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    Audio Blog#18 Stories From The Healthcare Front

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    I am continuing my audio blog, moving away from my experiences with my journey with my mother to patient and healthcare stories.  It is my hope that these stories will be informative and instructive.  When you hear them, you may think, is she making this up.  No, they are real.

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    Information, Application, Transformation

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    My desire and passion is to help others fulfil their god given purpose and destiny. I talk about issues weekly that I believe can hinder this. I speak from experience and from a place of strength after finding my path On tonight podcast I share with you a lesson in transforming your life through the information that we receive. without applying the knowledge to our lives its business as usual. Join me tonight has I challenge you to apply that which you know.

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    Take Back your Healthcare - with Rocky Bilhartz MD

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    Medicine should be about the diagnosing, treating, and preventing of disease. But, in America, we’ve gotten all that mixed up. The patient-physician relationship has been evaporated and has been invaded by third-parties fueling flames that are entirely unhelpful to actual patient care.   Healthcare has become one of the most polarizing topics in the United States. Fewer and fewer people are finding value in America’s medical system, as growing distrust continues to mount.

    Join us as we speak with Rocky Bilhartz, MD author of  Finding Truth in Transparency: Our Broken Healthcare System and How We Can Heal It  - a riveting uncensored look into the healthcare problems our country is facing - this book gives a peek behind the “Iron Curtain” of medicine and you will be shocked by what you find there.  Dr. Bilhartz conveys an unprecedented understanding of why physicians are getting out of medicine, why your medical bills are too high, and why your insurance plan is too confusing. 

    A practicing physician in the field interventional cardiology and cardiovascular disease, Dr. Bilhartz is a graduate of Rice University and received a joint Medical Doctor (M.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree with specialization in Health Organizational Management from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

    As a doctor, author, and speaker, his mission is to help you take back your healthcare.

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    Meet Scott Reid Alignment Healthcare

    in Health

    On our first broadcast of the new year at 12 Noon Pacific/3PM Eastern on January 6th 2016, we chat with Scott Reid, co-founder and CEO of Alignment Healthcare, whose mission is to:

    "Relentlessly focus on improving health care value for patients and partners."

    For recent news and announcements click here, and follow on Twitter via @AlignmentHealth.

    Join Pophealth Week co-founders Fred Goldstein and Gregg Masters for a deep dive into the many moving parts of a successful population health management strategy.


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    The Future of Today’s Healthcare Delivery System

    in Technology

    Dr. Jay Sanders is President and CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group and an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is also the founding board member of the American Telemedicine Association where he serves as President Emeritus.

    In this podcast interview, Dr. Sanders shares his thoughts about the deficiencies in today’s healthcare delivery systems and the solutions that can overcome them in the future. Dr. Sanders believes that the evolution of technology, including telemedicine and the use of artificial intelligence to aid doctors will be the easy part of the transition. The real challenge, according to Dr. Sanders will be doing more to enable a behavioral change that places the patient front and center in their own care and treatment.

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    Healthcare: Winners Exiting The Super Bowl of Healthcare Conferences

    in Finance

    Highlighting the major investing take-away's from this years J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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    Desiree interviews Dr. Cherilyn Lee, Founder of Nu Wellness Healthcare, Inc.

    in Business

    Meet Dr. Cherilyn Lee, PhD

    Dr, Cherilyn Lee, a Holistic Integrated Health Practitioner, believes in the  power of natural healing modalities. “I have suffered and survived eczema, where I was scheduled to have both legs amputated at age 7 years old. Thanks to a wonderful physician my legs were saved through his daily care and treatment plan. My number one prayer is to give back to others what has been given to me. And that’s quality healthcare.”

    Meet Dr. Lee at our Second Sunday Celebration Jan. 10th www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com

    Contact Dr. Lee at

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    Healthcare Changes for 2016 And A Solution

    in Health

    We are talking about the new economic realities of healthcare in 2016 – and two recent pieces in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

    To discuss all this is my guest.  Dale Bellis is the executive director and co-founder of Liberty Health Share.  Dale, welcome back.

    For the record, I am a member of Liberty Health Share and my company works with them on videos and other marketing activities.  Dale, for folks who don’t know, Liberty Health Share is medical cost sharing which is what?

    How does Liberty Health Share and medical cost sharing keep costs so low?

    Let’s get into these two recent stories in the media.  The first one is from The New York Times.  It explains a recent survey by the Kaiser Foundation that showed -- even people who are insured are facing crushing debt.  20% of the people under 65 -- with health insurance -- had trouble paying their medical bills.  They have high deductibles to meet first before insurance kicks in – sometimes upwards of 10-thousand dollars.  Then they have co-pays or caps on how much insurance can pay.

    We’ve talked about this happening for more than a year now.  Why is this happening?

    What’s also fascinating in that study is only 53% -- with no insurance – were having problems.  I say only because you would think 80 or 90% would think that way.  Why is that and what does that tell you?

    This cost trend is one reason Liberty Health Share has seen a 6-fold growth in 2015.  Let’s get into the second recent article – this one from the Wall Street Journal.

    Folks, if you are interested call 888-616-9443.

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    Contextual Health & Predictive Analytics

    in Business

    For the second episode of 2016, hosts Andrew Dietz and Doug Field are on the air with special guests from YouPlus Health and NextHealth Technologies to talk about wearables, health data, ED overuse, data analytics and more. 

    The first guest on this week's show will be Dr. Steven Willey, the chief scientist of YouPlus Health, a mobile health solution that enables healthy behaviors. With the popularity of wearables at the height it is now, we see more people being forced to constantly look at pieces of data around their health. At first, this may be exciting and new, but it eventually becomes frustrating because it gives people no information or guidance to help them improve their health. In this interview, Dr. Willey and hosts will discuss the importance of providing context around people’s health data.

    The second guest on this week's program will be Eric Grossman, chief executive officer of NextHealth Technologies. Overuse of emergency departments by patients in the United States for conditions that could more appropriately be treated at less costly points of care has been estimated to cost our health care system up to $38 billion per year. Reducing inappropriate use of the ED has become an urgent priority for many health care risk managers. In this interview, Eric and the hosts will discuss how NextHealth achieved a 26 percent reduction in avoidable ED visits for a targeted Medicaid population of a large regional health plan in Colorado in just a few months using predictive analytics.  

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    "On The Air" With Sonny Clark - Rowlett Tornado Information Update

    in News

    We will be looking at the news and the information for what is going on in Rolwett after the devastating tornado that ripped though our fair city.

    We will be giving you an update from the Mayor (he will not be on live, I will just be reading his statements) and fill you in on some information of donations and a lot more.

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    Healthcare: Two Truths And A Lie

    in Finance

    Tune in for a fun episode, where we adapt the popular game to the healthcare industry.

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