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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading with HiC L*I*V*E on the air during the show !

    This month's (r)Evolutionary guest is NINA PRICE, LAc. Plus our regular Astrology Update and Living Well segments along with this month's Roundtable discussion : Breaking Down Belief Systems and Finding Your True Self.

    Nina Price’s clients call her “the Queen of Reinvention” because she shows them how to transform their lives in ways they never anticipated. Nina is uniquely qualified to work with midlife women who want to experience Midlife Without Crisis. With an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, she is a former Silicon Valley high tech marketing executive. Nina spent 20 years in the computer industry working with Fortune 50 computer companies as well as smaller start ups, then decided it was time to move on. She integrates massage, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with wellness coaching to help her clients create lifestyles that support their success in all aspects of their lives. Nina is unique because she combines life coaching and academic experience with solid medical credentials.


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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 during the show to receive a reading with HiC.

    The veil thins and the Spirits are around us in ever closer ways, moving from the periphery into our consciouse awareness.Join (r)Evolutionary guest, Psychic, Intuitive, Seer and Tarot Reader, NANCY ANTENUCCI, as she balances fun, passion, and seriousness that challenges limiting narratives for mythic potentials through the visible imagery of symbols and the invisible energy of the Creative Unknown. Hear how she has seen, communicated and worked with the Spirits, Energies and Entities from the Other Side for all of her life.Plus, our monthly Astrology Update and Living Well segements, and a Roundtable discussion on : Moving beyond comparing yourself to others towards Appreciating Who You Are.

    Nancy Antenucci reads energy by finding patterns. In her first profession as a choreographer, she designed patterns with rhythms and bodies by listening carefully to her muse and music. As a seer, she uses these same skills to read the patterns that a person is creating with their energy.  Nancy is literally a mover and shaker in the Tarot world. In addition to her own practice of reading and teaching, she presents, performs and assists in producing various tarot conferences.  Her teaching and reading style is based on the belief that each of us have an inherent ability to dialogue with the visible imagery of symbols and the invisible energy of the Creative Unknown. Her style balances fun, passion and seriousness that challenges limiting narratives for mythic potentials.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings with HiC ... Skype in or Call 646.716.5510 during the show to receive a reading on the air !

    Join (r)Evolutionary guest, ELLEN LORENZI-PRINCE, artist, poet, mythographer, and spiritual adventuress as we enter into conversation about The Dark Goddess, what it means to be a Crone (and it's not always about age), navigating a crisis of faith, as well as Ellen's well known Tarot decks.

    Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is an artist, poet, mythographer, and spiritual adventuress. Now living in the Pacific Northwest, Ellen's primary focus is the creation of oracles to speak with the soul, the ancestors, and the gods. She presents her inventive, experiential, and engaging talks, workshops, and rituals throughout the United States. Her first tarot deck, the raw and powerful Tarot of the Crone, is now in its second edition. Her majors-only Paleo Tarot looks at how far back in time the archetypes of tarot have spoken to us. Her recent works include the Minoan Tarot, and the Dark Goddess Tarot, celebrating the strength and magic of immortal female figures from around the world and the Dark Goddess Lodge, a cyber-sanctuary rooted in the wisdom of the dark goddesses.

    Plus, the monthly Astrology update, the popular Living Well with Linda segment, and our monthly Roundtable discussion.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 during the show to receive a reading L*I*V*E on the air with HiC.

    A (r)Evolutionary double header this month as HiC is joined by not one, but two, (r)Evolutionary guests : author K.D. Keenan, whose latest urban fantasy novel is The Obsidian Mirror ... and archaeologist Megan Kane. We'll dive in to a modern day Silicon Valley populated with Mayan gods, Native American mythologies, shapeshifting Coyotes and more as we explore the background of the characters and myths brought to life.

    Plus ... our regular monthly features ... Astrology Update, Living Well with Linda, and our Roundtable Discussion on Myths.

    K.D. Keenan is a writer living in Northern California. She has worked in the high tech industries since 1978 as a writer, content creator and public relations expert. Having hit a downturn in her freelance work at the time, she decided to write a fantasy based on New World prototypes. Her interest in Native American folklore began with her mother, an archeologist specializing in Southwestern Indian civilizations. She is currently working on book 2 of the trilogy that starts with The Obsidian Mirror.

    Megan Kane is an archaeologist who has extensively studied the sites, cultures and history of Central and South America and is currently working as a Collections Manager at Stanford University overseeing a collection of historical artifacts from a local archaeological site. She has worked on excavations in Italy, Peru and California, and has analyzed and cared for artifacts from sites around the world.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading on the air during the show.

    HiC welcomes (r)Evolutionary guest, writer, magic maker and wisdom seeker, ERICK DUPREE. We will journey into the realms of the Divine Masculine, Dharma Paganism, Tantra, Men & the Goddess and more.

    Plus, our regular monthly features : the Astrology Update, Living Well with Linda, & Roundtable talk on Reacting vs. Responding.

    Erick DuPree has a unique writer's voice that blends many wisdom traditions and draws inspiration and spirit from the Goddess, Earth, and our divine immanence. Erick's studies in magic include working within Reclaiming Collective, WitchCamps, Soul Work with T. Thorn Coyle, and Dharma Paganism with Yeshe Rabbit Matthews. He has studied Tantra, sanskrit, and continues a rigorous zazen practice at Village Zendo, in NYC.  A popular blogger in the Pagan community, he also writes a column, Wisdom Within, featured on Witches and Pagans. Erick's voice has been included on ModernWitch, The Wild Hunt, Pantheos, and Covenant of the Goddess. As writer, he has contributed to numerous anthologies including surviving sexual trauma, race relations, and children's faith development. He is author of Alone In Her Presence: Meditations on the Goddess,  and forthcoming books, The Hero Within: Reframing Masculinity with the Goddess and the anthology Finding Masculine in Goddess' Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess, both by Immanion Press.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E READINGS ... skype or call in to get in the queue & receive a reading from HiC during the show.

    Have you ever thought that there was something far greater to who you are and the potential you possess, but blocks at a deep, genetic level seem to keep that potential from being unleashed ? Enter into the conversation with CHELSEA "CHELA" COOLEY & discover how her Golden Almach Creation method combiningEnergy Healing and Crystals and other modalities can help you to reveal and release that potential in yourself, into the world, & out into the Universe.

    Golden Almach Creation features the work of Chelsea "Chela" Cooley who is a pioneer & specialist in charting and healing humanity's Galactic DNA essences. Chelsea developed her own modality of healing, the Golden Almach method, which utilizes customized cosmic portals of energy to assist individuals in healing their Galactic DNA. By receiving healing through the Golden Almach method, it is possible to remove energetic implants & activate hidden spiritual abilities & gifts once the DNA becomes activated. Chelsea is currently writing a book about the galactic DNA healing work & has been assisting individuals to tap into their divine Galactic essences so that they can discover their true potential.

    Plus ... our Astrology Update w/Tino Calenda, Living Well w/Linda Wylie, & our monthly roundtable.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E READINGS ... skype or call 646.716.5510 during the show for your chance to get a reading L*I*V*E on the air.

    A conversation about the intersection between theatre, spiritualityand ritual as HiC is joined by this month's (r)Evolutionary guest, MAJD MURAD-AL-SHAIKH, actor, director, writer, maskmaker.

    Born in  into a Chaldean (Catholic) family in Baghdad, Iraq, Majd's earliest memories are of the Gulf War before his family fled in secret to Jordan and then made their way to the United States. His sophomore year in high school, he came out as gay, but didn't tell his parents because his brother threatened to kill him (an « honour killing ») if he did. While majoring in theatre at UC Riverside (California), his parents put a « Yes on Prop 8 » sign on their lawn, prompting him to come out to them, even as his brother once again threatened his life. Fear caused him to escape into sex, and while still in his early 20's, a man he trusted intentionally gave him HIV. Subsequent health complications caused him to drop out of a professional training program in theatre and move to LA.

    Majd wrote a one man show, Blood Fruit, about his story of coming out to his family. The show was well received and got accepted into the Best of the Hollywood Fringe festival. He returned to school and completed his theatre degree, graduating in 2013. He then moved to SF where he currently resides, working in theatre and preparing to bring Blood Fruit to the stage once again. The late Eddy Gutierrez became a friend, mentor and « brother » to Majd, supporting him in his coming out process and helping him get in touch with his spiritual side, eventually initiating him into the Unnamed Path, a shamanic path for men-who-love-men that Eddy founded.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading on the air during the show.

    Join HiC as he welcomes this month's (r)evolutionary guest, Beverley H. Kane, MD, as she shares the power of Horses as teachers and therapists.

    Somatic means of the body. Somatic horsemanship is body-mind rejuvenation through physical interaction with horses. Somatic horsemanship combines the principles of safe, conventional horse handling with techniques from yoga, tai chi, dance, and other somatic and healing arts. Somatic horsemanship offers the experience of body-mind wholeness through spending time in a natural herd in a beautiful open space where you are able to touch, lead, groom, and, optionally, sit on a horse.

    Beverley Kane, MD, is on the Clinical Faculty of Stanford School of Medicine. She is Program Director for Stanford’s Medicine and Horsemanship, which teaches interpersonal skills to medical students and healthcare professionals. Dr. Kane is also the co-instructor for Stanford’s Medical T’ai Ji course, conducting the study of the peer-reviewed medical literature on the health benefits of t’ai ji. In 2003, she founded Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & THerapy (HEALTH). Her private practice includes equine assisted learning for medical and corporate groups, equine-guided psychospiritual counseling for individuals, and somatic horsemanship for groups and individuals.

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    FEAR ... FEARLESSNESS ... How can and do Fear and Fearlessness coexist ?

    Join us as we explore the pathways that intertwine and connect these two states of being.

    HiC's (r)Evolutionary guest this month is Manidha, an ordained Buddhist who teaches meditation and Buddhism, and is a Reiki practitioner in the healthcare field. Manidha offers insight into Fear and Fearlessness from a Buddhist perspective that can be understood and applied universally, regardless of one's spiritual tradition.

    Our exploration of the topic kicks off with the monthly Roundtable discussion. And thinking about how we deal with Fear can be particularly helpful right now when you hear what's in store for us over the next couple of months in the Astrology Update with Tino Calenda. And in our Living Well segment, Linda Wylie offers thoughts, inspiration and tips on how to Live Well in the face of a fearful world.

    Join the (r)Evolution !

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

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    L*I*V*E Readings ... just skype or call 646.716.5510 to get in the queue and receive a Tarot reading L*I*V*E during the show.

    What is Dis-ease, and how do we need to listen to, acknowledge and honour the body and what it needs when it becomes unhealthy ? Discover how this month's (r)Evolutionary guest, Linda Wylie, found acceptance and deep wisdom and insight when her body shut down over the holidays and learned to be present with the pain of the next seven weeks.

    Linda Wylie is a certified chef and food therapist, spiritual counselor and home artist. In addition to hosting the monthly Living Well segment here on (r)Evolution, Linda grows her own food, savory and medicinal herbs edible flowers, has had her own restaurant catering company created whole food delis created food therapy works  and  has been engaged in healing work for the 25 years.

    Plus our monthly Astrology Update, our Living Well segment, and our Roundtable discussion on this month's (r)Evolutionary topic : What does the Sacredness of the Body mean to you ?

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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn - Dog Rescue and Animal Communication

    in Spirituality

    Do you know what to do if your dog goes missing? Do you know how to use the power of the Internet to help locate your dog?  A few months ago, I experienced this situation and had the good fortune to connect with JANET CHERNIN, the dedicated, insightful and engaging founder of the NOVA SCOTIA LOST DOG NETWORK.

    During our show, Janet will share lessons she has learned while doing dog rescue work, invaluable tips on how to find a lost dog, and an overview of how we can best protect animals in our community. Hmm, are you ready to become an animal advocate or activist? This might be life changing!

    Next, we’ll head to Florida to chat with amazing ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, SU BURNETT, who brings a wealth of knowledge, intuition, practicality and years of experience in her abilities to clearly communicate with horses, cat and dogs. Her mission? To improve understanding, awareness, cooperation and peace between humans and animals world-wide.  You’ll love Su and benefit from her tips on how to communicate with the animals in your life. Beautiful work!

    ROUND TABLE with HiC Luttmers, Deb Carosella and Mildred Lynn: Topic: "Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem." - Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh.

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @ 10:30am PST.  For more shows and contact information, go to: healingconverationswithmildredlynn.com. Feel free to share this episode with others. 


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