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    Losing Our Rights In America With Libertarian Presidential Candidate Heidi Zeman

    in Politics

    Join Joe Enroughty, Jeff Kleb, Jeffry Sanford, and Andy Craig at 7pm Eastern on Monday, March 28th, 2016, as they welcome Libertarian Presidential Candidate Heidi Zeman.  Heidi will be here to tell us why she is running for President and her story is an inspiration to all libertrians throughout the world.  You can visit her web site by going to:  www.heidizeman.com.  We'll also be discussing the latest from the Presidential primaries, the terrorist attacks overseas and much more.  You won't want to miss this exciting edition of our show.  You can call in with questions or comments by dialing:  (347)-994-2949.

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    #17 Changing your perception: Guest - Heidi Siefkas

    in Motivation

    Our belief or perception about a situation determines how we feel. Our feelings then determine what our reactions will be. If you were to view an event with a different frame of mind, or had more information, your feelings and actions would be different. Making a conscious decision to change your perception when you experience something will allow you to be proactive in how you overcome it.

    Heidi Siefkas is an author and an adventurer who shares her incredible story of when "all the balls dropped" in her life. She was forced to make painful changes in her life but she realized in order to be successful she had to have a perception shift. She is the author of two incredible books. Visit www.HeidiSiefkas.com.

    For more information about James Miller visit: www.JamesMillerLifeology.com. Subscribe to this Podcast and to YouTube channel: JamesMillerLifeology where you will receive daily lessons. At JamesMillerLifeology.com you may enroll in the Lifeology Academy courses created specifically for successful people like you. Consult with James to simplify and transform your life.

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Audible. Get your FREE audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/JamesMillerLifeology. Sign up today.

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    The Diet Rich Life with Heidi Dietrich - Episode 2

    in Motivation

    Speaker, Author, Trainer, Podcast Host and Serial Entrepreneur Sam Crowley joins Heidi to talk about how to make every day a Saturday. 

    Sam Crowley is a speaker, author, trainer, podcast host and serial entrepreneur. Sam's motivational podcast "Every Day Is Saturday" is heard in over 100 countries and has millions of downloads, The Every Day Is Saturday podcast is the longest running motivational podcast on itunes, 

    Sam lives his life 'unscripted' and shares his findings through his daily motivational podcast and now trains thousands of eager speakers and podcasters globally.

    Sam left his Fortune 100 job years ago because his daughter Madeline used to ask him 'Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?' He promised to his daughter that someday soon, EVERY DAY would be Saturday.  

    Sam's new book titled "One More Breath" chronicles the journey of his daughter Susan, born at just one pound in 2014 and how she has defied all odds to be home with her family, after 221 days in Children's Hospital.  

     “It's OK to accept who you are but not where you are.”

    Sam Crowley Founder, EveryDayIsSaturday.com is the Author of: No More Work Days -The Journey To Making Every Day A Saturday.” Buy at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/No-More-Work-Days-Saturday/dp/1481139967/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1354237408&sr=1-5

    The Diet Rich Life - Life Mastery for Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness with Heidi Dietrich helps entrepreneurs achieve their business expansion goals and live a optimal, healthy lifestyle necessary for today's high-performing business owners.

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    The Diet Rich Life with Heidi Dietrich - Premiere Episode

    in Motivation

    This will be a “Everything you ever wanted to know about Heidi Dietrich” episode. Heidi will layout what her show, The Diet Rich Life - Life Mastery for Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness  is all about and then change direction and Heidi’s guest, Michael Brooks, founder of the Coach on Fire Radio Network will interview Heidi!

    While still in graduate school, she launched into wellness consulting with her first company, The Wellness Edge, introducing and expanding the concept of wellness in the workplace, and designing and managing corporate fitness facilities. Heidi’s work has included inspiring individuals to achieve their health, fitness, and nutrition goals, and to live their most optimal life.

    Keen to following trends and staying ahead of the game, in 2006, Heidi re-focused her business to the Internet and the ever-changing concept of online and social media marketing, generating six-figures in her first year in business, working from home. Today, Heidi is a Marketing and Business Strategist, Holistic Life Coach.

    Heidi has tremendous passion and proficiency for helping entrepreneurs achieve their business expansion goals and live the optimal, healthy lifestyle that’s necessary for today's high-performing business owners to achieve high-performance results; to live a rich life of health, wealth, love, and happiness that Heidi refers to as, The Diet Rich Life!

    Tune in to the Diet Rich Life tomorrow at 12:00 EDT with Heidi Dietrich and learn;

    Who or what inspires Heidi.

    How she inspires others.

    Her greatest challenge to date.

    Her best coaching advice

    And much more.

    Plus, we will have some surprise questions that Heidi does not even know are coming.

    This will be an intriguing show. Please tune in and get to know Heidi on her premiere episode of The Diet Rich Life. join us and get to know Heidi. 


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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Heidi Neumark

    in Books



    Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets, Memory, and Faith~

      Heidi Neumark’s life changed when a few computer keystrokes exposed a generation of family secrets. Late one night while her family slept, Neumark discovered her hidden Jewish heritage—and uncovered hundreds of questions: Did her grandfather really die in a concentration camp? How did she never know her grandmother was a death-camp survivor? Why had the family history and faith been rejected and hidden?
      Heidi’s search for the truth quickly became more than a personal journey; it also became spiritual. It caused profound ponderings on her thirty-year vocation as a Lutheran pastor. It was a shocking revelation that her Jewish roots and successive family loss and trauma now suddenly and inherently connected her to the multi-ethnic, marginalized community she had been ministering to for three decades.
      Hidden Inheritance takes the reader on a journey that seamlessly weaves personal narrative, social history, and biblical reflection to challenge readers to explore their own identity, vocation, and theology. Neumark boldly calls readers to explore the harsh places of the past, uncover the possible buried secrets, ask new questions, forge new understanding, and discover new hope for transformation that is only possible when what has been hidden is finally brought to light.

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    Bryce Pinkham of The Heidi Chronicles

    in Entertainment

    Bryce Pinkham talks to Host Erika Finn about his hair routine, words of wisdom from his father and starring as Peter Patrone in The Heidi Chronicles.

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    "The Awakeners' Podcast with Heidi Howes."

    in Spirituality

    WithInsightsRadio.com & Producer Iggy Present.

    Heidi Howes is an intuitive transformation coach utilizing shamanic healing techniques to support her clients on their journeys to heal and manifest success in their lives.  Her mission is to re-awaken people to the imaginable realm, daily magic, and dialogue with the natural world.  She is also a poet, author, singer-songwriter, and mom to 2 children living in Columbus, Ohio. 

    Website:  www.heidihowes.com
    Contact: heidihowes@gmail.com

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    American Freedom Watch Radio - The Brave German Woman - Heidi Mund

    in Politics

    The Brave German Woman 

    Heidi Mund  Islam continues to grow in power and influence across Europe. But at a recent concert in Germany, one Christian woman, Heidi Mund, decided to stand up to it. “The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace” by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins was supposed to be an interfaith event to bring Christianity and Islam together. It happened on Nov. 10, 2013 at the Memorial Church of the Reformation in the Rhineland city of Speyer. It isn’t just any church. It’s a monument to the Protestant Reformation and a memorial to the spiritual transformation of Germany. But when the Muslim imam began his call to prayer during the concert, he was interrupted by a small woman in the balcony proclaiming that “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany,” and shouting, “I break this curse.” She also invoked the name of Martin Luther and warned the audience that what was happening was “a lie. ”The video went viral.

    Like Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HeidiMundleader/?fref=ts  

    SaveEurope2015 : www.SaveEurope2015.de

    karenschoen .com

    Like us on Facebook American Freedom Watch Radio and Agenda21enders

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    Service/Community Outreach: "Service in Africa" with Heidi Totten

    in Self Help

    Heidi Totten is a business strategy coach and business consultant for "SOULprenuers."  She have over 15 years of experience in recruiting, sales and marketing. She has worked for clients such as SAIC, America Online, Overstock, Goldman Sachs, WashingtonPost.com, TD Ameritrade, Adobe, and other start-up companies throughout the US and around the world.

    Heidi is a connector, a networker, intuitive about business strategy, and she loves working with people and getting in the thick of their business!   She worked in the Technical and Corporate Recruiting world for 13 years before taking her Big Leap into the world of entrepreneurship.  She is the owner of Launching Women and is a certified Ideal LifeVision coach.  She is the author of  the Amazon #1 Best-Selling book "Homeschool on Fire: Be the CEO of Your Business and Homeschool."

    Heidi has traveled with other entreprenuers and their families, heading up various humanitarian efforts.  Recently, she had an opportunity to travel to Afria and in this episode she will be sharing all about her adventures and what she took away from that experience.


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    Oct. 12, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Ghost Stories with Author Heidi Hollis

    in Paranormal

    Heidi Hollis is a unique voice in this paranormally challenged world of ours. She is the first author to write about the topic of Shadow People and The Hat Man, giving them both their descriptive names to describe these dark menaces now interrupting lives around the globe. Heidi Hollis is the first to have taken them on in her book The Secret War, which details her personal story in dealing with Shadow People, and how positive and negative alien beings are connected to them!

    Her newest book, The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters, is proving to be one of the hottest paranormal books and topics out there! Hollis finally directly taps into the topic that has haunted her and the thousands who have contacted her over the years about this dark man seen worldwide. Nothing is held back as she delves into who The Hat Man is, what he's doing and how we can all stop him!

    Hollis has a friendly approach to taking on unusual topics, using her personal journeys and healthy sense of humor as an example! Hollis’ acclaimed book, Jesus Is No Joke, is based on personal and on-the-level encounters with Jesus and visits to both Heaven and Hell. Her book Picture Prayers is based on a new method of prayer done visually as taught in an angelic encounter, which may one day lead us all to communicating telepathically with each other!

    Hollis has been featured on various television and radio programs around the world. Most notably, she has appeared on The Unexplained Files, Beyond Belief, The Science Channel, TBS, SyFy Channel/Steven Spielberg’s “Taken” Tour, several appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Telemundo, Discovery Channel’s Mystery Hunters and a cast member of the pilot/series X-OPS.


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    Morning Moments With Maia; Dr. Heidi Hanna on Humor and Depression

    in Psychology

    Maia Aziz P.S.W., C.L.Y.L., writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter. President-Elect of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia is joined each week on Morning Moments With Maia...Conversations of Love and Laughter by an eclectic lineup of guests who live their lives with love and laughter and work to help others do the same.


    Dr. Heidi Hanna Phd has been featured at many national and global conferences, including the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women in Business Summit, ESPN Women’s Leadership Summit, and the Million Dollar Round Table. Heidi is CEO and founder of SYNERGY, an integrative neuroscience partnership that provides brain-based training for individuals and organizations. She is also a frequent lecturer at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

    Heidi’s publications include the NY Times best seller The SHARP Solution: A Brain-Based Approach for Optimal Performance, and the follow-up releases Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship With Stress and Recharge: Investment Strategies for Your Most Valuable Resource (March, 2015). 


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