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    The State of The Sports Narrative 2015

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    The State of The Sports Narrative Radio Show is . . . evolving! As our little show prepares to make the jump to a visual medium, spend your next 2 hours not listening to the SOTU speech but instead laughing and talking sports!

    - We begin with talk of the NFL Championships games including those cheating Patriots, the comback Hawks and other moves around the league as look at the ridiculous Pro Bowl

    - With College Football in the rearview mirror, we spend segment 2 talking baseball and Hot Stove. As the dominos begin to fall, Mr Copening and Mr Feltman will guide us through it all

    - Time for Mick's Pub where we will discuss news, movies, television and whatever else interests The Mick this week

    - It's time for a combo platter as both the NBA and NHL have reached the halfway point. We discuss the state of hockey and the Dallas Stars as well as the NBA standings and the little Dallas Mavericks

    - The show wraps up with news and notes including abduction and assault in golf, NFL Draft talk, tennis, college hoops and any other sports we can discuss

    So listen to us LIVE January 21st from 8:30-10:30p CST or anytime after on Itunes (search Sports Narrative under podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    Championship Week for The Sports Narrative

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    So many champions this week! And a few very sad fans as well. We will talk about them all on The Sports Narrative Radio Show! On this episode:

    - We bring back The Narrative for look back at the tragic life and career of former Maverick Roy Tarpley

    - Still more sadness as week try to console Dustin after a tragic and ridiculous Cowboys loss to the Packers. And a look at officiating from a different perspective

    - Leaving the Cowboys behind, we look ahead to the Conference Championship Weekend as well as the other big moves in the NFL

    - The National Championship was awarded on Monday night to the #4 team in the country! We examine Ohio State's improbable run to the trophy, Urban Meyer's legacy and some NFL Draft stuff too

    - It's finally time to stop talking football and get to the important business of the day - Mick's Pub. In it we will discuss . . . something?

    - We jam in a combo platter of items including NBA news, Hockey at the halfway point, Hot Stove Baseball Talk and whatever else we pile on our Sports Plate

    All that and maybe a call or 2 also at (347) 308-8637

    So please listen LIVE Jan 14th 8:30-10:30p CST or anytime after on Itunes (search Sports Narrative) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    Spend the Holidays with The Sports Narrative

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    In this most magical time of year, why not spend 2 precious hours of it listening to your favorite sports show on the internet? It's our gift to you and your gift to us. It's what the holidays are all about. On this episode:

    - The boys discuss their holiday plans, we talk about Hanukkah and the Boxing Day White Elephant Show on the 26th as well as the future in 2015

    - 2 big segments of NFL talk, including the Cowboys rise to the top, the Niners imploding, the Bills tripping the Pack and so much more. In segment 2 we talk about the Commisioner's work, off-field issues and look ahead to Week 16

    - With only 1 game on the college slate, the Jeffs talk about the Bowl schedule ahead, continue to debate the playoff selections and the future of college football

    - Finally it's time again for Mick's Pub. We will hear about the Sony Hack, the Hobbit movie and more

    - Mr Feltman keeps us up to date on the larest in baseball as the market slows down a bit, including the Rangers finally do something and his thoughts on the season ahead

    - With College Football sliding off the sports calander, it's time to replace it with NBA and NHL action. We look at violence and disease in hockey, the NBA turned upside down and anything else that comes to mind

    - We finish with News and Notes including Big Fight at JerryWorld, UFC sued, NASCAR failing and more

    All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

    So LISTEN LIVE Dec 17th from 830-1030p CST or anytime after on Itunes (Search The Sports Narrative under podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    Baseball Post-Season Special from The Sports Narrative

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    Join Jeff Bowers and Jeff Feltman for a very special hour of quality baseball talk in honor of the end of the regular season and the start of postseason. On this episode:

    - Mr Feltman takes a look back at the season that was including the Jeter retirement and others, offensive production numbers, managers being fired, awards to be handed out and trends going forward for several teams including the hometown Texas Rangers and Feltman's beloved Chicago Cubs

    - After looking back on how we got here, we then transition to the postseason so far including the failure of the Tigers and A's, upstarts abound and bullpens collapsing

    - Finally we conclude with our predictions going forward including previewing the Royals and O's ALCS, trying to guess the outcomes on the NL side and giving our picks for the World Series

    So please join us, all you baseball nerds, for an hour of great radio! LIVE Tues Oct 7th from 2-3pm CDT or anytime after on Itunes (search The Sports Narrative under podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    The Sports Narrative Thanksgiving Eve Special

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    A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who have stumbled upon and support The Sports Narrative Radio Show! We give thanks for you and hope to provide you with 2 great hours of entertainment on sports and all that implies. On this week's episode:

    - We discuss the big weekend in the NFL including some snowy affairs, an impressive Cowboys comeback and a more impressive catch, the debacle that is the New York Jets and a special look back at the most memorable Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game in my memory

    - After a fairly lackluster weekend in college football, we gear up for the stretch run previewing a must-rout game for TCU, more records set for rushing and the playoff voting committee.

    - Mick's Pub is always a great stop for a thanksgiving pint. This week Mick spins yarns about any number of topics and then reacts to the headlines of the day in the infamous Ride The Lightning segment

    - The Hot Stove is sizzling in Major League Baseball as the Red Sox open up their wallets and more. Mr Feltman and Mr Copening bring you all the latest news and comments

    - Finally, we conclude with our catch-all notes segment including the Dallas Stars winning with a new moustache, the Mavs scoring but not defending, running an iron-man and more

    All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

    So grab some spiked cider and cozy up with us LIVE Wed Nov 26th from 830-1030 CST or anytime after on Itunes (search The Sports Narrative under podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    The Sports Narrative Sabotage Rides Again!

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    Well it's that time of year again where our dutiful leader Mr Bowers is off playing Santa Claus for UPS, leaving the peanut gallery to run the show! On this wheels-off episode:

    - Roger Goodell has clearly learned nothing from his past mistakes and is completely ineffective, the Dallas Cowboys facing a must-win on Thurs and how that affects their rooting interests Sunday, the playoff picture, the NFL Weekend Wrap-up and Look Ahead and, of course, Heeeeeere's Johnny!

    - Chaos in College Football as Miss St gets egged, TCU vaults an undefeated, Ohio St loses another QB and Championship Weekend looms. Also, the debut of a Sports Narrative exclusive challenge: The CFB Final Four Power Hour Challenge

    - Speaking of drinking, it's time for Mick's Pub, where we will discuss the new Star Wars trailer, the new Terminator trailer and any thing else lurking in the mind of The Mick. And then we Ride The Lightning

    - Hot Stove Baseball is really heating up! Mr Feltman and Mr Copening have all the latest including the Rangers miss on Torii Hunter, pitching moves all on hold and rumors galore

    - We finish the show with our News and Notes including big night for the Mavs, Monte Ellis wreckin shop and is ther enough D in Dallas, OKC returning to full strength, the Stars can't stop anyone, MLS finals, Tiger is back and in town, College Hoops look-in and so much more!

    All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

    So listen to this fun cacophony of sports-iness LIVE Wed Dec 3rd from 8:30-10:30p CST or anytime after on Itunes (search The Sports Narrative under Podcast) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    The Sports Narrative is On The Air!

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    Welcome to another award winning episode of The Sports Narrative Radio Show (please no fact checking)! On this episode:

    - We look back at the 1985 KC Royals and compare them to this team 29 years later in The Narrative

    - A breakdown of Game 1 of the fall classic and Jeff and Mr Feltman go head to head on their picks

    - Dustin weighs in with his thoughts on the surprise new Texas Rangers skipper and JD's plan going into the winter

    - The Cowboys keep on rolling and Dustin and Jerry keep on smiling! That and the rest of the NFL action from the weekend

    - A stop at Mick's Pub includes an interesting challenge for the show and any other listeners out there (hello?)

    - Mr Bowers did a little scouting work on the FSU vs ND game this weekend and has some interesting takes on Jameis Winston and others. All that and the rest of the CFB slate

    - We finish up with some NHL, NBA, NASCAR, EPL, MLS and any other bunch of letters we come up with.

    All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

    Listen LIVE Wed Oct 22nd from 8:30-10:20p CDT or anytime after on Itunes or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    Celebrate Mo-vember with The Sports Narrative

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    Help The Sports Narrative boys raise some money for men's health issues (www.pcf.org) by celebrating Mo-vember in style! On this week's episode:

    - We look at the NFL season just past the midway point, giving our mid-season MVPs, surprises, disappointments and predictions

    - Week 2 of the college football playoff rankings are out. We recap all the weekends action and take a look ahead at another big Eliminaton Saturday ahead

    - A stop into Mick's Pub yields some annoying songs, Mick's thoughts on the elections and so much more

    - With the baseball season coming to a close, it's time to gather around the Hot Stove and fire up our baseball experts, Mr Feltman and Mr Copening

    - We conclude with news and notes including an epic NASCAR fight, the little Mavs getting scary good, the Stars facing the same blue line issues, FC Dallas and soccer and whatever else we want to mention!

    All that and your calls at (347) 308-8637

    Listen to us LIVE now in standard time 8:30-10:30p Wed Nov 5th or anytime after on Itunes or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    The Sports Narrative is tickled PINK!

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    With the debut of the NFL's Pink month, it has become our tradition here at The Sports Narrative to go pink as well. On this week's episode:

    - We begin by dusting off our namesake segment, The Narrative, and tell the story of the TCU v Baylor rivalry

    - Dustin is tickled pink for his 4-1 Dallas Cowboys while Jeff is turning green watching his NY Jets. We recap the entire weekend in the NFL

    - What an amazing Saturday we had in College Football! The #2, #3, #4 and #6 teams all lost and more. We go around the nation for the latest

    - A stop off at Mick's Pub is in order to break up all this sports talk. In it we will enjoy a Mick rant, put out a movie review challenge and, of course, Ride The Lightning

    - The MLB Playoffs roll on as yet another team punches their ticket to the LCS. We get Dustin's thoughts on the playoffs thus far and debate the Michael Young hire by the Texas Rangers

    - It's Hockey Time in Canada (and America) as the season debuts this week. We get a full season preview from our hockey guy Dustin as well as picks sure to fail on the Stanley Cup Champs

    All that and so much more! Listen LIVE Wed Oct 8th from 830-1030p CDT or anytime after on Itunes (search The Sports Narrative under podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    The Sports Narrative Halloween Special 2014

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    On a spook-tacular episode of The Sports Narrative Radio Show, we have so much sports to squeeze into this 2 hour slot! On this episode:

    - The Cowboys get upset on MNF and Dustin is cranky. We talk about the entire NFL weekend.

    - The first official college playoff poll is out as well as a big weekend of games on the college gridiron

    - The World Series is going the full 7. We keep you updated with all the latest between KC and SF

    - The NBA season opened up last night so it's time for our season preview. We give our thoughts on the Mavs and the rest of the NBA

    - A stop into Mick's Pub centers on Halloween talk and all that implies as well as an epic Ride The Lightning segment

    - The end of October is also full of alternate sports too, including hockey, soccer (both EPL and MLS playoffs), NASCAR coming to Texas and more!

    So grab some Halloween candy, put on your scariest contume and listen to our fun little show! LIVE Wed Oct 29th from 830-1030p CDT or anytime after on Itunes (search our name in podcasts) or at www.thesportsnarrative.com

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    The Draft Narrative Radio Show

    in Sports

    Your source for all things NFL Draft!!!

    Each week, Jeff Bowers and Darren Boyd give you the latest news, insight and analysis right up until Draft Day and beyond! Join us live each Thursday from 1-2PM CST or anytime after on ITunes or at www.thedraftnarrative.com

    And as always, we talk your calls and questions at (347)308-8637 or thesportsnarrative@gmail.com

    Supported by The Draft Narrative Scouting Guide, available March 31st! Order yours today!

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