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    ObamaCare's enrollment problems plus more on the Benghazi hearings

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    Guest:  Frank Burke, author and businessman.....we will look at recent stories about Obama Care's enrollment problems, such as many workers refusing to sign up for the program........they reject high premiums and deductibles......how much longer can this program survive before some major corrections?   Also, we will hear Frank's impressions of the Benghazi hearings............

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    Benghazi Hearings Show How Uninformed Most Americans and Lawmakers Are

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    We learned 2 things from the Benghazi hearings.

    First, the corrupting nature of money in politics makes our lawmakers look out of touch and ignorant of how things work.

    Second, the American public needs to take some responsibility.  We are uninformed and we allow this to happen – or some of us root for this to happen.

    The chaos of these latest Benghazi hearings didn’t surprise me.  They reminded me of a cross country flight I took years ago.  I sat next to a sitting member of Congress.

    How often do you hear about bills -- passed into law -- that are written -- word for word -- by special interests who have paid a lot of money to get these lawmakers elected.

    We saw the same thing during the Benghazi hearings.

    Clearly most of the members on the Benghazi committee are either uninformed or purposely ignorant of foreign-policy.
    That's because we are as a nation.

    Too often we look for black and white answers to foreign policy questions.  Why?  Because it is easier.  So we rely on information from people who are bribed by special interests.  Think about it.  Would you want to go to a doctor who is being paid by the big drug companies?

    Too often we look at politics as another sporting event – rooting for one team or the other.  Why? It is easy.  You seem to have a personal connection to one party or the other, so you root for them.  The problem is when you root for your favorite sporting team – when the game or season is over it has not changed or affected your life, your livelihood, or your kids futures.  In this political football game, you are playing with serious stuff – like the deaths of 4 Americans.


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    C.D. - Hillary's Ears are Ringing: The Benghazi Congressional Hearings

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    Well, it's ON.

    The long anticipated hearings on the Benghazi, Libya tragedy, where 4 Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, were murdered.

    Central to this and previous Congressional sessions, are the partisan perspectives from ether side of the political aisle; the GOP, who control both Houses, feel that Mrs. Clinton has not been forthright, in explaining how the 4 Americans were seemingly left to fend for themselves, against hostile insurgents, while the Democrats have decried the hearings as tantamount to a political witch-hunt, timed as a means to derail her run for the presidency.

    In the meantime, with even an objective observation of the events, one cannot help but notice the utter contempt and defensiveness on the part of Mrs. Cinton. 

    Join us this Saturday, as we review the 11-hour hearing, which some have suggested, only serves to help Mrs. Clinton, in her (scripted?) role as "victim", and as such, ordained to be coronated as the next president of the United States, in 2017?


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    Hillary & Her Cackle --- Stole The Show At The Benghazi Hearings!

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    To The Question:  Were You Alone In The House

    Hillary cackled infectiously with a monster grin!

    Wow, that sent the questioner --- the gentle GOP lady congresswoman from Alabama (Brooks) into outrage overdrive

    Lady Hillary seamlessly recovered and pointedly countered --- "Yes, I have a secure phone line in my home"

    The lead-up to the Hillary Cackle were Rep. Brooks' prior line of questioning to Lady HilRod --- which was --- "when you left the State Dept. on the evening of Sept. 11th, 2012 did you go home?

    To which Madam HilRod replied:   "yes"

    To which Rep. Brooks further inquired in subsequent questioning --- was Hillary "alone" while at home.

    To which HilRod, after absorbing the question - immediately broke out into a loud, spontaneous cackling laugh - her face lit up like a Christmas Tree.  

    As far as I am concerned that instant pretty much summarizes the entire Benghazi Congressional Committee hearing.

    A loud cackling laugh --- almost hysterical.  God, I'd run that as one of her campaign ads --- sure as shit dispels any lingering myth that she is contrived or disengenuous!

    HilRod did cut Rep. Brooks off quickly - immediately upon her "cackle" --- & just before she confirmed having secure communication facilities inside her home --- by blurting out --- Rep. Brooks, just a moment of levity   . . .

    Frankly, it is arguable that a few more well-placed cackles would've brought the curtain down a lot sooner on these hearings (11-hours in length) than anything else.

    Well done, Madam HilRod --- A cackle worth its weight in gold.  We need to have more of them cackles between now and Nov. 8, 2016.  Cackle away, madam, cackle away.

    That seems to be your silver bullet when doing battle with these meanie GOP weenies.



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    What to Expect in Employment Agency Hearings

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    Hearings with agencies are usually performed with the parties, their attorneys, and the administrative law judge over the phone. Administrative law judges handle issues strictly pertaining to employment and are well versed in rules and cases relating to their particular area of law. Sometimes attorneys are involved and other times clients represent themselves pro se. Generally speaking, an employment hearing is like a mini trial where you will present your witnesses and cross examine the other side’s witnesses. You are able to submit documents which you may wish to enter as evidence in advance to both the judge and opposing party. It helps to have these clearly identified and readily accessible during the hearing, especially considering its telephonic nature. You are usually able to have both a closing and opening statement as well. Do not expect a decision at the conclusion of the telephone conversation. The decision will come in writing and it could take several months before any such decision is rendered.

    Tune in to this podcast with Heidi Kuffel to learn more about what to expect during an employment agency hearing. 

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    Shenandoah Valley Happenings Oct 22nd 2015, Benghazi hearings, Convention of Sta

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    WHy is a lobbyist from DC getting involved in local elections? If you knew the whole story, would you still re elect them? Did Helsley say if the real estate assessments go down we HAVE to raise taxes? What is a Convention of the States?

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    House folds on playing "Shutdown Card", CIA tortured in hearings and more.....

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    Like players holding a hand of cards in a championship poker game in Las Vegas, the GOP led House folded instead of betting it all for a possible big win. Tuesday, the House pushed through a paired down Spending Bill that will allow $1.1 Trillion to be spent to keep government operations running through September 2015.

    The only exception to the spending extention, Department of Homeland Security. This sets the stage for the "Battle Against Amnesty Showdown" when the newbies arrive in Washington DC.

    Talking about torture, did you see what happened to the CIA in the "Torture Hearings"? 

    South Carolina State Representative Kris Crawford surprises everyone by resigning his seat at the table. After winning the November 4th election (without an opponent) Crawford leaves the State Capitol leaving everyone with questions. Expect a herd of GOP folks to enter the Special Election to replace Crawford.

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST as we discuss these issues and others.



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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: NN at Hearings in DC.

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye testifies in Washington, DC. on the Gold King Mine Disaster.

    Let's examine the in-depth message that could or should have been delivered, was it the right message? Is there something missing? What is missing? Who wrote his speech?

    Maybe you agree with content or may not agree content of speech, did we miss an opportunity?

    This is typical typical standards of our leadership? Take Peter MacDonald he said it strongly but appropriately. He understood the issues and greater issues. The spill is an opportunity to convey a greater message, to the world audience. The Navajo Nation should take a lead and help all tribes will the failures of the federal government to be worthy TRUSTEE.

    We must discuss the seriousness of the greater message.

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    Charlotte & Winston-Salem Voter ID Hearings on June 8/9 by NC Board of Elections

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    This is a rebroadcast of the June 8, 2015 Charlotte & the June 9, 2015 Winston-Salem North Carolina Board of Elections Public Hearings on the proposed rules for the new Voter ID law, which will come into effect in 2016.

    These hearings are the fourth and fifth hearings of many that the NC BOE organized across the state.

    We thank you for listening to these important hearings and we ask that you share this rebroadcast with others in North Carolina, so that more can be made aware of this.

    The deadline to submit written statements for consideration in determining the rules for implementing the Voter ID law is June 30. You can submit your written statements by emailing them to rules@ncsbe.gov or by mailing them to the North Carolina Board of Elections at P.O. Box 27255, Raleigh, NC 27611-7255. We encourage to get your perspectives in to the North Carolina Board of Elections!

    Thanks for listening...

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    PGT Episode #246 Hearings on Provisioning Center and Medible Bills Commence

    in Legal


    Thursday, April 30, 2015 830-10:30 EST Listen LIVE! at www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


    The hearing on the Provisioning Center and Medible Bills Commenced this week, we will have updates and commentary for your listening pleasure.

    Robin Schneider Liaison for NPRA, the sponsors of the Bills, who testified at the hearings, will join us tonight. Other community members, who were present and witnessed the events will be calling in to offer their thoughts and commentary.


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles, Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center.

    Rick with the News


    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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    PGT Episode #247 Round 2 of Hearings on Provisioning Center and Medible Bills

    in Legal



    Tonight 8:00-10 EST Listen LIVE! at www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles, Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center.


    Michigan House Judiciary Committee hearings continue on medical cannabis and  Michigan State House Bills 4209 and 4210


    Joining us tonight-


    Michael Tuffelmire - from Grand Rapids -who ran a successful local cannabis policy reform campaign there in 2012- is working with The Well House and The Grand Rapids Project to present an interview with Ethan Nadelman Director of the Drug Policy Alliance and Major Neil Franklin Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition- May 14 5-7:00 pm at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids- to be moderated by Michigan State House Representative Jeff Irwin.


    Jeff Hank- Lansing attorney, Executive Director of ballot group MILegalize and leader of the recently successful local ballot effort to legalize cannabis in East Lansing.


    Rachel Hilliker- medical cannabis patient who offered testimony during the Judiciary hearings today


    Josey Scoggin- Executive Director of Sons and Daughters United also offered testimony concerning the consequences of medical cannabis patients denied the use of their medicine while on bond


    And- regular guest and friend of the show attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law, Eric Gunnels, Thetford Twp Trustee and T-Pain who was very helpful with last week's broadcast at O'Mara's restaurant in Berkley.


    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!