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    Spiritual Roots & Earth Medicine

    in Culture

    Join your Host of Spiritual Roots Earth Medicine, Lezlee and Gagan, as we explore these intriguing questions.   We will be joined by our special guest, Dr. Jada Daniel, a holistic and biological dentist, as we cover this fascinating topic on Holistic Dentistry.  We will delve into the history of Fluoride and reveal the truth about the effects of Mercury fillings on health.  We'll talk about the latest research, treatments and share with you the exciting developments in Holistic Dentistry.  Find out how to balance conventional dental care with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach..  Find out how to balance conventional dental care with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach. Learn how your dental treatments can impact your health and discover the conscious choices that are available in dentistry to you when you are ready to make the shift towards a more holistic lifestyle that includes whole body health.  You won't want to miss this show!  

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    Macklemore's White Privilege, Keenen's Roots & The Multiverse! Wed@7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Greetings, folks!  Let's make this a real attempt at brevity!  Welcome to a new episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review podcast, airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.  Check out the latest musings of your favorite podcast superhero team as they decipher the most current event laden and topical "codes":  our impressions of rap artist, Macklemore's new single entitled, "White Privilege" as well as his commentary on race relations in the U.S.; Dburt connects the dots between an interesting anecdote that was revealed during famed comedian/director, Keenen Ivory Wayans' geneological search on Finding Your Roots and the media's most recent Oscars debate; on the blerd front, filmmaker, Kevin Smith intimated that DC may be channeling more from Marvel than one would think relating to the possible comingling of their TV and film IPs. 

    Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders seemingly dodges the slavery reparations question; Harvard reserachers embark on a "moonshot challenge" thanks to 28 Million in funding to attempt to map an A.I. brain like the neural connectors of a human cerebrum; with news from Sundance regarding Don Cheadle's Miles Davis biopic and actor Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation film, does the cure for the Oscar dilemma lie with Black folks producing films beyond hackneyed rom-coms?; why exactly did B.o.B. rapper debate the astrophyscist, Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson over the "world being flat?" Hopefully, comedienne, Sherri Shephard was listening in as well. And again, speaking of Sundance, we weigh in on a new Blerd centric film entitled, Sleight.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    A People Can Only Survive if They Stay in Touch With Their Roots

    in Spirituality

    A People Can OnlySurvive if They stay In Touch With Their Roots. The roots is where all life begins. What we mean is that the orgin of life begins from the roots within the seed which we call the "life germ", which is the Spirit of The  Almighty G'd, Allah. And, that life grows upwards towards the Heavens where the Life Giver is, and the Life Giver is Almighty G'd, Allah; so, the root of all life is Allah. Allah brings the rains down frim the Heaven to a dead earth and brings life out of that dead earth. So does Allah's Truth brings life out of a dead soul in the human being. So the life of the human being is in the soul being connected with the Creator of life, which means, the human being must be connected with the Goodness and Righteousness of the Creator, because He made us, His Human Creation, good and He made us Righteous, not in His Image, but in His Righteousness. So, we are not referring to a physical roots, we are referring to the Spiritual roots.

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    Spiritual Roots and Earth Medicine

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    A revolutionary technology called NANOS invented by special guest Dr Rhoda Zione Alale stops a child from 300 seizures per day. Her mother, Angel Green, tells her daughter Destiny's amazing story on Spiritual Roots Earth Medicine show hosted by Lezlee Colrane & Gagan Hunter. Listen in on Tuesday January 19th at 8pm (EST) BlogTalkRadio.com/RingingStoneNetwork
    Or (646)929-0691

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    Spiritual Roots and Earth Medicine

    in Culture

    Hosts Lezlee Colrane & Gagan Hunter
    This weeks Health & Wellness show:
    Cleansing & Detoxification Part 2, Peeling Back The Layers
    * Herbs & Nutrients for Optimal Cleansing
    * Personalizing Your Cleanse Experience
    * Energy Clearing: Releasing Mental & Emotional Patterns
    * Post Cleanse: Recipes for Success

    Thursday, January 14th at 8 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. Pacific)

    Or Listen via phone: (646)-929-0691

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    Roots of the cannonites

    in Religion

    Fire by night

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    Spiritual Roots and Earth Medicine

    in Culture

    The show is called Spiritual Roots and Earth Medicine, from the root to the fruit. As the mighty Oak tree contains the seed within it's self, so is our Unlimited Divine Nature
    imprinted in our human form.
    The show is Spiritual Roots and Earth Medicine hosted by Gagan Hunter and Lezlee Colrane.
    The program covers topics of wellness on the physical,
    emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. We will discuss health solutions for the 22nd Century that can positively impact our families, communities,
    and nation. Health is wealth! Our first show will discuss cleansing and detoxification.
    Please check us out

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    The Roots

    in Parents

    We will discuss how black families are getting back to our roots! 


    1.  Entrepreneurship among Black families .

    2.Going back to home schooling our children.

    3.The natural hair movement.

    4. Redefining the definition of black beauty in today's society.

    5. Vegetarian/ Vegan lifestyle 

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    The History of Placekicking in the NFL

    in History

    Richard Gonsalves is one of the foremost authorities and statiticians on professional kicking. A student of the game since 1970, he has met virtually every placekicker and punter inthe NFL, as well as kickers from the 20's - 60's.  He will discuss his book Placekicking in the NFL: A History and Analysis.

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    Spiritual Roots and Earth Medicine

    in Culture

    Water: The Essence Of Life
    How to Take Charge of the Quality of Your Water

    Lezlee and Gagan will discuss the problem of water contamination that is affecting communities in US cities like the Flint Michigan disaster and now Sebring Ohio. The discussion will include:
    · The importance of taking charge of your water

    · What’s in your water? Health effects of Toxic Water

    · Clean Water: How to test and remove toxins from your water

    · What kinds of water systems are best within your budget,

    · The Divine quality of Water – Why and How to raise the vibration of Your H2O
    January 26 at 8 pm Eastern

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    The World Beyond Belief

    in History

    Paul Marco, host of The World Beyond Belief show, will talk about the current political situation and the role of the New World Order leadership to seduce people to follow their instructions.