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    Helping others to understand! on Surviving Dystopia

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    Helping others to understand!
    Host: DJ Cooper “Surviving Distopia”
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Wednesdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    What to do when others around you scoff at your prepping. For some it is hard to imagine a natural disaster happening let alone a man made one.I would like to talk about ways to help them understand the need to prepare and ways that you can ease the tension of such converasions. Also, it might be good to get insight into what NOT to do in this as well.

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    The Reluctant Artist…How to Keep Your Fears From Getting in the Way of Your Art

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    On today's show, we are going to talk about the reluctant artist. There are thousands of artists who fit in this category. In fact, at some point in our careers, we have all probably gone through this. If you have been thinking about furthering your interest in art, but for whatever reason perhaps you haven’t done it, then this might be you. 

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    Pet Radio-Life of a War Dog and Helping Chained Dogs in North Carolina

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    We have two special guests this week with great stories. First Chopper served duty as a Navy Seal dog on the battlefield, sniffing out bombs and saving lives, and returned home with his handler to work as a therapy dog  to help him ajust to civilian life. The story is being told this month in a film on the Smithsonian channel. Trevor Maroshek, Founder of the Navy Seal Dog Foundation will share the story of his film and dog Chopper, as well as how he finds service dogs for veterans.

    Lori Hensley is the Director of Operations for the Coalition to Unchain Dogs in North Carolina, which helps convince people to get their dogs off chains by building them fences, helping with food and vet bills. Keeping dogs on chains 24/7 is a wide practice in the South, and Lori tells us how she is changing the mind of people by offering a solution not judgement.  She was recently given an award by the ASPCA in recognition of her work.

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    Women Helping Women: The I Gotcha Foundation for Homeless, Battered Women

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    Join us as we talk with Wilma McNabb about the I Gotcha Foundation.  Join the conversation at 914-803-4503.

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    Pet Radio-Children Helping Pets: 12 year old Abbi and More

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    12 year old Abbi has raised over 30,000 dollars for her local shelter. You will meet her, and Officer Britany Pasquale from the Tracy Animal Control will tell us how Abbi and other children are making a difference.

    Gizmo and Jen will give us their update, and the founder of Bow Wow Camp will give us some dog training tips.

    Find more information at www.petradioshow.com and our Facebook page. 

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    Helping Parents Age Gracefully

    in Health

    When taking care of an elderly parent, how many of you have actually given thought or made preparations ahead of time for the possible onslaught of health, emotional, financial and legal challenges that go along with caregiving.

    Nearly 10 million adult children over age 50 now care for an aging parent. They are helping with helping with dressing, feeding, bathing, and other personal care needs. However, this level of help goes well beyond grocery shopping, driving parents to appointments, and helping them with financial matters. And it's more stressful as well.

    Join me, MSKeepItMoving on the next episode of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show, "Helping Parents Age Gracefully." My special guest will give us tips and suggestions on how we can keep our peace of mind and still help our parents continue to live the quality of life with the dignity they deserve.

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    People Helping People is hosting the MURPHY'S LAW: GROUP THERAPY GONE WILD PLAY on Nov. 13-15, 2015. Read more about Murphy's Law the play and visit the ticket box office: https://t.co/Cn17XJXrhn

    Dr. Pew, an unconventional, quirky, hippie-psychotherapist brings her patients together for her Dramatic Group Therapy project in an effort to help them help one another. But as the saying goes, anything that can go wrong, does go wrong in this Group Therapy Gone Wild!


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    Every human being is the object of loving interest to Him who gave His life that He might bring men back to God. Souls guilty and helpless, liable to be destroyed by the arts and snares of Satan, are cared for as a shepherd cares for the sheep of his flock.

    The Saviour's example is to be the standard of our service for the tempted and the erring. The same interest and tenderness and long-suffering that He has manifested toward us, we are to manifest toward others. "As I have loved you," He says, "that ye also love one another." John 13:34. If Christ dwells in us, we shall reveal His unselfish love toward all with whom we have to do. As we see men and women in need of sympathy and help, we shall not ask, "Are they worthy?" but "How can I benefit them?"

    Rich and poor, high and low, free and bond, are God's heritage. He who gave His life to redeem man sees in every human being a value that exceeds finite computation. By the mystery and glory of the cross we are to discern His estimate

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    of the value of the soul. When we do this, we shall feel that human beings, however degraded, have cost too much to be treated with coldness or contempt. We shall realize the importance of working for our fellow men, that they may be exalted to the throne of God.

    The lost coin, in the Saviour's parable, though lying in the dirt and rubbish, was a piece of silver still. Its owner sought it because it was of value. So every soul, however degraded by sin, is in God's sight accounted precious. As the coin bore the image and superscription of the reigning power, so man at his creation bore the image and superscription of God. Though now marred and dim through the influence of sin, the traces of this inscription remain upon every soul. God desires to recover that soul and to retrace upon it His own image in righteousness and holiness.


  • Black Celebrities...Are They Helping or Hurting Us?

    in Entertainment

    We hear it alllll the time....But Oprah is worth a Billion dollars....look at Jay and Beyonce...there is no racism...TRUE? FALSE? are our celebrities helping our people...or simply themselves? CALL UP AND JOIN US....347-855-8692(PRESS 1 TO GET ON AIR)

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    A Conversation with Artist Randall Sexton

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by November co-host Margaret Sheldon. On today’s show we will interview artist Randall Sexton. Randy is nationally known for the use of color and expressive brushwork in his oil paintings of “everyday” scenes

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