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    Herp Think Tank with Riley Campbell & Lisa Powers

    in Education

    Join HTR for a educational show. Herp Think Tank is a Facebook page setup to educate people about Reptiles & Amphibians.

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    Split show with U.S. Herp Alliance and Steve Barker from BC Barker Creations

    in Pets

    Airing Sunday 2/15/15 at 8:00 PM EST.

    In the first hour of the show we have Andrew Wyatt and Erika Walsh from The U.S. Herpetocultural Alliance coming on to discuss upcoming threats to herpetoculture for 2015. If you are unaware of the battles that we face to keep our pets then don't miss this episode. Follow the Herp Alliance website at www.usherp.org. 

    In the second half of the show we have Steve Barker of BC Barker Creations coming on to discuss his gecko and snake breeding plans for 2015. We will also be picking his brain for some tips and tricks on breeding Ball Pythons. 

    Hang out in our chatroom while the live show airs by following this link. The chatroom works best with Google and Firefox Browsers.

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    Hotel Lobby

    in Radio

    After the Show it's the After Party. After the party it's the Hotel Lobby

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    OTMC Live! Net Neutrality, Chicago PD Black Site, plus your calls.

    in Politics Progressive

    We won the big Net Neutrality showdown. But, will the Communications Lobby rise more powerful than we could ever imagine? Is it really Nyet Neutrality? Is this just another step in Obama's late stage move to tyrant status? 

    Chicago PD has its own Black Site. We are so proud of them: getting to play right along with the big boys of global terror. 

    That dress.

    Maybe we'll hear from our very own NSA agent, Jim Jones. He hasn't asked us to drink any Kool Aid yet. 

    Give us a call: (347) 989-0353

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    Administrative Medicine (Blog 5)

    in Education

    Welcome to Administrative Medicine class five. In order to be successful in this class you will need your required text book and materials.

    Upon completion of the class you will need to send your Instructor the attendance flag word to receive proper attendance credits.

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    MCS Live Faceoff: UMass Lowell vs. Vermont

    in Sports

    The 11th episode of MCS Live and our seventh Faceoff pregame show brought to you by Beast from the Northeast!

    Co-hosts Justin Soderberg and Greg Celona will touch on UMass Lowell River Hawks hockey and preview Saturday night's contest between the River Hawks and the University of Vermont Catamounts at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts.

    In honor of UMass Lowell Hockey Senior Night at the Tsongas Center, Justin and Greg will touch on the four-year careers of captain Zack Kamrass, alternate captain Jake Suterand Terrence Wallin. The senior class is the all-time winningest in UMass Lowell history.

    The Hockey East playoffs are just around the corner and MCS Live will talk about wherethe River Hawks may end up when they get underway and who they will play. Additionally, Justin and Greg will discuss (with help from Mike McMahon of College Hockey News) UMass Lowell PairWise ranking and if the River Hawks will return to theNCAA Tournament for a fourth-straight year.

    MCS Live Faceoff will air from 5:00-6:00pm live from the Tsongas Center lobby. Justin and Greg will take questions and comments via Twitter and Facebook.


    Our next broadcast of MCS Live: Faceoff pregame show will during the Hockey East playoffs. If the River Hawks are unable to clinch a first-round bye, we will broadcast on Saturday, March 7 at 5:00 p.m. eastern. If UMass Lowell clinches the first-round by, we will broadcast live on Saturday, March 14 at 5:00 p.m. eastern.

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    America Can Choose The Best President With Write-In Ballots

    in Elections

    The Presidency!  Hear me In and Out, every day, on what can and will make us better, good and well. To get there requires attention, accountability, responsibility and caring about a lot on your part.

    I offer to serve as President. Where is the equality in ethnicity, gender, law, living, opportunity, taxes, work.... I can lead us and deliver our expectations. I can do this by being your voice and partner in the White House. You have been the silent lobby for so long. Enough of this, use you write-in ballot and not be trumped by the money and say of others


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    The End of Politics, I as President; 120000000 writein ballots, You as Precedent

    in Elections

    It’s's your time, don't be smug. Quit Politics and you won't be swept under the rug.    Look what Politicians have done to us, our United States and the world.   If you are happy and complacent with the results and trends - you are smug, crazy and ( I'll let you fill the the next many words to describe your indifference and ignorance ).   These are not friendy or friendly words on my part. To give you friendly, I would be hallucinating you.  I am the real free lunch, maybe the last of its kind.  I want the job of President of the Ubited States. I can do the job as President. I am stupid. You r stupid. Don't b stupid for 2 long.  Let's be smart together.  THE END OF POLITICS, I AS PRESIDENT; 120,000,000 WRITE-IN BALLOTS, YOU AS PRECEDENT.    Do you get it, are you with me for you.  I will speak, you can listen or just don't hear me.     Let me say:   "I have been on Blog Talk Radio for 7+  years - while Prsident Bush was in the White House.  Two ( 2 ) yrs ago, on this forum of Blog Talk Radio, I mentioned/proposed what I would do in Syria."  Now, the brains of America are proposing what should be done in and with Syria   -    2   full years after I proposed it.      Whose your President of the future?    One who knows what to do, and, how, and, why.  I am your voice in the White House, not the Lobbyists. You are the silent lobby. End your silence and elect your undiscovered humble American servant.





    I am Curtis Clinton, c2


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    in Politics

    Around the world in the wake of Israel's latest brutal and illegal assault on Gaza, awareness of the pernicius nature of Zionism is building. Conversations have started in the US and Europe that were previously considered unthinkable due to the collective guilt of the world about allowing the conditions that gave rise to the Holocaust. While politicians in the US continue to be effectively captives of AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli lobby, the blatant attempt by Netanyahu to undermine President Obama's foreign policy again by speaking directly to the Israeli loyalists that control Congress have led a few to rebel in a small way.

    A brilliant campaign to target an multibillion dollar Israeli government-controlled shipping company, recent successes in the BDS movement, increasing protests from the US religious community and a general increase in the visibility of American and European oppostion to Israeli belligerence and Zionism itself offers for the first time since the Nakba the prospect that Israel can be compelled to become the democratic state that it purports to be. 

    Former AIPAC member Rich Forer, author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion, A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, joins us to talk about the increasing movmentum of the Palestinian solidarity movement.

    This show will be rebroadcast on February 28 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

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    Was it a hobby or a lobby?

    in Politics

    Matt and Clint will discuss the supreme court ruling with hobby lobby and other political news.

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    The Liberal Redneck~ The Don Quixote of Plains

    in Politics Progressive

    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.  One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.

    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.  One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.

    "Come on Jimma! Read that stupid fucker the riot act." (From Don Quixote of Plains Act ll Scene 6)

    At last, a champion for all women with his boyish grin and disarming intelligence!   We sing his praises as we report on the misdeeds and idiocy of Republicans everywhere!

    Today: An update on Justice!  A double blow to Law and Order, Southern Racist Unit!  Jeb Bush pushing the F**cking for Virginity platform which worked so well during his brother's National Guard Days.  And just when you thought South couldn't get more racist, guess who is being honored with his own celebration?  I'll give you a hint, he wrote in his diary, “Our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment.”   To find out you'll need to listen to this episode of The Liberal Redneck.  Join us as we talk about the news stories months before the main stream picks these gems up.

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