on Social Media sites @mamacharblessed.


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    Quartet Hour With Jermaine Mickey

    in Music

    Join Quartet Hour Radio Show This Week Our Guest Will Be Washington Dc Malaco Recording Artists The Soul Messengerz. Also Quartet drives And Much More With Our Host Jermaine Mickey, Randy Gill Ms Redeemed

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    Talking in Circles: Dale Jr has a new crew chief; 11 team penalized

    in Sports

    On tonight's episode of Talking in Circles; we'll talk about Dale Earnhardt Jr's new crew chief, and whether or not we think it's a good hire. We'll discuss how this affects the future of Hendrick Motorsports, and how this move may have tipped their hand for their plans beyond 2015. 

    Also, Denny Hamlin, and the number 11 team were handed down one of the biggest penalties in NASCAR history. Crew chief, Darian Grubb has been suspended by NASCAR. Even though the penalty is "stiff," it does not really effect the 11 team's chase. We'll talk about whether or not they need to do things differently in the future when it comes to penalties. 

    Also, if we have time we'll discuss Larry Mac's article, and Slugger Labbe's got strong words for Juan Pablo Montoya

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    Ascension Center ~ Paul Dale Roberts with Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J Morris

    in Education

    Host Theresa J Morris & Janet Kira Lessin interview Paul Dale Roberts.  

    Roberts became involved in reviewing comic books and interviewing comic book creators for Jazma Online! www.jazmaonline.com Roberts published one comic book entitled The Legendary Dark Silhouette, that will be made into a movie by independent movie producer Howard Nash. The movie promotion for his comic book can be seen here: http://tldsmovie.org/.  Paranormal Investigator Career: Roberts in 2004 became a paranormal investigator and with 750 investigations under his belt and 750 paranormal articles he has written lead him to be in documentaries. From 3 episodes of My Ghost Story - Biography Channel to History Channel's Monsterquest (Mothman episode) to Conversations of a Serial Killer by Two Four Productions to Showtime's Penn & Teller Bullshxt - Mayan Prophesy of 2012 to Mysteries of Angels and Demons by Ives Street Entertainment to Michael Jackson. Roberts is also a Fortean investigator in which he investigates ALL things paranormal from Mothman, Chupacabra, UFOs, Crop Circles, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons and more. Roberts is the HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence - International) Owner. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HPIinternational/ Significant investigations by HPI are the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, looking for Natalee Holloway's ghost in Aruba, UFOs and Bigfoot at Mount Shasta, UFOs and USOs at Monterey Bay, Area 51, Guatemala City - Guatemala.

    Roberts writes community stories and is a former columnist for the Sacramento Press, former columnist for Haunted Times Magazine, has written small blurbs for Newsweek, Time, National Geographic Traveler and People Magazine. 

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    The Lisa Williams Show with guest Erica Ives

    in Spirituality

    Join world renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams and her special guest, therapist and author Erica Ives, as they discuss eating disorders and Erica's new book Eating Disorders - Decode the Controlled Chaos.


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    The Wedding Jeannie’s Spring Venue Series Continues with Location 05!

    in Romance

    The Wedding Jeannie’s Spring Venue Series Continues with Location 05!

    This week we highlight a new venue that is extremely versatile! Location 05 is essentially a blank canvas that you can use for whatever you like - a photo shoots, meetings, weddings, and more. It features 3,000 square feet divided into separate studios so the event possibilities are endless! One of the most unique aspects of the venue is that they can provide you with anything that could be desired in a stage rental, including a bedroom, bathroom, fireplace, furniture, a full cook-in kitchen, and the walls can even be painted!

    We will chat with Senior Venue Specialist, PS Ives, about the venue, event capabilities, their exciting Open House for their new Midtown location, and much, much more!

    Join Jeannie Uyanik live at noon on Wednesday, April 30th for another show you won’t want to miss!

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    A Moment with Neil Alexander

    in Entertainment

    Keyboardist Neil Alexander has been performing professionally for 30+ years. He works with music in all forms and styles from Composer/Arranger and Production of Live Sound to Musical Theater, Modern Dance and Film.  Neil toured for ten years with the notoriously successful Pink Floyd Tribute "The Machine". He has a recording and/or a performance history with a variety of groups and artists such as The Mahavishnu Project, Tony “Thunder” Smith, Gunther Hampel, Tal Ross (P-Funk), Charles Haynes, Erik Lawrence, and The Adaptors Movement Theater. His classical repertoire includes works by Stravinsky, Charles Ives, and John Cage. In addition, Neil also teaches Master Classes in Synthesizer Programming and Music Performance Technology. Neil’s projects includes live electronic scoring of silent films and solo piano concert series titled “100 Years Of Spring”, celebrating the centennial of Stravinsky’s “Rite Of Spring” with a stunning solo piano arrangement. His most recent release, “Darn That Dream: Solo Piano Vol. 1″ is already receiving critical acclaim. For more information about Neil Alexander visit www.NailMusic.com

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