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    Revival is Here Live

    in Christianity

    This is the first radio show in years of Revival is Here. Revival is Here Live is a live radio outreach of Revival is Here Church in La Grange Ky. The website is http://revivalishere.org to watch live services and more go to that link. Also, come out and be apart of what God is doing at Revival is Here Church. 

    God is moving in the land and pouring out His love. We need to jump into the River of God and have what He has for us. God wants to show you His glory. Let Him.

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    Need To MAKE MONEY NOW? Here is your 5 step plan

    in Real Estate

    Having a long-term plan for success is essential in real estate - but you've got bills to pay today, too! Today we're discussing a 5-step plan to put money in the bank now & help you get on-track in your real estate business. Achieving your short-term goals is a foundation step towards long-term planning and success, so tune in & pick up tips on making money now to stay financially solvent as you plan a long-term strategy for future success.

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    ProWMMA Now! Episode 93

    in MMA

    ProWMMA Now! Episode 93 is brought to you by MMA Somnia and Audible.

    Tonight is the first episode of 2015! The first guest of the evening will be Julia Jones. She will fight Januarty 10th on Rocks Extreme Combat 11 in Texas.  Her opponent Alyssa Garcia will also join the discussion later in the episode. Also joining the ProwWMMA Now! will be Jessica Phillipus! All 3 ladies from Rocks Extreme Combat will join the episode tonight.

    Also joining ProWMMA Now! will be Christina Marks. She will face Sarah D'Alelio this Friday. The fight takes place for BAMMA USA in California. First tune in to get Marks take on the fight.

    Be sure to tune in and join the chat to ask any questions and contribute to the discussions! To speak with the host call 347.884.9986. Check out our sponsors at www.MMASomnia.com and www.audible.com/prommanow

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    and now for something completely different

    in Culture

    This episode of now for something completely different will be dedicatd to the hypocrisy of Mark Levin and Rightspeak.  Don't be conned by the cons!

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    ProWMMA Now! Episode 91

    in MMA

    ProWMMA Now! Episode 90 brought to you by MMA Somnia and Audible.

    Dr. John P Rodriguez  MD is based out of San Francisco, California. Action Sport Othopedics focuses on injury prevention and the MMA athlete. Checkout the results of his resent study and join us as we break down the results tonight.

    Stay tunded after the guest to discuss current WMMA events with the host Gina Begley and Emily Bartee.

    Be sure to tune in and join the chat to ask your questions for our guests. To speak with the host call 347.884.9986. Check out our sponsors at www.MMASomnia.com and www.audible.com/prommanow

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    King Noble 2nite on Blog Talk: Signs of the Matrix Apocalypse are Here and Now

    in Spirituality

    Please Done To Support King Noble Black Supremacy Brocasting at www.kingnobleblackrulership.com 

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    Its Always Now: Why not be here for it?!

    in Spirituality

    Ram Dass said: Be Here Now, and he wrote a really amazing book on the subject. Eckhart Tolle wrote: The Power of Now, what are they talking about ? What IS the Power of Now and why be here for it?!! If we can be here for it and access the power of it, whats next? Gratitude, Appreciation, Focus, Manifestation and Happiness are on the table tonight. Phil and I will dive deeply into this topic to explore our reality as we know it in an effort to Be Here in the Power of Now.

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    Stylz You And The Wolf Pack Want My Attention? Here I AM! Now What?

    in News

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    Angels here on earth

    in Spirituality

    Are their angels here on earth and or up their in heaven? People believe their are angels here on earth and they feel them around them.I will have a guest speaker with me who is my angel right here and when I hug her I feel her wings support me and give me love.Do u believe in them and do u believe their right here on earth such as incarnate angels?? 

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    Emily Petroff on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Emily Petroff! 

    A transformational leader focused on employee empowerment and challenging the traditional leadership hypothesis, Emily Petroff has spent over 10 years working in a variety of industries.

    Emily, President of Evolve, has direct oversight of operations, which encompasses coaching both personal and professional relationships. Emily’s focus on relationships, trust, and rapport in a highly emotional field has allowed her to utilize her strengths to implement rapid change and improve relationship engagement.

    Emily is no stranger to the pitfalls of life, relationships, parenting, and self-confidence. Her dedication to her own ongoing personal growth and development is a testament to her success and the success of her clients.


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    Author Richard R. Eley, Ph.D. on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Richard R. Eley, Ph.D.! 

    2003 was the year...traveling to Salt Lake City to become Certified with Franklin Covey. Since that time, Dr. Richard Eley has gone through a metamorphous, while being accountable to his Coach, working as a Life Coach, a Leadership Coach, an Executive Coach. It has taken a while but now, “the Eagle” has landed on being a Small Business Coach.

    Prior to this “metamorphous,” there was almost 20 years in the arena as a therapist…working with people’s “problems.” NOW he has the opportunity to work with people’s "potential.”


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