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    Male Abuse Awareness w/ Professor Dean H McVay, Attorney

    in Self Help

    Male Abuse Awareness Special Broadcasting Event Continues!! Please friends join in with us tonight as we hear one heroic story of survival to the top of the professional ladder as we welcome, Professor Dean H. McVay!!!

    He comes from a life of hell but you would never believe the history he carries around inside. Imagine facing all of the daily interaction with society, court battles, clients, litigation and teaching as you harbor your own private nightmare of hell inside. This is the secret inside this amazing man. You will hear from his voice about the horror his stepfather used to control the children within their home. You will also hear his focus, drive, and passion he uses to teach upcoming generations. Awarded time and again for his maginificence as a professor of law, we are going to honor the voice inside tonight.

    Also, tonight we welcome Mr. Jim Schwartz Volunteer Representative, Board of Directors for P Luna Foundation, a father of 3 sons & grandfather to 5; Jim is here to keep us updated with all the Pluna Help4Guys Male Abuse Awareness Week Event which kicks off Sunday Dec 1st. 

    Be sure to give a listen with us tonight as we continue in our partnership broadcasting with the amazing fighters and survivors speaking up to empower all young men; May you never be held in silence again. We welcome your calls or commentary in the chatroom. Find our Facebook Public even and let's start changing the world today!!


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    Generation No More w/ Trish & Petra Luna

    in Education

    'Generation No More' Author/Advocate, now Talk Radio Program Developer & Host; Patricia Trish McKnight, created Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery and is proud to bring you the Generation No More program. We are the new generation and we have a choice; speak up and admit our homes can often be the most dangerous place in the world or continue to allow the destruction of the young souls around us. As we put forth effort to bring open discussion concerning all aspects of abuse/violence in our society today, while also brining resources of help & hope ; it is a great honor to welcome back "Artist for the Abused"; Musician/Artist/Advocate; Petra Luna; Founder of PLunaFoundation, Help4Guys.org! and her Personal Assistant/Prote`ge` Miss Aubrey.You may recall, we ended a broadcast with Petra, Aubrey & Actor/Advocate, Mr. Bill Lackner about Video Game Violence Influence on Today's Youth . It's a huge pleasure to have Petra Luna and Miss Aubrey back with me. We will be discussing the issue again. Do you have thoughts about the influence video game violence and our kids? How do you think it impacts their world? What about the growing pandemic of abuse we have still made the choice to avoid? Come join in tonight and share you

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 450

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    Tonight's special guest is Barbara Ochoa (aka Petra Luna) from San Francisco, who'll be with us to talk about the special events concerning Male Abuse Awareness Week, Dec 1-8, which will launch with a Saturday night Big Benefit Concert Event in Van Nuys, CA (Dec 1st). NAASCA founder, Bill Murray, will once again participate in this event. The abuse and neglect of children is a terrible tragedy, and the effects on the lives of children, the adults they become and their families, friends and coworkers can be profound. Males abused as children suffer some unique harms and face special challenges to healing. Because boys and young men are told by society that they must be strong and brave, they feel guilty and ashamed about having been abused, dominated and vulnerable. Male victims are much less likely to tell anyone what happened to them, let alone to seek professional help to deal with their hurt and go down a path of healing. Some get lost in self-destructive behaviors, seeking refuge in alcohol and drug addictions, sexual addictions, self-mutilation and even suicide. The Petra Luna www.Help4Guys.org web site explains these stigmas and stereotypes, and offers ongoing assistence.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 190

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    Tonight's SPECIAL GUEST is Petra Luna ~~ Passionate in her desire to help young boys and men who have been abused, San Francisco's Peta Luna has established a foundation that, among other things, attempts to stop these young males from growing up to abuse others and repeat the cycle of abuse (www.PLunaFoundation.com). She's also actively engaged in other activities, creating innovative programs to educate, aid law enforcement, and build awareness about the growing epidemic of child abuse and exploitation with an emphasis on young males who have been abused (www.help4guys.org). NAACA founder and SCAN host Bill Murray is set to speak at one of the PLuna Foundation's special events, Dec 5th in San Diego, celebrating Male Sexual Abuse Awareness Week. Ms Luna has selected a particularly difficult demographic to work with, males age 18 to 35, and NAASCA partners with her and wishes her all the best!

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 196

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    Tonight's a special LIVE ON LOCATION episode. "Stop Child Abuse Now" show host Bill Murray will be broadcasting LIVE and ON LOCATION from San Diego (please note special start time). We've been invited to participate in a fundraising event that raises awareness for Male Abuse Awareness Week (Dec 1 to 8), sponsored by the PLuna Foundation. Bill will be on hand to bring us the sights and sounds and to interview a number of special guests including Svava Brooks of www.TAALK.org and Petra Luna, the event hostess. He'll also speak to a number of the young men, ages 18 to 35, who form the core group that is served by the non-profit www.PLunaFoundation.com. Donations are being accepted to help with the cost of providing Internet-based counseling, where therapists and clients connect over SKYPE. Info about the sold out event can be found at: www.Help4Guys.org. Following our broadcast, Bill Murray, himself a long-time adult survivor of child abuse and founder of the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (www.NAASCA.org), has been asked to appear as the main Keynote speaker for the Male Abuse Awareness Week fundraiser. We're delighted to accomodate, and look forward to more ON LOCATION broadcasts in the future.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 150

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    Tonight's SPECIAL GUEST is Petra Luna -- Petra Luna is a singer, song writer and activist. A native of California, her passion is fighting child abuse (though all kinds of abuse really) through her non-profit organization. The P. Luna Foundation fights child abuse by creating innovative programs to educate, aid law enforcement, and build awareness about the growing epidemic of child abuse and exploitation. It aspires to end the anonymity of child sexual predators and to prevent future abuse through intellect, logic and virtue. Of special note is their "Male Abuse Awareness Week" planned to be held Dec 1 to 8 (event festivities in San Diego). Please see: www.PLunaFoundation.com and www.Help4Guys.org. Ms. Luna partly funds her organization with her music sales, and we'll feature samples of her music on our show. 

  • Special Guest Barbara Ochoa Discusses Male Abuse Awareness Week

    in Current Events

    This is a must listen to show! Join me and my very special guest Petra Luna from the P.Luna Foundation as we discuss her latest work regarding Male Abuse Awareness Week which runs from December 1 - 8, 2015. "The P. Luna Foundation, the foundation behind Help4Guys.org, believes that Male Victims of Abuse should no longer be silent. Every day we give a voice to these isolated individuals because by doing so they are more likely to work through their problems and get the help they need. We strive to prevent or relieve the crippling effects of past and current abuse like; serious psychological problems, relationship problems, drug addiction, suicide and the random cycle of abuse." This is one lady that you do not want to underestimate. This is War and Petra declares WAR by shouting out, "The WAR ON ABUSE MOVEMENT is where we unite as advocates, activists and soldiers for our cause.  If we have to delve into history, religion, various societies, and cultures to find solutions and to reclaim human rights for the victims of abuse, then we shall do so.  We will not falter, we will not tire, and we will not fail.  This is our moral obligation to the casualties of these massacres and ourselves.  Please join us in this effort to make positive change in our world?" Petra Luna is also an accomplished and successful Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter. Please visit her websites for more information at http://www.petraluna.com and http://help4guys.org. 

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