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    Learn To-Tie Your Message to the Story

    in Marketing

    I’m Teresa Maron, the "Learn to" Queen.  The niche of my expertise is helping people just like you to create conscious content in the self help and personal development genre. Let me congratulate you on taking the next action step in your journey to Help yourself so you can help others.

    My content creation series, Attract, Wow and Woo teaches you to find that one exact message that will get the FULL attention of your Ideal client.  It starts with Create a Free Gift  then a deep dive workbook, and continues with the perfect beginner level 3 Part Program. Purchase my Program here

    This is Part one of Create a 3 Part Program, where we focus on How to Tie your Message to your Story. This key element can do more to add value to your service and result in more income to your business than anything else.

    I am sharing it with you today  to explain how 3 personality traits that all compassionate, heart centered empathetic people have can become a problem if you bring those elements into your business.  Because the self help and personal development field is based on those exact qualities, they can become self limiting.

    The most profound misconceptions are not black and white, they are very simple subtle shifts that result in huge changes in the results you achieve. And speaking of results, you want to know if you have these 3 personality traits? It is simple. Are you getting the results you want in your business? If the answer is no, you have them, to some degree.

    Join me, for Part 1 of Create a 3 Part Program. People just like you are changing the world with conscious content. Let's Create!



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    How children learn...is it environment or genetics?!?

    in Lifestyle

    Everyone has a different opinion as to how children gain knowledge. Is it environment or genetics? Do you believe that children's morals and values are shaped by specific upbringing or mentally and psychologically ingrained no matter the environment?

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    America and Her Children – To Learn the Truth and Share with Diane Kepus

    in Politics

    America and Her Children – To Learn the Truth and Share with Diane Kepus

     Americans protecting their country and preserving the founding fathers Godly agenda today is a full time job for Americans and most Americans lives are such they not only don’t have the time to indulge in the time it takes to learn the truth about all the things being used against them, but most hope they will either self-correct or just go away. Sadly, Americans need to understand what they are fighting and who their enemies are.
     Parents I hate to put the major load on you but that is where it has to be. Your influence and instruction are the foundation for the rest of your child’s life. It has always been that way and it should be. There are morals and values that no matter if you follow a religion or you don’t, they lay the foundation for life that is impossible to replace.

    Faith, Family, Friends


     “I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest.” Isaiah 62:6     

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    SPHSP's Daniel Leach interview's Rhonda Teagu of Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC

    in Parents

    Rhonda Teague We are parents/children education/community focused childcare business. Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24/7 learning care services is striving to go nation-wide. As we move nation-wide, we will continually touch on various parenting skills/techniques some parents are unaware of, continually striving to advance the children in our care while preparing the parents to engage with the their child’s future educational system. Of course, we offer much more than being said here. 

    [DIRECT QUOTE FROM OUR WEBSITE] We are not for every parent and their children. Our Parents say we attract: “Knowledgeable, mature, caring parents who want their children to learn and want to participate in their child’s growth mentally and educationally.”
    [A quote from one of our dads on our website www.twlsnc24hr.com/partners/  1 of a kind… My child has been attending for a little over 6 months and his progression (socially, comprehensive, awareness) has been remarkable. Not only does Ms. Rhonda challenge the children, but parents as well (she wants us to be formidable, instead of forgettable). It’s remarkable and astonishing to see how well he has adjusted to her and her methods. I love that its more than just numbers and letters; yet it’s our future she invests in. She sees 20-40 years down the line, when these children will be teaching their children and look back and can say it started at the “Talk, Walk & Learn Center”. We talk often and the passion, consistency, kindness, sincerity, open-minded, and creative methods she uses and educates the children with are 1 of a kind. My son is truly in the right hands to help guide him to a more challenging and prosperous life. -Cordario

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    Learn To - Make Money Speaking

    in Marketing

    Teresa Maron, the LearnTo Queen is Helping You, So You Can Help Others.

    Join her and her Guest Collaboration Partners for insider secrets on Content Marketing for professionals in the problem solving business. Get Teresa's Free E Book, Titles, Taglines and Intro's at LearnTo.us

    Today our Guest is Tonya Hofmann, CEO and founder of the Public Speakers Association. Hear Tonya share some insider tips on the booming, but rapidly changing Speaking Industry. She is an expert at teaching you to Make Money Speaking!

    Her tagline, Change the World From the Front of the Room is backed up with mentoring, free training resources and shared contacts at her Live Events.

    #Speakers #Contentmarketing #Learn2Queen

    Tune IN!

    Contact Teresa at LearnTo.us

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    Penina Rybak - Social Skills App to Help Children with Autism

    in Education

    For "Autism Awareness Month"

    Penina Pearl Rybak, MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, CEO Socially Speaking LLC, is an Educational Technology Consultant and an Autism Specialist. She is also a practicing, pediatric speech-language pathologist, who earned her master’s degree from New York University. She has been practicing for two decades, and has provided treatment to young children with Autism/special needs, in home-based early intervention, center-based preschool intervention, self- contained school-age classrooms, and private practice.  Stay tuned for Penina's new book: "Autism in the iEra"
    To find out morw about Penina: SociallySpeakingLLC.com

    Email: Penina.SociallySpeaking@gmail.com 

    LinkedIn: Penina Rybak http://www.linkedin.com/pub/penina-rybak/37/900/191

    Facebook: Socially Speaking LLC http://www.facebook.com/pages/Socially-Speaking-LLC/142172065830783

    YouTube Channel: socialslp http://www.youtube.com/user/socialslp



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    Learn To-Build Relationships with Affiliate Sales

    in Marketing

    Join Teresa Maron for Consious Content Marketing in the Problem Solving field.

    What are Affiliate Relationships?
    Why should we add Affiliate sales to our Podcast?

    How to use the training that is provided by PodcastingbyProfessionals.com through the auto responders and swipe copy.

    Special Guest Sabrina Watson of DIYMarketPlace.net

    Examples of using blogging, newsletters and social media posts to talk about your brand and still featuring Podcasting for Beginners.

    Create Your Affiliate Link with Martha A Sanchez!

    How Using Podcasting by Professionals as a sponsor of your brand can promote your Brand.

    Contact Teresa at http://podcastingbyprofessionals.com/


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    Bringing The Romance Back To Your Marriage: Can It Help Children Behave Better?

    in Women

    Relationship counselor Bilal Stroud, of the website www.romanticmuslim.com is back with Part 2 of the discussion on bringing romance back into the marriage. Lovemaking is an art that begins long before the intimacy of the bedroom. It starts with the sound of your voice when you greet each other in the morning all the way to the embrace when you come home after a hard days work.  How does a woman create a romantic mood in her home? It's the melodious music in the background as you walk in the door. It's the scent of your perfume, the creative design of your hair, brightness of your smile. It's the soft lights in the livingroom, the smell of delicious food in the kitchen, the warm bathwater waiting to soak cramped muscles after a day of perspiration in the hot sun or cramped office. How do children respond when they see signs of romance between their parents? Does it give them more anticipation for marriage? Does it give them a greater sense of security, as opposed to the tention created by constant arguments between parents? Does it create a more peaceful household? Many adults never express affection or desire for each other in the presence of children, therefore, children grow up not knowing how to be romantic wtih their own spouses.   Can we prepare our children for happier marriages by exhibiting a little more excitement in our own?

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    Active and Engaging Play Time Help Children Learn

    in Parents

    Page grew up in a home with no TV; she and her siblings enjoyed many happy hours of exploration, discovery and creative fun. At the birth of each of her children she found herself asking the question “Who are You?” Finding herself the keeper of the question “Who am I?” during her children’s early years, she provided a rich and varied home environment to help them discover “Who they were”. Along with non-fiction and fiction books, adventures and trips to museums to gather knowledge; Page found unique ways to engage with her children in creative play using empty food boxes, and items found at hardware and garden stores.

    Page decided to home-school her children after her son experienced behavioral changes in preschool. A few years later, she discovered they were both dyslexic. Providing an active, engaging environment that helped her son learn how he learned, while focusing on his interests and strengths and supporting his academic challenges, he learned to read at age fourteen and was a successful college student at eighteen.

    For the past 20 years, Page has successfully used her enthusiasm for exploration, discovery and creative play innovations and ideas with hundreds of children in many different settings, from a natural horsemanship school for kids for which she created the curriculum and was head instructor to adapting the Cub Scouting curriculum to work for families in three different Packs and as well as many other community groups and events. To find Page Click Here.

    CCFL: A world-wide humanitarian movement to heal, unite and empower families and communities, equipping them with the necessary tools to strengthen our standards, ethics and values while raising the next generation. 

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    Spankings Help Children Learn Respect - Right?

    in Parents

    The belief that a child is born defiant has been the belief for thousands of years, mainly taught by religious leaders. Prior to 1946 it was normal to beat children with switches, tie a log on their back for torture and lock them in closets as a form of punishment. 

    What is your goal as a parent? Is it just to get them to comply? Do you want your child to be honest with you or lie to you?

    Bonnie Liotta and Thomas Liotta will be sharing Universal Truths when it comes to raising children. They share why we spand, what the problems and benefits are and you can choose for yourself whether you ever need to spank your child. 

    If you like what you hear and would like to be introduced to concepts that will help you raise cooperative, confident and happy children who work in harmony with you instead of against you, CLICK HERE for a FREE 4-part video series. 

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    My WordPress Help Desk for May 16th

    in Internet

    My WordPress Help Desk for May 16 2015!

    Ken Freeman brings you the latest WordPress News, Wordpress Focus and WordPress Q & A!  Tell your friends who use WordPress.

    Discover the real behind the scenes info about SquareSpace and Webs.com! 

    Our Sponsors for this show: 

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