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    Frank Owens Plays The Music Of Eddie Heywood

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    Pianist, Arranger, Composer and Musical Director Frank Owens goes Online With Andrea to discuss his CD featuring the Music of Eddie Heywood.  Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    A Book and a Chat with Heywood Gould

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    Heywood Gould, director, screen writer and author is the guest on today’s show. From Books like “Fort Apache the Bronx”, his award winning novel “Leading Lady” to his latest smash hit “The Serial Killers Daughter” it will be a fascinating show to chat to this talented creator.
     From his early days as a reported for the New York Post to writing screen plays that include “The Boys from Brazil” and “Cocktail” it will be a case of where to start.

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    Reach The Masses - Guest: Min. Marcus Gould

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    Reach The Masses 

    Friday Show Live

    Topic: Defining Community Engagement: Discussion with Min. Marcus Gould of Integrated Consulting & Management

    Host: Shane K. Floyd, Ph.D.

    Guest: Min. Marcus Gould

     Call In No. 1-646-652-2269

    For more information about the show contact: www.reachdrshane.com


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    Talking Pictures w/William Sadler to celebrate THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

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    Mr. Sadler co-starred in this movie as one of the main characters Heywood. We will be discussing this timeless classic. We are going to honor this film during Oscar monht, oddly in 1994, although up for seven Oscars The Shwshank Redemption received none thanks to Forrest Gump. Arguably one of the most beloeved films ever made and truly the best film to capture authentic male friendship, The Shawshank Redemption is a movie I see 6-10 times a year. 

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    Inspire And Influence with Guest @SonnetMusic!

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    GUEST: Sonnet Music

    Sonnet and her all female band deliver a fresh perspective on thought provoking pop, with soaring guitar and vocals, pulsating beats and themes that connect across emotional lines making them one of LA’s most promising new bands. Lead singer and principal writer, Sonnet Simmons, is most recently known for Top 12 on ABC Rising Star. Sonnet is a household favorite, seen and heard on Overstock.com “O is the One” Campaign and “You’re So Good for Me” Coca Cola Campaign. The girls in the band come together with high musical prowess, sass, and rock n’ roll. Allee Futterer on Bass, Devon Eisenbarger on guitar, Cindy Gould on Drums, and Valerie Chaikin on Keys.

    With her debut EP, Sonnet examines male and female dynamics and shares the lessons she’s learned about love, life, and relationships. Her creative doctrine, so poignantly articulated by 13-century poet, RUMI, is “You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.”

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    Super Bowl Preview/Party

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    Kevin and Mike break down the Super Bowl along with why Super Bowl parties were better before kids.

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    Suspense Radio with Heywood Gould and Jennifer Wilkov

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    Heywood Gould joins Suspense Radio to discuss "The Serial Killers Daughter".  From screenwriter to director to author, Heywood has been involved in many of the top suspense / mystery TV shows and movies.  Radio show Host and creator of www.yourbookisyourhook.com  Jennifer Wilkov is a best-selling award-winning author and the creator of the From Thought to Sales in 90 Days™ Book Process. Jennifer has supported first time and seasoned authors and writers with the writing, getting published and marketing of their book ideas and projects as well as the building of their platform to raise their visibility to readers and the media. This is one show you don't want to miss!  Time to Get Your Fiction ON!!

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    On the Bench With Mike B.

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    This Week “On The Bench” Mike B. and the Benchwarmers (Dwaine and Jon) dive into Super Bowl 49, as the New England Patriots look to regain the title as the Best Team in the NFL, while the Seattle Seahawks look to be the first team to repeat as Champions since the Pats did it back in the Mid 2000’s. Listen to see who each of the fellas pick to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

    During Segment #2 The On the Bench Crew is excited to welcome the founder of Multi-Sports King- Zip Gould to the bench as they discuss making the jump from intercollegiate athletics to pro sports, as well as what are the proper steps intercollegiate athletes need to take in selecting representation.

    With the NBA All Star Reserves selected, Mike B. and the Benchwarmers look to see if they got right along with going Coast to Coast around the NBA.

    As we do each and every week, final part of the show, Mike B. and Benchwarmers will give their Weekly G.O.A.T.S and Asses of the Week.
    Make sure you join them or you can call to be apart of the show at 347-989-8385 Saturday at 9AM “On The Bench” on the Survival Radio Network.

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    The Legendary Actress Veleka Gray

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    Will Ms Gray play an important roll in The Tournament Of Films Festival?

    Veleka Gray is an award-winning producer, screenwriter, director, actress, and acting coach.  She is a member of Women in Film and Television and of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences where she has been a finalist judge for the national Emmy Awards for over twenty years.

    As an actress, Miss Gray shared the stage or screen with scores of luminaries, including Sigourney Weaver, Keir Dullea, Ted Danson, Dana Delany, Elliot Gould, Jack Cassidy, Madeline Kahn, Fred Gwynne, and Jobeth Williams.  In the fifteen years she reigned as one of the brightest stars on daytime television, she had more contract roles than any other actor in history on such shows as The Young & The Restless and As the World Turns.Miss Gray has been coaching actors for the past twenty years in New York, San Francisco, at the College of DuPage in Chicago, and, since 2000, all over Louisiana.She is developing the script for her eighth feature film for production in April, 2015She is a member of Mensa and was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 2004.

    Her coaching Web site is http://TheActorsAlliance.com/   

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    Heywood Gould ,author of "Green Light For Murder"

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     About "Green Light For Murder": A mad director, off his meds, is making a movie about how he murders the producers who ruined his career. The movie is in his mind. The murders are real.
    Tommy Veasy, a pot-smoking homicide detective--our hero--who writes poetry to help him solve cases and ward off despair, thinks he sees a pattern in these seemingly accidental deaths. His colleagues think he's being dramatic.
    But the bodies keep piling up.
    The staff of a syndicated TV show in its tenth year, formerly an international hit but now only being aired in Montenegro and Botswana, worries about how they will maintain their Hollywood lifestyles when they become unemployable. How will the producer finance his two-hooker-a-weekend habit? How will the staff writer pay private school tuition, an underwater mortgage, tennis club dues, the housekeeper, the gardener, cable TV bills, the couples' therapist, et al.?
    Not a big problem: the mad director has planted a bomb in the office phone and is frantically trying to set it off.
    And meanwhile, a home invader keeps invading the wrong homes, to everyone's perplexity.
    In other words: it's just another day in paradise.

  • The Matchup Zone

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    A weekly sports show starring former professional basketball player Kevin Owens and legendary sports guru Michael Gould. Kevin and Mike give a unique approach to sports talk with their straight shooting style. They offer a personal flare to their extensive sports knowledge. Truly a show you don't want to miss. Tune in live Sunday nights from 7-9pm as they interview the biggest names in sports

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