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    BOOK & BREAKFAST: "LASTING LOVE, DIVINELY DESIGNED" is discussed off the air. Visit www.RelatingTools.com. Join the Book Club...and join the discussion!

    Doug Batchelor's, "Adultery, Loyalty and Love" will air for non-members. Enjoy!

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    Innovations Designed to Control and Kill Us

    in Health

    Super courageous, research genius Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D, from MIT, will share her latest research dealing with cholesterol-sulfate. She will share her unique views of disease, the importance of sun exposure, Vitamin D, Autism, Alzheimer's, GMO’s, herbicides, statins and other current Big Business “innovations” designed to control and kill us.

    Because of her research she has incredible insights into the role that Big $$ corporations have on our health; from manufacturing poisons to infections/inflammations, immune suppression, cancer, brain malfunctions and deteriorating health.

    Dr. Seneff was previously with us on October 5, 2014 - 'What Statins Really Are and Why They Don’t Work!'
    Great listening click

    Sound Health Options

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    Our bodies are designed to heal themselves...

    in Motivation

    Life Love Wellness - will raise awareness to issues we often think about and seldom discuss. The unspoken dialog can help to foster ill health or just not living up to our full human potential.

    It’s not until someone is bold enough or crazy enough to bring up the subject that we can have the freedom to talk honestly about what we feel!

    My sincere intention is to provide a platform where the talk can begin, where each person can be heard, regardless to whether I agree with you or not. Your voice is powerful!


    Do we still use the lessons of healing from our Ancestors who are urging us to return to nature? Some of my Ancestors refused to go doctors because they knew a better way. Did you know that originally Doctors were not paid if their patient became ill!! The Doctor was only paid when the patient remained well and healthy!! Do we have a health-care system or a sick-care system in America? Can we take better care of ourselves?

    Join the conversation….

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    Our Bodies Are Designed to Heal Themselves - - Part 2

    in Motivation

    Life Love Wellness – Join us this week as we continue with Part 2 of OUR BODIES ARE DESIGNED TO HEAL THEMSELVES.

    Hear what listeners experienced after learning from our last show! What is hidden in plain sight in the prescription medications that are being so freely given to us to consume?

    What is Recovery? Is it possible to treat one part without affecting other parts of our body? How many deaths are caused by adverse drug reactions’ yearly? Which drugs actually heal the body?

    Should classes be taught on self-care, nutrition, and/or other healing modalities in primary education? Do we have a health-care system or a sick-care system in America?

    What changes must you make to stop an addiction – smoking, eating too much, etc?? Can you stop conditions from spreading?

    Can we take better care of ourselves? Whose responsibility is it to inform of dangers in certain lifestyles?

    You do not want to miss this conversation! Surely you can add to this discussion! Your input is greatly appreciated!

    See you on the radio….

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    A Special Love for Caring for a Special Needs Child with my guest Donna Anders

    in Motivation

    We all have challenges! But when it is a challenge that involves your child; especially a child with special needs, it takes a special kind of person and a special kind love to be the kind of caregiver to best serve your child needs. Whether you have a child that was born with a disability or the disability occurred from some sort accident, its about knowing what to do and having the right resources available is what makes it a lot easier to give your child exactly what he/she needs as well as knowing how to care for yourself in the midst of everything. Well, today's show is about being a caregiver for your child with special needs and our guest Donna Anders, Special Needs Parent Advocate and Consultant knows first hand what it takes to be on the front lines for making sure that you and your child are heard and taken care of. 

    Donna Anders is a wife and mother of 3 boys (one with autism). Understanding the challenges families face firsthand, Donna has a breadth of advocacy experience. She has testified before the North Carolina State Legislature on behalf of autism insurance reform, met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill regarding the unique challenges and needs of military families with developmental disabilities, advocated for safety of students against the misuse of restraints in schools, attended numerous IEP meetings, and helped families navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Through these experiences, Donna has gained the respect and appreciation of families she has served and senior military leadership for her family advocacy efforts. Currently Donna works as a consultant for a nationwide Applied Behavioral Analysis company as well as assisting parents nationwide as a parent advocate. 

    Contact Donna at Donnaanders44@gmail.com.


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    Designed Life

    in Lifestyle

    In the midst of the chaos called life, it is very easy to forget our purpose and settle into thelife we are comfortable in. As a mother of toddlers, I spend most days worrying about feeding, changing diapers, kissing booboos, and cleaning after them. Life can creep up at any stage. 
    How do you get started? How do you live your dreams? How do you unleash creativity in the midst of all the bustle of living? Living your dreams is possible. Loving and creating your ideal life is possible right NOW! It’s easy. You have the ability to change your life. 
    Whether it's finding a job you love, fixing your relationship, starting a business or simply balancing your life DNA provides immediate inspiration, measured results and a wealth of wisdom.
    Together we dig deep, dream big, and don’t stop until goals are fulfilled and lessons learned. 


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    How to Overcome Distractions with your Host, Nashawn Turner

    in Motivation

    Are you frustrated with feeling like you are never getting anything done? Do you keep wondering just how did your time get away from you? Or, that your most productive time to accomplish what you set out to do is somehow getting sabotage with things that hinder your progress due to a host of distractions? Look, if you are anything like me, I have to fight distractions on a daily basis in order to run a successful business, manage family life, maintain a household, and deal with everyday life that is coming at me, fighting to get my attention! And believe me, it can be a chore to stay on track in order to get stuff done. Have you ever felt like this? Well, stay tune because we are going to talk about How to Overcome Distractions. 

    One thing that I know for sure is that in order to become highly effective in LIFE & BUSINESS, we have to learn how to deal masterfully with distractions, because they are everywhere. I’m going to share 6 WAYS TO OVERCOME DISTRACTIONS which will include 3 things you must STOP NOW and 3 things you must START IMMEDIATELY. Listen, if you have a questions or a tip you would like to share regarding overcoming distractions, join the conversation. I would also love to hear from you. Just call 646-478-0983 and let’s talk.




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    Focus Change with Dr Ed

    in Lifestyle

    This is a show designed to get you on your road to a potent and successful life. It is usually co-hosted by my good friend and a marvelous coach; Larkin Sell of  http://mypowerfulchoices.com


    my sites are:

    http://attractingabetterlife.com and http://besttoolstobuild.info  and  http://mybestfunnel.info

    Check Them Out! If you cannot reach Larkin or me you can get one of my other coaches at:  


    Go to Amazon.com and get your copy of The Spark Within Us

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    MMSRS #30 - Open Microphone!

    in Military

    Join host Dave Etter on Male Military Spouse Radio Show and speak YOUR mind on anything you want - Stanley Cup playoffs? Basketball championship woes? BBQ tips? Diaper changing methods? It's all up to you, and you set the pace!

    MMSRS is a weekly 2-hour web-based call-in radio show (516-453-9167), hosted by Dave Etter, focusing on the needs of men married to serving military members, both men and women. Male Military Spouses are a small niche of military spouses, comprising of only 7%-8% of all military spouses. We feel left out, usually, at support functions - especially those designed with the spouses being identified as "wives"! We get cajoled at playgrounds where our kids play, from the mommies there who think we don't belong. We are proud SAHDs, who gave up our careers to follow our spouses as they dedicate thier lives to defend our country! Here, on this show, we come together and share beer recipes, diaper changing techniques, financial discoveries - manly things, for men! Airs Fridays at Noon CT, rated R for the cussing that can occur, and available for download (podcast) immediately following each show.

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    Purpose for Women Radio Show-Christine Fernades

    in Women

    This show is designed to provide insight inspiration and access to information for the community. It is sponsored by Purpose for Women International, a non-profit which supports the ecomnmic development of the community, women and encourages enterprise. 

    YOUR SHOW HOST: Heather L. Tapia

    Guest: Christine Fernandes- Christine joins the Plastic Surgery practice of Brian Dorner, M.D. of Capital City Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Health Center team as a medical aesthetician.  Christine combines her extensive background in communications while complimenting her knowledge of spa and clinical 

    aesthetics.  She offers 21 years of experience as a 

    licensed aesthetician.  She has practiced aesthetics in the settings of health, fitness and leisure, dermatology, medical spa settings, and has independently operated her own skincare business.

    Sponsored by Capital City Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Health Center

    What if you could easily embrace 5 steps to Abundance that would allow you fulfill your life's purpose? What would your life look like? This video captures the heartbeat of living your life in awesome joy and complete abundance. I appreciate you taking the time to review my gift to you ~ The 5 Steps to Abundance. This is beyond the Law of Attraction or simple positive thought. This is about being 'being" in the vibration of abundance on a moment by moment basis. By taking action today, these steps will support you to create the reality you desire and deserve.




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    Joyce Maroney at Lunch with DriveThruHR

    in Social Networking

    Joyce Maroney, High Technology Executive, Director of the Workforce Institute @KronosInc drops by at @DriveThruHR  

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @williamtincup, @Thehrbuddy @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort..  The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at &

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