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    The Legendary Hector Guerrero comes to Pipebomb Radio Tonight!!!

    in Wrestling

    Hector is a second generation wrestler, son of the late legendary wrestler Gory Guerrero. Hector was born in Mexico City one of four sons and two daughters.Hector began his pro career in 1973 with his first match in Juarez Mexico. Although his pro career may not have started until 1973 Hector grew up in the business with the family traveling and then settling down in El Paso, TX.

    Unlike most kids Hectors family had a wrestling ring in the back yard instead of swings so he learned a great deal from his father Gory. When his father retired from the ring he started a wrestling promotion business running in El Paso & Juarez that the whole family participated in. Hector was able to learn both sides of the business; wrestling & promoting. Hector has traveled around the world wrestling since his career began going to Japan several times, Championship Wrestling from Florida, MidSouth, AWA, Crockett, WWE & WCW, Mexico, California just to name a few. 


    He has also appeared in two movies as a stunt double the first was the Bad NewsBears go to Japan where he doubled Tony Curtis to wrestle Japan great Antonio Inoki and in a movie called the Bad Guys were he doubled for Adam Baldwin.

    Although retired from the ring Hector has 50 plus years in the business. Hector had a successful run of 8 years with TNA Impact Wrestling as a Spanish Color Commentator until lately their agreement has terminated. It's nice to see Gory's legacy still living on with his son's and his Grandson Chavo Jr. Still carrying on the Family Tradition. Viva La Raza!

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    War of the Words Cerebral Sundays: Nik Rodriguez and Hector Santiago

    in MMA

    Brought to you this Sunday proudly by each mind listening!

    Join us today for another Sunday discussion with great minds in the Southeast MMA sphere. Sitting down with us today will be Sor Sumrit heads Nik Rodriguez and Hector Santiago. Not only are these guys responsible for bringing you some of the most elite champions and warriors to come out of the South, but they speak the language of positivity. These guys are true inspirations to the ideas of community within MMA, as opposed to the old "big fish eats small fish" ideals and gloating of the past.

    So sit with us today as we discuss upcoming fights, new ventures and ideas, and of course, take a little Mind Walk on what it means to be a part of something so much bigger than the self in Mixed Martial Arts.

    While you're here, be sure to check out Sor Sumrit Fight Store on Facebook as well as War of the Words for much more on this and other revealing topics, fighters, fights, and events!

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    La Musica del Sonero Hector Villanova el Caballero del Jave

    in Culture

    Este Viernes volvemos fuerte con la musica y el sabor de Hector Villanova. Este gran musico se destaca cantando sus propias inspiraciones y sabmos que seran de su deleite. Y no se olvide que siempre tenemos, buena musica y buena conversacion...

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    Talk of the Town - Let the games begin!!!!!!! The political football

    in Elections

    The run for the available City Council seats are just a few months away and the most contested seat is the 1st Ward seat held by Rev. Staton who is not running for re-election as far as we know!!!! As it stands right now there are five (count em five ) candidates in the running for the first ward... Manny Martinez, Veronica Ovalles, Mike Jackson, Alveria Spencer and maybe, just maybe Bernard Jones.... The second ward is a hot seat that is up for grabs also with Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman, Shahin Kalique, Eddie Gonzalez with the push seeming to go towards Kailique dispite some controversy regarding his background and (rumors) of his million-dollar bus company operating some-what illegaly. Then there is the Council President spot that is up in the air.... With 4th Ward Councilwoman Ruby Cotton and 3rd Ward Councilman Bill McKoy who by the way is the Council Elder Statesman knocking on the door.. With no real oppisition the Freeholder seats look to be going in the direction to Hector Lora, John Barlett and Sandi Lazzara as I beleive they should be.. With possibly more names to come as we get closer to November.... Petitions are due very soon and if you don't have enough then your out!!!!!!

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    Onyx Knights Paranormal Radio

    in Paranormal

    Join me tonight as I chat with Dan ' Bigdog" Holroyd and Deb Munoz.

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    Episode 2195 - Hector Andruet

    in Christianity

    Episode 2195 - Hector Andruet

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    The Bottom Line w/ Ms Tasha

    in Self Help

    Today on the bottom line we will be discussing the topic "Should I stay or walk away":

    Ms. Tasha will be joined by Darrin Williamson of the Andrew Powell Show here on MSLRadio along with Zhani Munoz.. Health and life coach! We will be discussing why people get into the wrong relationships, signs your in the wrong relationship

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    MyNDTALK - Building A Better Man

    in Psychology

    Dr. Ramel Smith discusses "Building A Better Man:

    Blueprint For Decreasing Violence and Increasing Prosocial Behavior in Men,"

    a book/workbook/guide Dr. Smith co-authored with his colleages Dr.

    William Seymour and Dr. Hector Torres.  "Building a Better Man

    presents a theory and science based discussion of masculinity in

    modern America, but it also does much more than that--it interweaves

    a diverse group of compelling personal stories with an exploration of

    aggression and masculinity in the socialization of boys and men.

    Where other programs tend to subtly denigrate men as perpetrators and

    focus on stopping the problematic behavior, Building a Better

    Man tries to understand the external forces that impinge on the

    developmental experiences of boys/men and broadens the scope of

    inquiry into their behavior by reviewing a range of external societal

    forces that contribute to the problems."




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    LIVE :Birthday Celebration for the legendary Reggae ERIC DONALDSON

    in Music

    Born in Bog Walk, about 2 miles from Kent Village, Donaldson first recorded for Studio One in 1964, although producer Clement Dodd declined to release the material  In the mid-1960s he formed The West Indians with Leslie Burke and Hector Brooks, and they had a hit with the J.J. Johnson-produced "Right On Time" in 1968, going on to record with Lee "Scratch" Perry and subsequently changing their name to the Kilowatts, but without further success.

    Donaldson then pursued a solo career, and submmitted "Cherry Oh Baby" to the 1971 Jamaican Festival Song Competition, going on to win the competition and giving him a big Jamaican hit single. Donaldson has won the competition six times, in 1971, 1977, 1978, 1984, 1993 and 1997. "Cherry Oh Baby" has been covered by both The Rolling Stones (on their 1976 album, Black and Blue) and UB40 (on their 1983 album, Labour of Love). The riddim has remained extremely popular – over thirty cover versions have been recorded, including an update by Donaldson himself. Two of his festival winners ("Sweet Jamaica" (1977) and "Land of My Birth" (1978)) were written by Winston Wallace. In an online poll held in 2103 by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, "Land of My Birth" was voted the most popular winner in the contest's history.


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    A Journey To Discover My Ghanaian Roots with Carol Hector-Harris

    in History

    Many Americans of African descent have thought that connecting with their African kin was next to impossible, yet Carol Hector-Harris has done just that. Not only did she visit Ghana but she also met relatives. She is the fifth great-granddaughter of Africa-born Quock Martrick, who served in the Revolutionary War with George Washington in New York. She found Martrick's family, HER FAMILY, in Big Ada, Ghana. She also met members of her ethnic group, the Ga-Adangbe (the African lineage she discovered through DNA testing), which includes Sangmorkie Tetteh, who is with Carol in the photo.

    Carol Hector-Harris earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Political Science from The Ohio State University. Currently she is working toward a Ph.D. at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. An eleventh generation Bostonian, she lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, two sons, and eight grandchildren. Ms. Hector-Harris serves as the librarian for a Columbus chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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    El Salvador's Current Crisis and Mexico's Election Mess

    in News

    The resurgence of violent crime in El Salvador is giving rise to a hostile social environment reminiscent of the country’s 12-year civil war, which could compromise the country’s still unsteady democracy. Hector Perla, Assistant Professor of Latin American & Latino Studies at UCSC will give us his take on the situation.

    Mexico is not burning, the country’s Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio assured citizens last month in response to pre-election violence that saw at least three candidates murdered by mid-May. But flaming government buildings and a mounting body count have defied Osorio in the run-up to Sunday’s midterm elections, in which 500 congressional seats and nine governorships are at play. Leopoldo Gómez-Ramírez, founder of Tan Cerca Tan Lejos, will be joining us to discuss the results and the protests surrounding the election.

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