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    Soul Healing Miracles for OCD w/Master David Lusch: Inner Peace

    in Spirituality

    After suffering for over half my life from and taking medication (Anafranil) for OCD, I met Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha on June 8, 2004. This day is where my life dramatically splits from one where I suffered from OCD with no real hope of being healed to one where my Soul Healing Miracle journey began.

    I received divine karma cleansing, divine soul downloads, divine blessings and practiced incredibly powerful soul healing techniques. Within one year to the day of meeting Master Sha, I was completely healed of OCD and never took my medication again. In February 2009, I was approved for normal medical health insurance coverage as given to a healthy person! You can read more about my personal healing journey of OCD in my book: How I Healed My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

    Along the way on my Soul Healing Miracle journey, I have been healed of hypothyroidism, not being able to sing and much more. These are all very special moments in my life.

    I am blogging to empower people to remove their suffering and overcome their life challenges by healing and transforming their lives and soul journeys. For those who suffer from OCD or have loved ones who do, I deeply wish that this blog will give you new insights, soul wisdom and practical techniques and solutions on your soul healing journey. For those who suffer from other conditions or in other ways, I deeply wish that you will find incredible treasures you can use for your soul healing journey. May you find the true unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, freedom and joy in your lives. I am honored to serve you.

    If you have any questions, need guidance, or would like to talk with me, please email me.

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    Choosing Inner Peace as a Goal

    in Spirituality

    Here in America the cultural brainwashing for most of us is to have a Goal mindset. Have we reached that milestone yet? Are we keeping up with the Jones'? These are all outward goals that never really satisfy as they are motivated by ego (or that part of ourselves which comes from fear and lack). On today's show we will look at setting a goal of Inner Peace and how that aligns with our Souls' true purpose.

    We will cover the concept of choosing peace of mind instead of conflict as a daily intention/practice (which includes staying in the present moment and accepting what is), and how Unconditional Love and Patience are one and the same. 

    We will also discuss miracles and how prayer works as a medium for miracles. 


    Del is an intuitive, medium, Reiki Master teacher and life coach from TX. Her website is: www.youhavethepowerwithin.com

    Allison is an evolutionary astrologer, Reiki Master and fine art photographer based in MA. Her website is: www.artastrohealing.com


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    Soul Healing for Animals W/Master Robyn:Blessings of Peace & Joy

    in Spirituality

    As they year draws to an end It is the perfect time to rejoice and celebrate the abundance of the past year. Join Master Robyn and May (the dog) during this special BlogTalkRadio session and receive Blessings of Peace and Joy for you and your pets this Festive Season.  

    Master Robyn offers private consultations and powerful Healing/Divine Services for yourself and/or your beloved pets…in person, or via skype and telephone. She loves to serve you and your beloved pets. Book a session to receive soul guidance, healing and more!

    Call Master Robyn on + 61 412 652 703 or email Master Robyn at robyn.rice@drsha.com.

    Or contact via private message on her Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/robyn.rice.14  or on her Soul Healing for Animals FB page  https://www.facebook.com/SoulHealingforAnimals. Why not Like these FB pages to ensure you get updates and notifications for upcoming workshops, teleconferences & more.

    Visit her YouTube Channel for more teachings at https://www.youtube.com/user/robynrice

    Join Master Robyn & May on her blog  http://soulhealingforanimals.blogspot.com.au/ 

    Join her on TV.DrSha.com on the Chanting Channel every weekday at the NEW time of 9-10am AEST at http://tv.drsha.com  to chant for animals, mother earth & nature. This is a Free Service for Humanity.

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    in Spirituality

    Join us this Monday at 10Pm Bst- 5PM Est

    for the welcome return of Dr.Paul Haider  who is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He's the author of many books!

    He will be speaking about 4 steps to complete inner peace!

    He helps seekers find spiritual realization by looking within to find fulfillment and contentment.

    Dr. Haider is a spiritual teacher and master herbalist working to help people by giving of his time and love., so dont be shy- Call in  001 646 (929) 0461

    His daily writing opens hearts, so people find peace and love.

    Each day is a gift, all we have to do is awaken from our slumber and understand… we are God.

    Dr. Paul Haider - Email – drpaulhaider@gmail.com or call him at (831) 869-9119 EST.

    Websites – www.paulhaider.com , www.cclpr.org



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    in Christianity

    This is an episode about the meaning of peace,and what it means to be lead by peace.

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    Master Sabine: Soul Healing Miracles Journey - Meditation for Inner Peace

    in Spirituality

    Welcome!  To support our German-Speaking audience, this show is offered in German.] Willkommen! Diese Show wird auf DEUTSCH angeboten, um auch unserer großen deutschsprachigen Zuhörerschaft zu dienen. Der Zweck dieses Kanals ist es, der Menschheit zu helfen, die Lehren und Weisheiten von Dr. und Master Zhi Gang Sha anzuwenden. Viele suchen nach der tiefen Liebe, der tiefen Vergebung, dem tiefen Mitgefühl und dem Licht, die kennzeichnend sind für die Lehren und Anleitungen der Divine Channels.

    Bereits seit ihrer Jugend war Master Sabine Hildegard Parlow (Deutschland) an dem Thema Spiritualität interessiert. Jedoch fand sie keine direkte Möglichkeit, Lehren darüber zu empfangen.

    Nach einer Krebserkrankung vor einigen Jahren begab sie sich auf die Suche nach Heilmethoden und Erklärungen für ihre Situation. Sie lernte Master Sha während seiner ersten Europatour kennen. Seine Lehren, sein Wissen und seine Weisheit faszinierten sie; besonders eindrucksvoll und nachhaltig wirkten seine Liebe und sein Mitgefühl zu allen Menschen sowie seine Heilungskräfte. Sie überzeugten Master Sabine, mehr zu erfahren. Seither ist sie Schülerin von Dr. Sha und erhielt Anfang 2011 den Status als Meisterschülerin und weltweite Repräsentantin.

    Master Sabine Hildegard Parlow ist gelernte Bürokauffrau, Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieurin und Versicherungskauffrau und arbeitet als freie Handelsvertreterin.

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    Healing, Peace, and Ho'oponopono

    in Spirituality

    Reverend Dr. Lori Cardona and Reverend Dr. Joanna Gabriel look at an entering this year's holiday season with a new tool for emotional and spiritual healing.  We interview the co-founder and facilitator of The Center For Inner Wisdom, Robert Ray.  Robert and his partners have started an inspiring new Spiritual Healing and Learning Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, along with a specialized treatment modality developed by Robert Himself. He will be with us to explain his theory and methodology, which he calls ZeroPoint Harmonics.  Using the ancient prayer of Ho'oponopono along with  his spirtual guides, Robert helps to faciitate healing, clearing, and cleansing. 

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    in Spirituality


    Join us this Mondayat 5Pm Est 10Pm Gmt,

    for the welcome return of Laura Pieratt- who will be giving Light messages and describing how we can bring Light back into the world!

    ''We can begin a JOY BOMBING Campaign! Each time someone puts what you feel is darkness into the world, let loose an energetic JOY BOMB! 

    Right after the Paris bombing I was praying for a way to turn so much hate, fear, and tragedy - and the low frequency energy that accompanies it - into something good. I was leaving a restaurant the next day and found myself talking to a stranger, saying something positive by way of a compliment. She thanked me for making her day and said I was such a JOY BOMB! My first thought was ooooohhh, let’s not drag the association of bombing into JOY. But then I saw it as the answer to my prayer of how to transmute fear into love. If we fear bombings, bomb back! But use the antidote to hate and fear - use JOY! ''

    Visit www.LauraPieratt.com for healing sessions, custom Light Language recordings, channeled messages, audio posts and more.




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    Inner Healing

    in Spirituality

    Angela M. Gracey, PHR, is an ordained minister of The Gospel, author, speaker, coach and an anointed teacher. She is a frequent conference and ministry speaker, and the author of The Way Makers blog. A former freelance columnist, she now serves as literary coach for the “Write on Purpose Literary Coaching Program", designed to equip, edify and empower Christian authors to take their message to the world!

    She is the Director and Co-Founder of Angelic Grace Ministries International, Inc., and the Founder and CEO of The Gracey Group LLC, an HR consulting, leadership training and coaching firm. She has served in public ministry for 6 years as a ministry overseer, holding monthly services in Silver Spring, MD.

    Minister Gracey has an apostolic calling as a minister of reconciliation and inner healing. Her passion is to equip, empower and inspire leaders in ministry and the marketplace, as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, to prepare the way of the Lord, and to turn their passion into purpose in this end-time hour.

    Min. Gracey is a leading author, literary coach and literacy advocate, who creates opportunities for experienced authors and aspiring authors. Forprivate book signings or speaking engagements, email your request to missmsgr@gmail.com or visit www.angelicgraceministries.org.

    Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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    The Inner Consciousness Present: Healing the Hurt Within

    in Self Help

    Author and Speaker Essa Ali will talk about his journey to Healing the hurt within and how he came to write a book about what he went through dealing with the abusive mind. This is an interesting look at the other side of abuse.

    Tune in to hear this courageous brother tell his story of abuse and the hurt he dealt with from within. Learn how he conqured the abusive mind and overcame the pain he was living with to emerge as a Religious Science Practitioner, Author and Speaker.

    There is no obstacle too great, no challenge too difficult, that we cannot meet with faith. Gordon B. Hinckley


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    in Motivation

    LISTEN LIVE >> blogtalkradio.com/vibrateandelevate OR CALL IN 646-929-0300 >> @ 6:30PM ET/5:30PM CT SUNDAY JAN. 24th, 2016  


    Edgy, Taboo, Relevant, Elevated and Funny with a twist of metaphysics and a hint of MIAMI antics….that’s us: BUTTERFLY BYRD AND Z. MARIE (Hosts of Vibrate and Elevate)