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    Everything with Kathy B Sports Tuesday with Steve Manderson "Hector Camacho Jr"

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    Source Nation!! Join Steve Manderson for another night of sports. Take a look at this guest in the studio tomorrow night!!!

    Hector Camacho Jr. FANS! Tomorrow night at 7:15 pm ET. Join your Host, Steve Manderson for Sports Tuesday, as he welcomes Professional Boxer, Hector Camacho Jr into the studio to discuss his upcoming fight and his soon to be released kids book, MACHO DAD. You don't want to miss this interview. You've heard it here, on the all new Source Radio Network

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    A Journey To Discover My Ghanaian Roots with Carol Hector-Harris

    in History

    Many Americans of African descent have thought that connecting with their African kin was next to impossible, yet Carol Hector-Harris has done just that. Not only did she visit Ghana but she also met relatives. She is the fifth great-granddaughter of Africa-born Quock Martrick, who served in the Revolutionary War with George Washington in New York. She found Martrick's family, HER FAMILY, in Big Ada, Ghana. She also met members of her ethnic group, the Ga-Adangbe (the African lineage she discovered through DNA testing), which includes Sangmorkie Tetteh, who is with Carol in the photo.

    Carol Hector-Harris earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Political Science from The Ohio State University. Currently she is working toward a Ph.D. at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. An eleventh generation Bostonian, she lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, two sons, and eight grandchildren. Ms. Hector-Harris serves as the librarian for a Columbus Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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    Tonight we will will have two segments. The first half of the show will be dedicated to our Puerto Rican American brother Hector "Macho Man" Camacho who was shot twice while in a car in Puerto Rico where he has family, and interest.

     According to the doctors on earth Macho Man is brain dead. If you have the heart of a warrior or know the heart of a warrior  you know that the Macho Man is resting  to recuperate the strength so he can fight even harder.

    We will begin the show with a prayer.

    The second part of the show, if God permits we will discuss about the quick, and surprising changes that we are facing here on earth. It seems that a power much greater then us is working its plan.   If you have already looked around you, and watch, and listen to all what is going on from record breaking weather, animals suddenly dropping dead from the skies, and ocean.

    Homeland security purchase of million of round for in-house use, laws that restrict us from even talking we are then able to forecast what's to come. How much truth is right in front of our eyes, and how much truth is kept from us.

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    Tonight light middleweight Hector Camacho Jr. (56-5-1, 31 KO) will be our featured 8:30 guest.On August 8 Camacho Jr. will return to the ring and go to battle against Irish Light Middleweight Champion Lee Murtagh (33-14-1, 1 KO) as he looks to make a statement and show he is not only a strong contender within the division but also has aspirations of fighting for a world title before the end of the year. Rabble Rousin' Rich Bergeron, Tony The Tornado Penecale and Psychic Tom Padgett will also recap the week's boxing and MMA news and events and preview next week's combat sports happenings. To listen to the rest of the Rozie Perez clip that was cut off at the end of the show CLICK HERE.

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    (Click on the artist link & album cover to hear the exclusive interview live)
    If you would like to call in to listen or comment live please call (718) 642-1569 choose option (1) to speak

    Khalilah Camacho Ali (born Belinda Boyd in 1950) is the former wife of boxer Muhammad Ali. In 1967, at age 17, she married Ali.After ten years, she divorced him. She had four children with Ali.

    She studied karate, and by 1977, earned a third degree black belt. She eventually earned her ninth degree black belt. She appeared on the cover of Ebony Magazine seven times. Khalilah studied under Jim Kelly and Steve Saunders.  She remarried in the 1980s and divorced twice more.  She appeared in the Jane Fonda movie The China Syndrome.


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    2015 Commencement - Brian Hector Rodriguez

    in Education

    Stetson University graduating senior Brian Hector Rodriguez shares his story during the Spring 2015 Commencement - School of Music.

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    Cooper's Daughter: A Rick Crane Noir -- Episode 10

    in Books

    Rick meets with a local reporter to try and find out what he can about pitcher Hector Rios and the baseball team he works for. It doesn't end well.  

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    The RotoeXperts Fantasy Sports Show

    in Sports

    The RotoExperts.com Fantasy Sports Show airs 5 times a week and also appears on The Fantasy Sports Television Network. Hosted by RotoExperts.com Staff Writer Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Co-Hosted by @GeorgeKurtz, Brandon C Williams @BCWilliams71, Ian Riley @Ian_Riley, Kyle Soppe @unsoppable23, Daniel Dobish @DanielEDobish , Bobby McMann @HelloImBobby, Ricky Sanders @RSandersRX, Lenny Melnick @lennyMelnick, Adam Ronis @AdamRonis, and Jennifer Millman @JMillmanRX.  


    We discuss everything in Fantasy sports with analysts from all over the spectrum of the Fantasy sports industry. 

    Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73

    Guests: Jim Callis from MLBPipeline.com @JimCallisMLB

    Thursday August 27th, 2015

    --> 8-9pm: Minor League Prospects w/ @JimCallisMLB

    * Is this one of the best years for prospects contributing to the majors?

    * Has MLB Sapped the minor leagues or is the youth talent getting deeper?

    * Who were the best prospects in 2015?

    * The biggest Risers/developers in the minor leagues this year?

    * A few prospects that took a step backwards this year?

    * Is the Blue Jays system underrated or overrated in trade?

    * Is the Red Sox system as good as they are rated?

    * How will no Theo Epstein and no Ben Cherington impact development in Boston?

    * Hector Olivera this season?

    * Where do Jose Peraza and Corey Seager play in LA?

    * Do we see Julio Urias in the Dodger rotation in 2016?

    * Who will be the contributors on opening day 2016? Who are the mid-season promotions?

    * Who are the prospects to watch in 2016?

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    The Legendary Hector Guerrero comes to Pipebomb Radio Tonight!!!

    in Wrestling

    Hector is a second generation wrestler, son of the late legendary wrestler Gory Guerrero. Hector was born in Mexico City one of four sons and two daughters.Hector began his pro career in 1973 with his first match in Juarez Mexico. Although his pro career may not have started until 1973 Hector grew up in the business with the family traveling and then settling down in El Paso, TX.

    Unlike most kids Hectors family had a wrestling ring in the back yard instead of swings so he learned a great deal from his father Gory. When his father retired from the ring he started a wrestling promotion business running in El Paso & Juarez that the whole family participated in. Hector was able to learn both sides of the business; wrestling & promoting. Hector has traveled around the world wrestling since his career began going to Japan several times, Championship Wrestling from Florida, MidSouth, AWA, Crockett, WWE & WCW, Mexico, California just to name a few. 


    He has also appeared in two movies as a stunt double the first was the Bad NewsBears go to Japan where he doubled Tony Curtis to wrestle Japan great Antonio Inoki and in a movie called the Bad Guys were he doubled for Adam Baldwin.

    Although retired from the ring Hector has 50 plus years in the business. Hector had a successful run of 8 years with TNA Impact Wrestling as a Spanish Color Commentator until lately their agreement has terminated. It's nice to see Gory's legacy still living on with his son's and his Grandson Chavo Jr. Still carrying on the Family Tradition. Viva La Raza!

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    The RotoExperts Fantasy Sports Show

    in Sports

    The RotoExperts.com Fantasy Sports Show airs 5 times a week and also appears on The Fantasy Sports Television Network. Hosted by RotoExperts.com Staff Writer Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Co-Hosted by @GeorgeKurtz, Brandon C Williams @BCWilliams71, Ian Riley @Ian_Riley, Kyle Soppe @unsoppable23, Daniel Dobish @DanielEDobish , Bobby McMann @HelloImBobby, Ricky Sanders @RSandersRX, Lenny Melnick @lennyMelnick, Adam Ronis @AdamRonis, and Jennifer Millman @JMillmanRX.  


    We discuss everything in Fantasy sports with analysts from all over the spectrum of the Fantasy sports industry. 

     Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73

    Guests: @VinceLara

    Wednesday August 19th, 2015

    --> 3pm EST: Fantasy Baseball w/ Baseball America's Vincent Lara @VinceLara

    - The most recent Prospect Promotions: Who can make a Fantasy impact?

        * Henry Owens/Luis Severino/Aaron Nola

    - Prospects that could get more ABs with the trade deadline passed?

        * Rusney Castillo?

    - The Next Wave of Prospect calliups

        * Buxton/Javier Baez/Corey Seager/Hector Olivera?

    --> 330pm EST:Fantasy Baseball 

    - The Division races and the Impact players involved

    - Players that could make an impact the rets of the way?

    --> 4pm EST : Fantasy Football w/ New York Posts Drew Loftis @NYPost_Loftis

    - Early ADP's

    - Injury to Kelvin Benjamin

    - Meaningful position updates early in camp

    - Rookies so far?

    - Likes and dislikes for 2015


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    Cooper's Daughter: A Rick Crane Noir -- Episode 5

    in Books

    Rick finally goes to the Black Mamba, the bar where Binghamton Bats phenom Hector Rios hangs out. 

    And he pushes his luck in trying to solve the Darlene Cooper case.