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    April 1, 2015 10pm (PDT)- UFO Disclosure & The Money Mafia with Paul Hellyer

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    Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. First elected in 1949, he was the youngest cabinet minister appointed to Louis S. St. Laurent’s government eight years later. He subsequently held senior posts in the governments of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre E. Trudeau, who defeated him for the Liberal Party leadership in 1968. The following year, after achieving the rank of senior minister, which was later designated Deputy Prime Minister, Hellyer resigned from the Trudeau cabinet on a question of principle related to housing.

    Although Hellyer is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and for his 1968 chairmanship of the Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, he has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. Through the years, as a journalist and political commentator, he has continued to fight for economic reforms and has written several books on the subject.

    A man of many interests, Hellyer’s ideas are not classroom abstractions. He was born and raised on a farm and his business experience includes manufacturing, retailing, construction, land development, tourism and publishing. He has also been active in community affairs including the arts and studied voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. His multi-faceted career, in addition to a near-lifetime in politics, gives Hellyer a rare perspective on what has gone wrong with world economies.

    In recent years he has become interested in the extraterrestrial presence and their superior technology that we have been emulating. In September 2005 he became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.”

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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    On this pre-recorded episode of "CONTACT", Host and Certified Clinica Hypnotherapist, LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host and Contactee/Experiencer WES ROBERTS are thrilled to welcome to the programme, THE HONOURABLE PAUL HELLYER - Former Defense Minister of Canada, Maverick Economist and Disclosurist.  Mr. Hellyer is guesting on "CONTACT" in support of his upcoming appearance at the first annual ALIEN COSMIC EXPO, taking place on June 26, 27 and 28 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 

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    March 10, 2015 10pm PDT- UFOs, ETs and Disclosure with Victor Viggiani

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    Victor Viggiani is a Ufologist and Investigator of all things UFO.  The Head of Zland Communications (https://sites.google.com/site/zlandcommunications), Viggiani has interviewed and shared discussions with many on the political side of the UFO forum.  From Steven Basset of the Paradigm Research Group, to former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, Viggiani believes full disclosure of UFO and Extraterrestials needs to be addressed. 

    Viggiani, from Ontario, Canada, feels the Canadian government can play a role in #Disclosure as well.  In fact, according to Viggiani all citizens need to be more vigil to hold their politicians accountable for life outside of earth.

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    Women's Peloton Episode 12: Hellyer Ladies

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    Interview with Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones and Korina Huizar. 
    Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones is the VP for NCVA and she chats everything about Hellyer as well as her own racing at the track!
    Korina Huizar is an up and comer track racer.  A great interview about her experiences in tracking racing, road racing, training and upcoming races.
    Visit: ridethetrack.com for more information about Hellyer Velodrome racing and training events!

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    timeandspace.us | Paul Hellyer flashback

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    timeandspace.us interviews Paul Hellyer, former Canadian parliament member and Minister of Defense; one of our best interviews to date with some of the most original and intriguing commentary we offer...in-depth discussions of economics and technology, freedom of information, extraterrestrials and much more...  Mike Fay joins in via Skype from The Shed while Mike Smith broadcasts the show live from Adana, Turkey (episode recorded in 2011).

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    Primetime: Hellyer Team Pursuit Program with Michael Hernandez

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    Host Ted Burns catches up with Michael Hernandez on the eve of the US Elite Time Event Track Championships. Hernadez founded the Hellyer Pursuite Program in 2012 with his fiance Beth Newell (NOW-Norvartis) and their success at last years championships surprised many.  Hernandez talks about the program and the 2013 squad.

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    Alien Disclosure Imminent In The US...??

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    Disclosure is coming for the UFO world, or so we hope.

    Not long ago political activist Stephen Bassett, former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer along with other world leaders, researchers and military witnesses came together to share their thoughts and experiences surrounding the UFO phenomenom at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, which was held in Washington, DC.

    The leaders testified about events and evidence that supports the idea that many people have of an extraterrestrial presence regularly engaging the human race. Their goal is to end the alleged ET truth embargo.

    Notably, President Obama recently appointed John Podesta as UFO Disclosure Advocate to his Administration.

    Interestingly, according to Dr. James Preston there is a treaty that has allegedly been created between an evil alien race and the Secret Shadow Government which requires full disclosure by 2015. This alleged treaty states that the SSG must provide Complete Disclosure soon or the large alien Grays will allegedly make massive public displays of themselves and their anti-gravity crafts (AGCs) and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people.

    Join Carla B., as she digs deep to share verifiable information she feels will change the world as we know it, very soon.

    "I believe disclosure will tell us who we are as humans and what our role is within this vast universe. We CAN handle the truth," Ms. B., added.

    Sources: Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, NSA, Washington Post, Obama Administration

    Follow Carla B. on Twitter @eotmpr

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    Primetime: NorCal SuperStars Elle Anderson and Beth Newell

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    Primetime host Ted Burns speaks with cyclocross phenom Elle Anderson (California Giant - Specialized) and Beth Newell (USA Cycling Track Team) about their recent exploits.

    Anderson has been on a tear this cyclocross season. After winning the first several races on the ProCX Calendar Anderson became one of the few Americans to beat Katie Compton (Trek Cyclocross Collective) when she placed second ahead of Compton at the first day of racing at the Providence Cyclocross festival.

    Newell will be racing at the Los Angeles Grand Prix on November 22, 23, and 24. Newell recently won a silver medal at the World Cup track event held in Manchester. 

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    UFO's - We Have Some Proof!

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    Are they real, mass hallucinations, or visitors from other spaces and dimensions?  UFO's, foolishness or solid science? Join us as we explore the opinions and vocal profiles of a few astronauts who have seen UFO's, plus some from those who claim they have been abducted or in communications with extraterrestrials.   We attempt to explore the truth as we evaluate the voice of astronauts Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin plus Canada's former Prime Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer as they talk about their experiences.  We even have someone who claims to have been abducted! Haven't found anyone yet who thinks its all poppycock but I will

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    Starborn Support Radio! - With guest James Carman, creator of The Hidden Hand

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    The Hidden Hand is a controversial Award-winning documentary that explores the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. The film takes a keen look at a spectrum of topics like alien abduction, human/alien hybridization, the military’s reverse-engineering of alien technology and the government cover-up of anything related to extraterrestrials. Is preoccupation with E.T.’s a form of cultural madness, or is something really going on? How would E.T. contact change the religious and political institutions of our society? The Hidden Hand is full of riveting interviews with experts and experiencers alike: Whitley Streiber, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th astronaut on the moon, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defence Minister, Richard Dolan, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Col. John Alexander, Nassim Haramein, David Icke, Dr. Roger Lier, Graham Hancock and Paola Harris, among others. The shadowy world of UFOs is suddenly brought to light.

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    Episode 10: Interview with Tanya Dubnicoff

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    Tanya Dubnicoff is a retired track cyclist from Canada. She won four gold medals at the Pan American Games. She represented Canada at three consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1992.
    She was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in 2002. She lives in California, coaching junior cyclists, as well as the Canadian team.
    Tanya just finished a 2-day track camp and chose to train at Hellyer Velodrome.