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    Shocking Story: Learn how an African man was used as a human zoo spectacle

    in Education

    Call in to learn how Black Lives have been "caged" for entertainment since the turn of the century.  Bars by any name...are a prison...and a cage. Join host Dr. Sonia Banks, Chair, Manhattan Chapter, NCBW for our Leadersatplay Education Series. Meet an award-winning journalist, Pamela Newkirk, as she reveals a little-known and shameful episode in American history, when an African man was used as a human zoo exhibit—a shocking story of racial prejudice, science, and tragedy in the early years of the twentieth century in the tradition of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Devil in the White City, and Medical Apartheid.  In 1904, Ota Benga, a young Congolese “pygmy”—a person of petite stature—arrived from central Africa and was featured in an anthropology exhibit at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Two years later, the New York Zoological Gardens displayed him in its Monkey House, caging the slight 103-pound, 4-foot 11-inch tall man with an orangutan. 


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    Author Emily Bingham talks #IRREPRESSIBLE on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Emily Bingham to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her love of writing and history and what it was like to share a part of both in the new book IRREPRESSIBLE: The Jazz Age Life of Henrietta Bingham.

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    Mayor Marsh wants community leaders to put pressure on his city Council to support a ½% sales tax in the next election.

    Marsh claims that 80 to 90% of the tax will be spent on public safety. Surely the pressure on the Council will come from the Modesto Police Union, whose mission is to obtain more money, better benefits, and job protection.

    Given the choice between more money and more officers the unions have historically selected more money.

    Two years ago, former Mayor Carmen Sabatino headed the “NO 0N MEASURE X” campaign and spent $3000.00 to defeat the measure while the Mayor’s supporters spent over $178,000 in a failed attempt to pass the tax.

    Measure X failed because the people got it, they understood that giving seven people on the City Council $26 million a year to spend as they pleased was not a good idea.

    Now he wants only want $14 million and claims it is just for public safety.

    Termed out Councilman Dave Lopez, who has been a cheerleader on the Council and accomplished little else opposes the tax.

    Marsh and Lopez cannot explain what they did with $25 million of federal funds for the neighborhood stabilization program.

    The city received 10% or 2.5 million to administer and supervise the federal money. Then, Mayor Jim Ridenour, claims he didn’t know anything about SCAP and it wasn’t his business how much they paid their executives.

    The newspaper at the time distracted the community with the reports on SCAP, which was really a small part of the larger scandal that forced bee editor Mark Vasche to tell the Bee publisher that he had a conflict and could no longer participate in any meetings to discuss the scandal.

    There are many other examples that lead to the logical conclusion that Marsh should not ask for any more money until he reveals what’s been done with the money they have already been given.

  • "C.B.R" Interview with Superblack"

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight C.B.R welcomes up & coming battle rapper Superblack. Superblack, reppin Alabama, has been putting together some classic bars in recent battles and shows no signs of letting up. Those of you who have been listening to C.B.R know that we only invite guests on who we feel are very talented and have that drive to really make you want to hear them and talent or drive are not areas Superblack lacks in by any stretch of the imagination. If you want bars he has it, if you want performance he has it, if you want delivery he has it, if you want jokes he has it, if you want punchlines.... I think you get the point!

    Superblack has also agreed to battle on our show on Tuesday July 21st which we'll be discussing more on the show, so definitely listen in for more details on the battle. If you're a fan of battle rap, trust us when we say you don't want to miss Superblack's upcoming battle on C.B.R, nor do you want to miss this interview because this guy is hilarious and has a swagger that speaks for itself! C.B.R, Where Bars Matter!

    Call in # 347-838-9540

    Superblack Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperBlack510

    Superblack vs KID AR15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl74chSN--o&feature=youtu.be

    C.B.R Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BattleRapRadio


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    The Immortal Henrietta Lacks and Dr. Roland Patillo

    in Current Events

    Who is Henrietta Lacks? She's the black woman who died at the age of 31 in Baltimore, MD from cervical cancer. Ms. Lacks is the source of "HeLa cells", which were used for vaccines to treat diseases such as Polio and HPV, among other medical advances. What can the research about  this immortal black woman tell us about black people, today? Dr. Roland Patillo, Professor of Obsterics and Gynecology at Morehouse School of Medicine discusses Henrietta Lacks, the upcoming annual "HeLa Women's Health Conference" on September 23, 2011 at Morehouse and Oprah Winfrey' s upcoming tele-pic based on Ms. Lack's life. Join Maat Magic and Siruius Sistah for this enlightening, special interview.
    Join us in our After Dark Show, for more questions and comments. Date: Saturday, September 16, 2011
    Time:  10:35 a.m., EST
    Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900
    Participant access code: 827218

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    How To Stop The Spiritual Co-Morbidity of Bitterness And Resentment

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the necessity of allowing the Spirit of God to take away bitterness and resentment in the hear (soul). Someone noted that all problems of living are human, therefore they can all be solved by human insight.  That is a fine idea, but it lacks credibility because it is limited by a school or particular perceptual framework,whereas the Spirit of God is not.  Bitterness and resentment create terrible suffering in the soul,and the person so bound is trapped in misery. If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. 

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    Christianson does not hold himself accountable to a code of ethics.

    He is not a role model for the employees that compromise law enforcement , in fact, he reinforces the culture of crime and corruption that exists within his office.

    Only the people can replace him, but first the people must have a full report on his record.

    That record should include that Christianson failed his psychological evaluation while he was with the Modesto Police Department and did not complete his probationary period.

    He was given a “second chance” by then Sheriff Les Weidman.

    Christianson doesn’t deserve any more chances only a full exposé on his record,the lives he has destroyed, and the deaths that have occurred because he lacks a code of ethics.

    The following quotes from the Modesto Bee can be characterized as the “big lie”.

    Authorities on Tuesday arrested a deputy who served at the Stanislaus County jail, alleging he stole money that belonged to inmates.

    “To protect the public’s trust and confidence in us, we will always hold our employees accountable to the community we serve and to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics,” Sheriff Adam Christianson said.

    Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/news/local/crime/article25344403.html#storylink=cpy


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    Jordan Matthews is not a slot receiver

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 138: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion is joined by Jack Delaney to discuss his ebook: Zero RB Theory. 

    A mystery is solved: Jordan Matthews will be the Philadelphia Eagles' starting flanker.

    Correcting the fallacy that Jordan Matthews "lacks the ability to separate." 

    Jordan Matthews was one of the best wide receivers after the catch in 2014.

    Lamenting the overused and nonsensical "too many mouths to feed" fantasy football cliche.

    A review of the Zero RB fantasy draft strategy and how to apply it in practice. 

    Crediting Shawn Siegele as the originator of the Zero RB Theory.

    When implementing Zero RB, it makes good sense to target inexpensive passing catching running backs such as Duke Johnson, Reggie Bush, Roy Helu, and Danny Woodhead.

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Isaiah Crowell's cartoonish ADP

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 137: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion tries to solve a verbal tick. 

    Carlos Hyde, Bishop Sankey, and Andre Williams have high quality prospect profiles and could have simply been unlucky in 2014. 

    Strength of schedule and game flow talk in June is the epitome of overthinking fantasy football. 

    Karlos Williams is the Bills' short yardage back of the future. 

    With only Justin Forsett ahead of him, Javorius "Buck" Allen has a chance to carve out a significant role in an offense that will generate a lot of fantasy points for running backs, 

    Buck Allen is the best-value player at any position across all fantasy formats right now. 

    Drafting Duke Johnson even though the Browns stink.

    Tactically, it would be rational for the Browns to deploy Duke Johnson in all situations. 

    Bizarro Sigmund Bloom from FootballGuys.com visits the show to discuss Duke Johnson.

    Because Isaiah Crowell is both volume-dependent and TD-dependent, and lacks pass-catching prowess, he will flop if the Browns' offense struggles.

    Isaiah Crowell's redraft ADP is mind boggling. 

    Parsing the definition of "fantasy relevant" across league formats.

    55-percent of running backs drafted in rounds 9-12 busted over the last 2 years. 

    Becuase their respective offenses will likely be constipated, the redraft ADPs of Isaiah Crowell, TJ Yeldon, Todd Gurley, and Latavius Murray represent wishful thinking.

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Author Henrietta Robin Barnes discusses HIJACKED BRAINS on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Author Henrietta Robin Barnes stops by #ConversationsLIVE to discuss with host Cyrus Webb what inspired her book HIJACKED BRAINS----and what she hopes readers take away from it.

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    The Immortal Henrietta Lacks Her Genes Live On !

    in History

    Born Loretta Peasants in Roanoke, Henrietta Lacks (August 1920–October 4, 1951) went to live with relatives in Clover, in Halifax County, after her mother died. As a child, she worked on a tobacco farm with other members of her family. She married David Lacks on April 10, 1941, and had five children. Henrietta Lacks is the mother of Modern Medicine, through her genes which continue to live on. She died of cervical cancer on 4 October 1951; and while her disease was a tragedy for her family, for the world of medical research – and beyond that, every one of us on the planet – it was something of a miracle.

    Her story should be a part of History, but is just being told.

    Tune in and Listen Up!!

    Those Who Forget History are Doomed to Repeat it!!