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    Total Dudes episode 15

    in Sports

    Total Dudes is back for the 15th time. We'll be joined by former wrestling manager Stevie Jonak whom has requested time on this very episode. Things that Sign Guy and Rex will most likely cover include horrific shin breaking, engagement ring buying, and Vince McMahon's taste in music.

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    Think Fresh - Herbs for Summer

    in Food

    We use our herbs throughout the year, adding flavor and dimension to all kinds of dishes. Herbs that are dried, frozen, or otherwise preserved can fit the bill for cold winter months, but ah, the herbs of Summertime! Fresh, flavor-packed, and ready to be snipped from garden or container - there's nothing quite like them. Come along today, while we talk about tips and suggestions for using fresh herbs to brighten up summertime cooking. 

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    Herbs for Healthy Travel

    in Travel

     Travel can be exhausting and put a strain on your immunity system. Herbalist Cynthia Johnston chats with Big Blend Radio hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith about herbal allies that help you stay healthy and nourished during travel. Cynthia  is an herbalist and founder of MoonMaid Botanicals, a small herb company that is dedicated to providing high quality herbal products that are free of chemical preservatives, propylparabens or synthetics of any kind. Watch for Cynthia's article on Herbs forTravel in the June issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

  • 5 Most Useful Herbs to Grow on Sow and Dipity

    in Gardening

    Sow And Dipity with Shelley Levis

    5 Most Useful Herbs to Grow

    If you had to choose just five plants to grow that followed this criteria:

    -Easy to grow

    -Produces flowers (both for human enjoyment and bees)

    -Used in cooking

    -Used in household cleaning products

    -Used in personal beauty products


    -Can be grown in a container


    Then these 5 MUST grow herbs fill all the above requirements. If space and time are anissue, then be sure to join us as we take a closer look at the many uses of these common herbs that any one can grow.

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    Total Dudes Episode 13

    in Sports

    Coming back for the 4th episode of the first ever season of Total Divas is the 13th overall installment of Total Dudes. There's some good rumors stating that Jojo the Time Travelling Mole Baby will be back yet again. She was barely in the episode we will review so will this come into play for Total Dudes? What will she have to convey to us from the future? Also, we'll cover horrible family relations, proper swimming safety, and how fans should not be punished for feuding Funkadactyls not acting like adults.

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    Total Dudes Episode 12

    in Sports

    Getting to the third episode ever of Total Divas is Sign Guy and Rex of Total Dudes. This week they jump into this episode which sees Nattie start her path down the road to Crazy Town, Nikki being labeled as the fat twin, and Arianne debate getting cosmetic surgery.

  • 01:15

    Total Dudes Episode 11

    in Sports

    Total Dudes is back for its 11th installment. This week we review episode 3 of season 1. Joining us on this arduous journey of a nightmare is Sign Guy's own cousin Curt Phares. Having followed professional wrestling for 30 years he has never seen Total Divas. Find out what this first time viewer thinks as he sat through an hour of "Planet Funk Is Funked Up."

  • 01:16

    Total Dudes episode 16

    in Sports

    Rex and Sign Guy get ready to review the first ever wedding on Total Divas. The train wreck that was the TJ Wilson and Nattie Neidhart wedding is finally upon us to review. The Razor Ramones band member Sean Critney has been summoned to the show to lend his expertise on both Total Divas and weddings. With medical emergencies, cats wearing tuxedos, and a Dean Malenko sighting to discuss this could be the most explosive episode ~EVER!!

  • 01:12

    Total Dudes Episode 10

    in Sports

    Joining us on Total Dudes to recap the goings on from episode 2 of season 1 of Total Divas will be none other than QT Voaxe. What will have caught the eagle of eyes of QT that were not captured by any others? Whom cracked his 3 favorites on that episode. Will he morph Total Dialouge into a scene from Hamlet? Find out on the 10th installment of Total Dudes.

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    Outside-the-Box Herbs

    in Food

    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme... basil, oregano, chives... these are just a few well-known culinary herbs. But there are so many more, just waiting to be explored! Today's show is dedicated to a few herbs that are growing Outside the box. 

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