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    Reveal Your Hidden Power

    in Motivation

    Motivational Speaking Event at Sandler Center, Virginia Beach, VA

    Let’s make 2015 the best year to date. At the motivational speaking event you’ll be moving forward and upward. What are you doing to stand out of the crowd or take the spotlight? Where is the leadership and self-motivation in you or your staff? This motivational speaking event at the Sandler Center will give you tangible, forward-looking, and profitable tips that will advance your life, business, entrepreneurial quest, and team unity. It’s a must attend event, January 24, in Virginia Beach, VA. 6th Fastest Man in the World and business executive, Charles Clark reveals the Hidden Power of Motivation.

    It’s time to reveal your POWER!

    Purchase your tickets at Eventbrite 

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    Hidden Secrets of Guilt and Shame in a Mother and Daughter Relationship

    in Moms and Family

    Please join Dr. Bessie and mothers and daughters from around the World each Saturday morning at 10:00 AM for a stimulating conversation about mothers and their daughters. Our stimulating topic for today is: Hidden Secrets of Guilt and Shame in a Mother and Daughter Relationship!  You don't want to miss this show! So, call us at 347-539-5078 to listen to the show and click 1 to join the conversation. Call your mother and daughter friends and ask them to join us!


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    The Girls Around The Table Hidden Secrets

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Girls Around The Table @ 7:00PM (CST) & 8:00PM (EST). The topic for tonight is, "Hidden Secrets." Many secrets are hidden in a woman's diary. Join us as we discuss and unviel these hidden secrets with The Girls Around The Table. Dail into the show:516-531-9244. Tune in lets talk

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    The Hidden Prejudice in Education

    in Culture

    Join Dr. Culbreth 7 Dr. Jung-Kim for The Hidden Prejudice in Education: Understanding How Colorism, Prejudice, Racism and Stereotypes Can Affect the Dreams of Students of Color!

    The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio has a new name:  Complexity Talk Radio (Complexity Live) featuring hosts Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth and Dr. Julie Jung-Kim.  We will continue to feature a monthly segment titled The Dynamics of Colorism.


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    The Hidden Connection With Kathleen Dichiara

    in Health

    Kathleen Dichiara visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to talk about her book,"The Hidden Connection".

    Kathleen is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Speaker and Author of the best-selling book "The Hidden Connection." After years of struggling with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, severe degenerative arthritis, and a myriad of other ailments, she made it her personal mission to teach others the power of healthy foods. Kathleen received specialized training in the biomedical approaches and supplemental interventions to autism and other chronic conditions after her son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. She is a professionally trained raw food chef and board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Kathleen resides in Rhode Island, with her husband and three young boys, where she serves as President and Founder of Rhode to Health, Inc. Visit her at www.kathleendichiara.com

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    God's Hidden Treasure with Pastor Darlene Hargrave-Jones Out of California

    in Christianity

    God's Hidden Treasure with Pastor Darlene Hargrave-Jones Out of California

    And I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, which call you by your name, am the God of Israel......Isaiah 45:3

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    The Down Low - Hidden lives

    in Entertainment

    We have talked about fetishes but what about hidden lives. The reason I bring this up is because what's going on with Bruce Jenner this week. This brings up so many questions some people have faced with. Well this show is called The Down Low let us address it. It brings up so many questions I think we qualify to address these things. Imagine not knowing your other half wants to change their sexual orientation? Are they now gay or straight? How does it effect the children? How does it effect you? Join us tonight and let's talk for real I want to know what you think! 


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    Fighting Gravity: Hidden In Plain Sight

    in Culture

     In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated

    Fighting Gravity: Hidden In Plain Sight
    Stop the fighting and enjoy flight and embrace the reality of life.
    Reaching each mind and Teaching each mind to REACH and TEACH others to REACH and TEACH ONE ANOTHER. Reaching out to those who want to join in the effort to affect the mind of the masses lifting the weight of Gr...avity.

    A vehicle for progress. If anything holds you down , let it go, and rise. That means "Anything".
    If something or someone is the catalyst of you not getting to your destination; Let it go... Its like; two heads of cattle in a yoke, and one is walking and the other is standing still. What is happening? The team is going in circles, not getting anywhere.

    Empowerment and Enabling, Keys for Construction and Destruction... Lets talk about it

    Releasing the dead weight = The sky is only the base of how far you can actually go.

    Wednesday Nights 8PM - 10PM EST on BlogtalkRadio  (713) 955-0328

    Hosted By: Dray TheDoctor & Co Host: UndeniableTruth

    All viewpoints express on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators Fighting Gravity: Join the conversation

                     Fighting Gravity: Wednesday Nights

    8PM - 10PM EST on  BlogtalkRadio.com (713) 955-0328
    Hosted By: The Poet 365 & UndeniableTruth


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    The Hidden History of the Human Family

    in News

    TONIGHT: A Crush Radio Exclusive:

    What am I? - Where did I come from? - And what am I here for? 3 serious questions that all thinking beings take into consideration daily. We can only answer one question by choice and that is the 3rd.The previous 2 questions are open for debate due to the fact that we are still searching. Come join us for one of the most profound shows ever.

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    Envy & Jealousy: The Hidden Diseases

    in Radio

    Haters are gonna hate! Is that hate nothing more than envy and jealousy? See what the Ladies of Girltinilive Uncensored have to say about these two hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) diseases.

    The conversation will tackle jealous and envy from women and men perspectives.

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