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    Unity for America and Heartmath Institute

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    Jewels talks about the elections, American vs. American, and then dives right in with Howard Martin talking about this shift that is now occurring. Please support Global Coherence Initiative and HeartMath Institute!

     http://www.glcoherence.org and

    http://www.heartmath.org http://loaradionetwork.com/jewels.html

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    Zero Point Leadership

    in Legal

    Paul McFadden is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Zero Point Leadership™, a science-based leadership development & coaching firm with foundations in neuroscience, intelligent stress management and social intelligence. He co-developed the neuroLeader System™ and is Co-Founder of neuroLeader University™, a virtual brain-based leadership development academy. He is also Adjunct Faculty with OPM's Center for Leadership Development (OPM-CLD), the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) and the Eastern Management Development Center (EMDC) where he teaches mid – executive level government leaders the Neuroscience of Leadership & the Science of Resilience.

    Paul has been exemplifying leadership excellence for over (20) years in the Private, Public and Volunteer sectors. He is recognized in the leadership development community for his innate ability to help leaders, teams and organizations solve their most challenging problems through the integration of strategies and techniques grounded in science-based research from the fields of social cognitive & affective neuroscience, stress resilience, and social intelligence with cutting-edge coaching, leadership development and change management capacities and best practices.

    Paul earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, one of the (5) US Federal Service Academies and was honorably discharged from the US Navy Reserve/Merchant Marine Reserve in 1992 after (4) years of military service.

    He earned his Result Professional Coach Certification (RPCC) from the NeuroLeadership Group, earned his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer through the Institute of HeartMath®. Paul also holds active PMP® and ITIL® Expert certifications as well as has been trained in Black Belt Six Sigma Methodologies.

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    The Intelligence of The Heart – Beverly Nadler

    in Health

    “The Heart Knows the Truth,” sings Ariahna and a Turkish proverb tells us , “The Heart’s testimony is stronger than a thousand witnesses.”
    At last science is confirming the truth of those statements.  Did you know that your heart has its own brain and nervous system that is in constant communication with the brain in your head? Not only that, the energy field of your heart radiates a magnetic energy field that is 5000 times more powerful than the energy field of your brain!
    Today, our Health Guru, Beverly Nadler, will share other fascinating and startling facts about your heart, and explain how aligning your head with your heart can assist you in having mastery over your emotions, reduce your stress, strengthen your immune system…and much more. Tune in and also learn powerful processes you can use to immediately access the "intelligence of your heart. "

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    Heartmath: The Surprising Solution to Stress

    in Spirituality

    Heartmath can teach you how to access your inner heart’s intelligence and help you handle today’s problems without stress. What is Heartmath and how is it especially effective in helping you relieve stress? What is coherence and how does the Heartmath program help you know what that feels like? What is “going to Neutral” and how can it change your life? Heartmath practitioner Sharon Lanier (sharonlanier at msn.com) shares all this and more.  Sharon is also co-owner of World Spirit Books (http://www.wholelifebooks.org/), Austin’s largest spiritual and metaphysical bookstore.
    Awakening in Austin showcases the diverse and powerful community of holistic, metaphysical and energy practitioners in and around Austin, and brings the best of their knowledge to you. Awakening In Austin is a project of http://HigherSelfEnterprises.com  and hosted by Sara Pencil Blumenfeld. To be interviewed, recommend someone be interviewed, or comment on the show, please email awakeninginaustin@gmail.com. 
    Many thanks to our sponsors, www.TheAustinAlchemist.com, THE website to find holistic, metaphysical and spiritual events and practitioners in the Austin area, and to www.LifeGPS.biz, instructing you to take control of all areas of your life and beginning with DNA life activation.

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    Choose Appreciation for a Healthy Heart

    in Self Help

    February is heart health month. Join me as we choose to cultivate an appreciation in our daily lives to encourage a healthy heart. I will be sharing statistical data from the Institute of HeartMath and will offer a guided meditation to celebrate an appreciative heart.

    This broadcast marks the end of my time with Blog Talk Radio as I move on to another radio venue VoiceAmerica.com. Look for me there on the Empowerment Station as Gentle Power Radio.

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    Accelerating Changes in our World with HeartMath Research

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    Cindy and Linda are delighted to welcome to the show Howard Martin, one of the original leaders who helped found HeartMath, the organization dedicated to helping people establish heart-based living and global coherence. 
    What does it mean to live a heart-based life?
    What is coherence? 
    What role does the heart play in accelerating positive change?
    How can we learn to tap into the heart’s vast intelligence system?
    How can you increase your heart’s intelligence?
    Howard will answer these questions and take your questions, too. During his career with HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative, Howard has been instrumental in delivering practical, yet dynamic programs to thousands of people in audiences world-wide.
    In 1999 he co-authored with Doc Childre, The HeartMath Solution, and in 2000 authored The HeartMath Method, an audio learning program.
    He is also the producer of two award winning musical recordings, including Doc Childre’s Heart Zones which spent 50 consecutive weeks on Billboard Magazine’s music charts. To learn more about his amazing work visit www.glcoherence.org or www.heartmath.org
    To learn how to incorporate HeartMath into your work, visit http://www.heartmath.com To learn how to use these powerful tools in your daily life, visit http://heartmastery.com

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Wendy Martens of New Pathway to Health

    in Weight Loss

    Bethesda, MD – Today’s world can be extremely challenging, for working women especially. Unfortunately, many women cope with their stress by eating. Rather than nourishing their bodies, they eat the foods that offer them the most relief from the stresses of family, relationships, money and work. This stress-eating can cause significant weight gain. Soon they find themselves trying every diet there is, only to gain the weight right back.

    But what if you could lose weight and the diet? What if you could discover your ideal body eating what you want?

    Wendy Martens is the founder of New Pathway to Health, a coaching practice dedicated to helping women overcome stress-driven disordered eating and achieve sustainable weight loss.

    “It’s not about shoulds and shouldn’ts,” says Wendy. “It’s about exploring what’s going on in your life to help you change your eating habits.”

    With New Pathway to Health, Wendy combines Mark David’s Psychology of Eating philosophy with HeartMath techniques that relieve stress to help women lose weight without dieting.

    “There’s no dieting in the Psychology of Eating because diets fail,” says Wendy. “My clients are tired of being on the yo-yo, losing weight and gaining it back. I teach them to allow food to nourish them.”

    Wendy teaches her clients how to adopt healthier eating habits like eating whole and natural foods. Once you begin to eat whole, natural foods your body will adapt to craving those foods.

    “I’m not a string bean by any means, but I’m happy with where I am because I know how I’m eating,” says Wendy. “I want to help my clients live and enjoy their lives. The trick is to slow it down.”

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    Listen to Brian Kabaker CFO of Heart Math - Connecting Hearts and Minds

    in Military

    Listen 24/7 to this program that aired Dec 18, 2014

    Brian Kabaker CFO and Director of Sales and Marketing of http://www.heartmath.org

    Virginia Schoenfeld (RET) Navy Commander, Co-Founder TheBreathCenter and HeartMath Trainer

    The Institute of HeartMath’s leaders are knowledgeable, dedicated and caring individuals committed to fostering research of stress management, emotional physiology, human energetics and intuition. They continually reassess current strategies and develop new ones in the educational sector to improve learning and academic achievement. They are developing effective interventions in the health community for optimizing personal performance, managing a range of debilitating conditions and training individuals in skills for building resilience.


    More Details at:



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    HeartMath Institute: Shifting Conflict into Consciousness

    in Self Help

    Researchers estimate that stress contributes to as many as 80% of all major illnesses.  Diseases ranging from, cardio vascular disease, cancer, mental and emotional challenges and infectious aliments of all kinds. 
    If so, could help come by ways of an interesting organization called the Institute of HeartMath?    A non-for profit organization whose mission is”’ to facilitate a fundamental shift in health, well-being and consciousness”?
    On a personal level, HeartMath “simplifies a process for intuitive connection to the soul’s wisdom and guidance for unfolding who we truly are”.  In the process, brings us into balance with health and wellbeing.   
    Even more exciting is HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative.  A project promoting heart-based living across the globe. 
    Sounds good to me! 
    Perhaps you may be curious?
    If so, please join me as I explore this seemingly powerful organization and its heart-based offerings with its Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Howard Martin.

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    Synchronizing 2013- eps 4 Deb, Michael & HeartMath Howard

    in Spirituality

    Deborah & Michael talk with HeartMath Institute founding member and VP of Stragetic Development, Howard Martin.  HeartMath is leading the way by combining science and spirituality to create baseline information, statistics and other insight that identifies "field" resonance.  There are planetary sensors, as well as personal technologies that can identify the energy field.
    We'll be talking about cutting-edge ways that technology and the energy of our heart, love & prayer can and IS being utilized to bring about shifts in your body, as well as the planet.  HeartMath is on the cutting-edge of the natural wellness industry, as well as science.  They provide workshops, healing modality tools and much more to support people on a personal level, as well as the planet on a global scale.
    Details from the www.HeartMath.com website:
    Founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) is a non- profit research and education organization with a mission to study the physiological mechanisms by which the heart communicates with the brain and its influence on cognitive processing, perception, emotion and health. From its research, IHM has developed highly innovated techniques and technology that form the foundation of HeartMath's training programs and products for education and the development of our young people. www.heartmath.org

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    Bruce Cryer: The Power To Change Performance

    in Motivation

    Our Guest: Bruce Cryer is a leadership coach and consultant, author, speaker, and co-founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing. For eleven years he served as CEO of the internationally acclaimed HeartMath, an innovative research-based firm offering scientifically-validated products and award-winning technology to boost performance, productivity and health while reducing stress. 

    Bruce’s clients include Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, the NHS (UK), HP, NASA, Boeing, L’Oreal, and the Samueli Institute. He is co-author of the book "From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance" and the Harvard Business Review article “Pull the Plug on Stress”. Bruce has been a faculty member of the Stanford Executive Program since 1997, Stanford’s Health Improvement Program since 2008, and was named a Top 50 Thought Leader in Personal Excellence. He has been interviewed for or written in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, Modern Healthcare, Leadership Excellence, and medical journals such as Stress Medicine as well as many other business and health publications. A series of major health challenges convinced Bruce to transition to a variety of new roles more closely matching his passions. A former actor/singer/dancer on Broadway, he has revived his singing and dancing skills as a “keynote performer” helping audiences align your work with what is most alive and inspired in your heart. 


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