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    Crisis Of Conscience.

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    The Misconception that Preachers preach is only understood when exposure is brought to the forefront. They Judge you by your giving and they give nothing in return. False teachings and continued lies sell big in Christianity and other faiths we will talk about all those anti christs if you will and reveal their true colors. Audios will help you through all this contemplating. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7;15

    False teachers...Benny Hinn

    Rick Warren Exposed for double standards.

    Questioning The Watchtower.

    Exposing false teachers.

    Fall of Islam


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    Crisis Of Conscience.

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    Exposing a religion that has seriously put the bible second over a magazine. Raymond Franz gives us an inside look at the real love shown by this organisation. I urge Jehovahs Witnesses to please listen in.This isnt bashing a faith the people themselves who do the leg work they alone deserve full respect for their diligent efforts to do whats right, it is the hidden secrets that need to be revealed.

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    Brothers Of Conscience Volume #1

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    924 Network proudly presents “ Brothers Of Conscience”..


    J Floyd and Charles Turner will discuss whats going on with current affairs from a Brotha’s perspective.


    Tune in & be informed

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    NEW YORK TAKEOVER - featuring members of the New York Hero Initiative and more!

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    We've got a fun one for you this week! 

    Rock N Roll is taking a family vacation day and leaving poor ol' Spectre to fend for himself, so he's doing what any self-respecting hero would do and turning this episode into a party. A New York Real Life Superhero history/war-story/update party, that is. 

    Joining him is Dark Guardian of the New York Hero Initiative, and other Real Life Superheroes from the New York area: Flex, Life and Dusk Citizen.

    Call in, chat in, or just listen in. You'll be glad you did. 

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    C'est quoi la conscience et pourquoi ca m' interesse?

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    Pendant longtemps j'ai pris des cours de meditation, de spiritualite, d'energie centree au coeur, etc.... pour devenir consciente. 

    Mais j'ai toujours su que la conscience etait bien plus grande, bien plus formidable que ce que l'on essayait de m'apprendre. 

    Access Consciousness® regarde la conscience tres differemment et de facon pratique. Dans cet episode nous explorons ce qu'ai vraiment la conscience et comment l'appliquer dans notre vie de tous les jours.

    Rejoignez nous!

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    (Gen.49:10)  Human CONSCIENCE will be healed when true LIGHT conquers MISrepresentative DARKNESS and every form of FALSE RULE can DECEIVE NO MORE!   Blessed are they who reason that only in RETURN to the ONENESS foreordained PURE PERFECT from BEGINNING, is thee JUSTICE unto PEACE!  PREPARE for CONSCIENCE RENEWED!

    Isa 40:27  Why do you say, O Yacob, and say, O Israel, My way is hidden from the LORD and JUSTICE is not rendered by my YAH?  28  Have you not known, have you not heard?  YAH is the LORD for ever who created the ends of the earth!  He does not faint, neither is weary!  There is no searching of HIS understanding!  29  HE gives power to the weary.  Tto them stricken with disease, HE increases strength.  30  Even the youths may faint and be weary, and the young men helplessly stumble;  31  But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall grow wings as a dove; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. 41:1  KEEP silence before Me, O you isles!   Let the people RENEW THEIR STRENGTH; let them come near; then let them speak; let them come near together unto JUSTICE!   2 Who stirred up this RIGHTEOUS ONE like the RISING SUN, and hastened Him on? The nations shall surrender before Him. Kings shall be confounded. HE makes them dust before His sword, driven stubble to His bow. 3  He pursues, then makes peace; passing safely by ways He has not travelled on foot.  4  Who has prepared and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I YAH, the first and the last; I am HE. 


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    Be Careful...Your Conscience May Be Wrong!

    in Christianity

    Just because we "have a clear conscience" doesn't mean we're doing the right thing. It is entirely possible that our conscience is not formed properly and could be misleading us. What does the Catholic Church actually teach about formation of conscience? Join Catholic Evangelist Gary Zimak as he opens up the Catechism of the Catholic Church and gives you the TRUE teaching about conscience. This is one show you don't want to miss!

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    Show 30: Oliver Byrd - 2015 Urban Hero

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    Yes, today's guest has the same last name as Karla Byrd, John's cohost, and that is because Oliver Byrd is Karla's husband. On today's show, John and Karla begin interviewing the 2015 class of Urban Heroes and they will start with Oliver. Oliver worked at Mellon Bank for many years, but also served the community as the chair of the United Way and the chairman of the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in downtown Pittsburgh. Oliver will talk about growing up in Pittsburgh and what motivated him to serve so selflessly throughout his career.

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    American Sniper has you sad that you aren't a hero, but you can be. Here is how.

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    As American Sniper broke all kinds of box office records in its opening weekend there are many folks leaving the theatre forlorn, "What can I do?  I am no hero like Chris Kyle or Marc Alan Lee or Aaron Carson Vaughn or Michael Strange or Sam Griffith or the many other great American heroes who have sacrificed everything for our country...  I am just a regular person here in America...  What can I do?"  

    First, heroes like Chris Kyle, Marc Alan Lee, or the many many others who've given all for our country, they are a rare breed...   You cannot copy them for they are the rarest of men.  In today's show I am going to teach you how to be a hero in your hometown.  I am going to reach into your gut and help you find out what you are really made of...  Be ready, this show just might change your life.  

    More than that, you will learn that by being the best bold American you can be,   No pressure but, YOU can actually help save the United States of America, this country desperately needs you!

    Listen here or

    Here is where you link in with the show at a little before 4pm EST....



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    Interstellar, Big Hero 6

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    Huge week in cinema this week as Christopher Nolan's latest epic film Interstellar, which is making waves in it's use of IMAX, is released. Also on the docket is Disney's Big Hero 6, the first flim by Disney to venture into their access to the Marvel brand, how I can't tell you...you have to see the movie for that!

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    WKPJB Radio Presents A Conscience Open Mic About Our Civil Liberty

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    There have been terrorist attacks, from the murders that occurred at the satirical paper in France to the thousands that have been killed in Nigeria. I think it's time we discuss it. We need to talk about what has happened in Ferguson again, we need to discuss how the cops have now been under fire for all of their indiscretions on TV and we need to discuss how everyone is not the same and this is our opportunity to do so. I know you have conscience poetry that you would like to share with us and this would be the best opportunity. We need to have a mature discussion about it so join chamber 7 and BluPhunk for a serious discussion about your civil liberties and the potential of the loss in the future.

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