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    De beweging van de ziel; Familieopstelling

    in Spirituality

    We leven in een snel veranderende tijd. Oude structuren vallen uiteen en we moeten in tal van zaken naar nieuwe vormen en oplossingen zoeken. Ook innerlijk zitten we in een evolutieproces waar nieuwe bewustzijnsgebieden zich willen ontvouwen. Oude gedragspatronen en vastgezette geloofssystemen moeten worden herzien. Dat kan tijdelijk chaos en onzekerheid veroorzaken. Bert Hellinger heeft het opstellingenwerk ontdekt en ontwikkeld. Hij noemt het; De beweging van de ziel. Ons 'gewone denken kan het niet begrijpen, onze ziel kennelijk wel. Hierover laten we, samen met Evelien Hogeweg, ons 'lichtje'schijnen. Wat houdt deze methode nou in en wat kunnen we ermee? Hoe werkt het?

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    "Science of Light" w/ Randy Goldberg on Family Constellation Therapy

    in Spirituality

    Join host Randy Goldberg on his new show Science of Light as he talk about Family Constellation Therapy.

    Imagine a constellation in the sky – a grouping of stars that depicts each of your ancestors arranged around you. Each ancestor has an invisible string of energy connecting one to another and to you.

    In this way, you are tethered to these people in your family tree. You’ve inherited some of their characteristics. You may have inherited their joys and sorrows, and you may be carrying pain, loss, anger, guilt, illness or other burdens from past generations that negatively impact your life today – even if you do not know exactly how or why.

    Family Constellation therapy is  a new and profound way to help you connect and correct the past so that you can move forward with a sense of freedom, inner peace and love. 

     Randy Goldberg is a graduate of the DC Hellinger Institute, and did advanced studies with Heinz Stark from Germany. He is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, a world renowned astrologer interviewed by the Washington Post, NPR and by CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups. randy@randygoldberg.org or 202-380-6850 www.randygoldberg.org

    Join us in our circle!!!

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    Conscious Connection discusses Spirited Constellation Healing in Action!

    in Self Help

    “Spirited Constellations” facilitated by GARY STUART 

    Bert Hellinger created the wonderful modality known as “constellation work” more than forty years ago. The amazing process is used to access the deepest recesses of consciousness contained within family systems in order to free current family members from the pains of the past. But the work is about more than just dredging up old traumas or reopening wounds from battles fought long ago. By allowing change to come to our perception of our family system, we can not only reduce the level of suffering and dysfunction we feel, we can restore and rediscover the joy and well being that was there all along, whether we could see it or not. In other words, happiness isn't just an abstract concept; it's ours to claim at any age.

    The happier we are, the better our physical bodies function, and with that strength comes the ability to live more FUNctional lives. Ironically, most of us started off as happy little babies, but somehow that sense of wonder and potential gets lost in the shuffle of life. But this existence called life is all-too-short. We need to remember to laugh, remember to allow for joy, and remember to not only desire happiness but to be willing to recognize it.

    In constellation work, we often deal with some rather heavy familial issues. I have learned that one of the most affective ways to transform such heaviness is to balance it with an air of lightness, as yin balances yang. 

    Smile like you mean it. Laugh till you cry a river of joy. Let's live the life we were born to live. After all, what better legacy can we leave?

    Contact Spirited Constellation facilitator, Author Gary Stuart Gary@Chifield.com and more info  www.chifield.com

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    America Meditating-Randy Goldberg

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    Randy Goldberg is a graduate of the D.C. Hellinger Institute, and advanced studies with Heinz Stark of Germany.  He is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, and a world renowned-astrologer interviewed by CNN, NPR, and the Washington Post.  He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups.  Visit his website at: www.astrodc.com   

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    Conscious Connection with my Constellation Healing Workbook

    in Self Help

    I've been Facilitating and Studying Constellations for over 15 years with Bert Hellinger himself and many other teachers. I have complied a NEW workbook full of teaching and expeiential tools for facilitators to use to expand thier practice. These exercises also stimulate attendees to become clients. Even though they are short in duration the movemnts are equally powerful and just as transformative as Family or Systemic Constellation work.
    We trully are "Spirtual beings having a Human experience!" 
    This Facilitator TOOLBOX can  target other non-systemic issues that are not necessarilly part or our journey with our Family System.
    As Eternal beings we have our own lessons and developmental goals to accomplish on our journey independent of our Family (this lifetime). We explore Past Lives, Releasing Romantic Entanglements from our Sexual  History, Targeted Entanglement work and of course plenty of Parental Dyad and Triad experiences as well plus many more which will be covered by me on this show.
    I cannot thank my courageous participants and clients enough for allowing me to experiement this past decade with them and  the larger field of Consciousness that connects us all  as it benovalently teaches us how to heal, learn and grow together through the healing power of unconditional LOVE.
    This Empowerment Toolbox workbook is on sale privately  for Facilitators and mental health practitioners as well. Constant me at  Gary@Chifield.com or call 800 361-2692
    I highly recommend my book on Constellations MANY HEARTS, ONE SOUL availble on Amazon.com
    It's an honor to support and insipre others with my discoveries. Namaste GARY STUART www.chifield.com

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    Conscious Connection discusses Constellation Healing Work

    in Self Help

    The Constellation Healing Experience process:   
      Welcome to the groundbreaking work known as a Constellation Healing Experience. As a participant, you will be involved in experiencing a profound process that can assist you or those working in the group process. Constellations bring to light the invisible, hidden dynamics that may be responsible for various problems or difficulties in your life. Some of our personal challenges and seemingly uncontrollable self-destructive behaviors may actually have their origin in negative Family Entanglements.
    Gary Stuart has been exploring invisible family dynamics as a constellation facilitator for more than 12 years. Now double-certified, his first certification was completed during Heinz Stark's first U.S. facilitator training in 2000-2002. While continuing his weekly workshops, Gary then completed Bert Hellinger's first ‘Movements of the Spirit-Mind’ training in Pichl, Austria in 2007 and certified in 2008
    RSVP  ~ Gary@CHIfield.com ~ www.Chifield.com   Gary's CELL # 310 748-2052

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    Conscious Connection with Francesca Mason Boring Part 2

    in Self Help

    We had such an engaging conversation we are doing Part 2 Thanksgiving weekend! We want to continue speaking about  our discoveries and experiences about Constellations healing historical wounds.
    Francesca is a fellow Constellation facilitator, trainer and good friend. She is also an author and has been published in several languages; her most recent book is:  Connecting to Our Ancestral Past: Healing Through Constellation, Ceremony & Ritual, published by North Atlantic Books.
    Francesca Mason Boring is an Enrolled Shoshone, and on her father’s side she is third-generation American born.Francesca facilitates and teaches Family Systems Constellation Internationally, and has been one of the facilitators committed to the development of using systems constellation in other fields including Nature & Environmental Issues, and Community Development & Conflict Resolution.  Her approach in facilitation and teaching integrates Constellation as ‘ceremony’.
    www.AllMyRelationsConstellations.com is her website

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    Family Constellations

    in Blogs

    How we use the work of Bert Hellinger on Family Constellation Workshops here at Mother Moon Pagan Monastery. 

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    Chuck Cogliandro and Family Constellations

    in Self Help

    Chuck Cogliandro talks with Dr. Craig about his transition from successful engineer to happier musician, and how he got involved with Dr. Bert Hellinger's work on Family Constellations - the study of ancestry brought to life!

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    Conscious Connection with GARY STUART

    in Self Help

    We explore alternative healing and the expansion of consciousness to help us understand the invisible aspects of dis-ease. Our goal is to braoden oyur consciousness and share the internal process of any modality to help growth and change. I'm Gary Stuart, Facilitator and Author of Many Hearts, One Soul. I also lead weekly  worksshops unsing hte Constellation process developed by Bert Hellinger.  My website  is www.chifield.com of email me at info@chifield.com
    Namaste & Blessings GARY

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    Systemic and Family Constellations

    in Health

     Ask yourself, what if the pain you’re carrying is not your own?  Release the generational hold the pat has on you through the amazing process known as Systemic and Family Constellations.  Tonight’s guest on InTouch Interviews is Liz Jelinek, the founder and director of the Midwest Institute for Systemic Constellations, which was established as a training center for Constellations Facilitators and to make this process available to the public.  You can reach Liz Jelinek @ www.lizjelinek.com and you can reach our show by calling 646-378-0378!