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    Welcome to the Swamp: Some Men Need To Stop Acting Like B***hes!

    in Dads and Family

    Some men of today are looking and acting very soft out here. There are other examples King Nick Anthony shall dive into that needs to be addressed on how men are losing their way even more than years past.


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    SWAG Radio Presents: I'm Black, He's White with Sharnel Williams

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be talking with Author and Host, Sharnel Williams. 

    My name is Sharnel Williams, born and raised in Newark, NJ. I'm a mother, wife, author and grandmother. I have 3 published books available now to purchase. Two non-fiction and one fiction. I'm currently working on 2 book to drop in 2015. You can purchase, all my books on Amazon, Bam, BN, and my website.I want to thank all my supporters.






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    Celtics Talk Radio special episode 48 Rajon Rondo quarterly review

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    We are now 1/4 of the way through the 2014/15 Boston Celtic Season. On todays show we will discuss as the title says. The play of the Celtic's Captain Rajon Rondo. After missing most of the 2013/14 NBA season with an injury. Rajon Rondo returned at the start of the season this year in what is the final year of his current contract with the Boston Celtic's. Rajon Rondo as well as the Boston Celtic's management have said several times that both sides want to continue the partnership. Manny have said the Celtics should trade Rondo before he hits free agency because hes gonna have many teams gunning for him. While other's feel that Rondo is worth a max contract and that the fact the Celtics hold his larry bird rights it makes it worth keeping him cause trading him means the rebuild will continue and we are sick of rebuilding. So which party is winning the argument right now. Is it the Rondo traitors who feel Rondo isnt worth a max deal. Or is it the Rondo faithful who feel he is worth every penny we give him. The Celtics Talk Crew will discuss the Captains play through the first quarter of the season and see how he is comparing to some of the other elite point guards in the NBA thus far.

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    Charlie Zelenoff #1 Boxer In The World My Case Can Now Be Rested GOAT

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    my case can now be Rested I Defeated Geo Zavala he is a super heavyweight ko power his knockouts are on youtube hes not old like mayweather sr Zavala age 25 And I beat the shit out of him with ease dominated him the way i Boxed that fight it was On a Level that no fake "tv boxer" ever performed @ . not even close no ali no frazier no tyson no lennox lewis no mayweather jr not wilder not klitschko these clowns dont come close to me like i said my case can now be rested I am the GOAT 

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    Ha them fool me in the studio by myself with no supervision. I'm playing what I want here from now to back in the day. Rock,.RB,Jazz, ill make it come together just listen in today... Thanks my Dad is hang in ever time he beat the devil taSk that old demon comes up with somthing different. Please continue your prayers.
    For my father Billy Ray Mingo..hes wining with your help and prayers together we show the world there is NOTHING TO HARD FOR OUR GOD THE GREAT.I AM..

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    The over 20 year  Entertainment Veterans are back at IT!!!!!  With That Uncut Raw Real Topics Plus Hot Music...

    If you tuned into last weeks Show the @dramaediter Exposed the LOW BLOWERS IN THE GAME.

    In result of it he was slandered by a $40 escort calling him a rapist which is SLANDER... This Weeks Topic is FACEBOOK and how many people have been slandered and have Sued the person or Groups and won because facebook uses all data. even deleted data to Aid in cases this is a very serious one .Be Sure to CALL IN ....  HAVE YOU BEEN FACEBOOK SLANDERED????.

    View The Video LINKS  Below you will see him eating this same girl out for free ... He was going to give the girl $400 to do the movie .Hes Wife Lady Rayne Dramaediter she is not spending that money on a $40 dollar hoe

    VIDEO LINK >>>https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=270504153149501&set=vb.100005697546063&type=3&theater
    SEE FULL VIDEO OF 1ST SESSION HERE >>http://users.adultspace.com/MRFLRESH/profile_video_view-video-261863-star-videos-mr_cunnnlingus_meets_egyptian_waterfallz.html



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    Zavala Kod somebody cold and I embarrased Zavala. you haters need help Real Talk

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    the guy who Won By Knockout right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz5exCnY3Y0 Lost to me By UD Right Here On video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIKpK4owg0 ! what now haters ? you delusional scumbags have talked alot of Shit. What Now ???????? I Demolished Zavala See Vs Me he looked like an average joe but in reality hes a legit professional fighter with knockout Power. Next Fight after that I put somebody to sleep with 1 Punch Im the Greatest 

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    Women's Relationship Advice 101

    in Relationships

    Come join RAW truth about relationships. Why we do the things we do, and how can we be better at relationships. Love can be hard and often leaves us confused. Let me help you better understand some of your toughest questions regarding relationships and love. Come feel the magic and empowerment :)

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    EWA Radio Late Night one out

    in Wrestling

    Join in the fun tonight 

    Puns birthday night a bit of drinks and a lot of weed has been consumed........

    what does this mean....a fun time to had by all 


    id rather than segment....


    Tonights Word of the night Banning

    whats going on with all the banning......are all the people crossing lines?

     i want some real opinions on this subject tonight


    Punishers manager will be talking about his fresh signing with some names in the independant scene and his current tour he begins satuday night. Ladies and gentleman tonight only he is allowing q and a about punisher and indy companies hes worked in which is a long list. la parka, super park and anything else you want to ask....this is not a nightly thing most night he would brush you off and talk wu but toinght he is devoting a segment to talk


    Douche of the week voting is on

    lamest excuses

    join and leaves how much do they help

    fb and wu the difference......puns rant


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    KC Clark live on MyRealTalkRadio

    in Pop Culture

    Celebrating Over 100 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne, and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio Interviews Comedian/Actor/Dancer: K.C. Clark

    Kajuan K.C. Clark (born Januray 17, 1994) is an Actor, Comedian, Dancer, and Entertainer born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. K.C. has already built an enourmous fanbase on his own. With over a million dedicated social media fans behind him, K.C. is now more than just a young man chasing a dream, he is a household name. Since early childhood, K.C. had a natural entertainer side to him and as his mother who he was raised by would say " he came out of the wound dancing" . His poise, passionate, graceful, and sharp style of dance sends chills through your body and embraces his more serious side. K.C. has done a little bit of everything early on in his career from hosting, sidcoms, plays, radio drops, and more . K.C. has been featured in Vibe Magazine, Top Flight Magazine, and Kontrol Magazine . Mingling with stars like Teyanna Taylor, Dc Young Fly, Toya Wright, and many more, he has been recognized for his great talents. K.C.has also hosted at Limelight Sundays in Houston, Central State University, Detroit Summer Party, as well as hosting for events with superstars Keyshia Cole, Monica, and Jasmine Sullivan. K.C.'s heart has always been genuine.  From feeding the homeless to simply giving jestures, hes all about giving back which lead to him coming up with The " 24 Hour Uhal Project ". As anticipated, it was a success! K.C. was able to fill up a Uhal truck with donations such as clothes, hygenie packages , and ,more from Detroit residents to give to the less fortunate. Persistence, consistency,hunger, and passion contributed to him becoming the entertainer he is today.


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    Charlie Zelenoff Destroyed Geo Zavala On Video you haters have mental problems

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    the fight is on Video complete shutout I won with ease vs a mainstream mma heavyweight you cant deny it you cant say that i lost because I clearly Won I hit him 7 times i didnt even get hit. i made him miss and i made him pay each and every single time i can even point out every single punch i landed its on video 0:20 Jab to the Body 0:23 Another Jab to the Body 0:26-0:27 two hooks to the body 0:32 0:34 0:37 three straight jabs to the stomach I beat his ass easily and hes a super heavyweight mainstream mma fighter you clowns on the internet forums supported mainstream guys ive said for years im better then them there you go I proved it Link Of My Title Fight Vs Geo Zavala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIKpK4owg0

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