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     IS HEAVEN FOR REAL? It's a question that everyone can't help but wonder: Is heaven a real place?    Does heaven really exists or is it only a state of mind? What is Heaven and does it really have a stairway  to actually get there? Is it really true or not that individuals who come close to death have near death experiences in which they have reported of meeting relatives or even getting a glimpse of Heaven?

    This evening at 7:30pm EST Real Talk Live 216 will have an open discussion on IS HEAVEN FOR REAL? Special Guests will include Nikki Lewis a Comprative Religion Professor frpm Lakeland Community Collge, Father Charlie and your favorite Damper Dan Mr. Fred. Call in to speak with the hosts at (646) 929-0243 and our our blog talk virtual lounge. 

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    Heaven Is For Real

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    A discussion on the movie "Heaven Is For Real" and a challenge to go deep within yourself to identify your own beliefs. Do you REALLY believe in heaven and hell? Do you think that once you die you're just dead? Is there an exisetnce in the afterlife or not? Listen to this broadcast to see what the word of God has to say about the subject.

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    So Real With Madelyn ~ "Heaven Bound"

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    How much can your Spirit handle? Do you Love you Enough to Die for you? Are you worth dying for? If not why? SELF EXAMINATION....Great for the Soul!

    Have you Made changes in your life and moving to the NEXT Place in Life you say GOD gave His SON for? We sing Praises to GOD for what He has done in our life, things He delivered us from but what if those things (Situations and Circumstances) Revisit your life? People whom you thought were gone from your life forever, but the issues between you still exist. How do we move from Resentment to Restoration? IT IS ONLY THROUGH THE LIFE AND DEATH OF CHRIST THAT WE CAN TRULY LOVE OURSELVES! Join in on the Call (347) 326 9924 or via Internet

    Keep it Real Daily "So Real with Madelyn" is here to ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER the YOU INSIDE!  5:30 PM Wednesdays and Saturdays Central (347) 326 9924 Audio Call  

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    Yvonne Sklar & Tina Klonaris-Robinson, Is Heaven for Real?

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    Have you ever wondered if Heaven is real? Yvonne Sklar knows the answer to that question because she’s been there! In 2009 when Yvonne died, before she was resuscitated, she had the most beautiful experience of heaven. Yvonne will share her remarkable journey and encounter with God, Jesus, angels and every animal and plant imaginable. She will share the gifts she received and how it has changed her life. She will also share how she is using her story to inspire and bring hope to people all over the world. 

    Yvonne Sklar is a world-renowned inspirational speaker on natural health care & spiritual enlightenment. On June 30 2009, Yvonne contracted double pneumonia from one of her dying patients and months later succumbed to organ failure and clinically died. During her resuscitation Yvonne was put into a medically induced coma for six weeks. Yvonne flat lined on three occasions at which point, she experienced the joy and bliss of Heaven. Today, Yvonne shares her story with thousands. She has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs and has travelled across America sharing her story in an effort to bring hope and comfort to those in need. She was recently featured on the TBN and CBN Networks in March 2014.

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    "Heaven Is For Real" Acclaimed Director, Randall Wallace

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    Critically acclaimed, writer/director, Randall Wallace (Braveheart, Pearl Harbor Secretariat, and more) drops in to share "The REALLY, Real, Deal" on makng his new film; the powerfully, engaging Heaven Is for Real (in theaters now, released April 16th), based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book of the same name.  Heaven Is for Real brings to the screen the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world.  Heaven Is for Real stars Academy Award® nominee and Emmy-award winning actor Greg Kinnear (As Good As It Gets), Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Margo Martindale (Secretariat, Million Dollar Baby), Thomas Haden Church (Sideways, Spider-Man 3).  Get this episode and grab a friend and go see Heaven Is for Real!

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    Whispers From Heaven with ~ Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson

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    Tonight show is dedicated to those who are gifted and how you dealt with Family ,Friends , and Neighbors because most Family , Friends , Nieghbors ,do not understand your gifts . how was it when your sister heard you retold what happened to her that day ? before someone called and you knew exactly who it was !  your walking down a street shopping with a friend and a spirit calls you to walk up to someone you dont even know , and you say Hi I know we dont know each other but there is an elderly lady next to you and she wants me to tell you , she loves you wear her necklace her Mother gave her . changes , dealing with seeing things that even scare or worry you , when you awakened , what was it that you knew it was heaven sent ? giving away one question reading to the callers and chat room ! would you like to hire Lorie Johnson for a party ? would you like and more longer reading , healing ? do you need direction in your life ? wondering where your going ?is there something you wish to understand and want to change ? please visit my website at www.psychicloriejohnson.com


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    GLMX #207: Heaven is Real and Hell is Real Too

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    Heaven seems to be a pretty popular place nowadays. Books that tell the stories of those who have died, gone to Heaven, and come back to tell about it, fly off the shelves. The Heaven is For Real movie, based on the New York Times bestselling book of the same name, opened at number one at the box office when it was released. And, according to a Religion News Service article, 74% of Americans believe there is such a place as Heaven, and in another, recent survey, 62% of Americans say they are going there. 

    But what about Hell? Well, 59% of Americans believe Hell is for real and 1.5% of Americans say they are going to that place of torment after they die. Vassula Ryder, author of the best-selling book Heaven is Real but So is Hell, said, "The devil's most powerful tool is convincing us that he -- and hell -- do not exist. He works subtly and silently, feeding our doubts and inadequacies, sowing dissension and creating chaos and confusion in our lives. Evil is real, and we have to know how to respond to it."

    Although we much prefer the pleasures and goodness of Heaven, we must accept that Hell, too, is for real. In fact, some authors have claimed that they have experienced Hell. In one book, A Day in Hell, the author writes, "Darkness enveloped me as if thick, black ink had been poured over my eyes... Reaching to my left and my right, up and down proved the black endlessness of my confines. Cold permeated my bones — an icy, water-type cold, in that it surrounded all of me, inside and out."

    In another book, 23 Minutes In Hell, the author said he was imprisoned in a tiny cell where demons viciously tore at his flesh. He said he experienced insatiable thirst while hearing "screams of an untold multitude of people crying out in torment." 


    MUSICAL SELECTION: "Jesus is Lord" by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

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    Heaven is for Real movie review

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    Todd Burpo and Sonja Burpo are the real-life couple whose son Colton claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Colton recounts the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks ... more

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    Final chapters of Second Heaven Invasion

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    Final chapters of the book Second Heaven Invasion. Chapters 28 When it all collapses – Chapter 29 Final thoughts – Chapter 30 A letter to God! - Beheading, crime and destruction may be in out future. However, the Blood of the Lamb will bring us through…

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    Whispers From Heaven with Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson and Amelia Pisano

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    THIS IS A SPECIAL , celebrating my birthday weekend 



    Im going to give one free question readings, remember I'm psychic medium , shaman healer , animal communicator,
    please keep it to one question .
    please post your question here ....
    please do so before Wednesday .....
    I will explain on Wednesday ! ...

    please do not try to stump the psychic , or your question will not be answered . Thank you . this is on the questions that make no since to me , like where's my momma ? explain more what your looking for without giving the answer .
    is she passed? or missing ? were you adopted out and are seeking for her ? you know that way .
    remember one question
    Love and Light ...
    God Bless , Lorie Johnson

    Call 1-347-945-7857 for the reading or to listen in.. join our chat room, make new friends and chat with the hosts as well.  

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    Whispers from Heaven with Psychic Mediums Lorie Johnson and Amelia Pisano

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    come and join psychic mediums Lorie Johnson and Amelia Pisano on air every Wednesday night at 8pm until 10 pm e.t. Call in and receive a one question free reading to connect with your loved ones who have passed, yearning to know what career move is right for you, or for some insight on an existing relationship.  Call 1-347-945-7857 for the reading or to listen in.. join our chat room, make new friends and chat with the hosts as well.  

    You are guaranteed a night of laughter and tears, sometimes at the same times with these two!!  Don't miss out.. see what everyone is talking about and be a part of the conversation..Note:  entertainment purposes only.  

    Whispers from Heaven does not give medical, legal nor realestate advice.  Keep seeking the advice of your professionals.To contact either of these psychic medium psychicloriejohnson.com,psychicinstilettos.com,Both Lorie Johnson and Amelia Pisano can be found on Facebook,


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