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  • we at Gods way have seen 1000s healed delivered

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    we believe we are seeing the end coming in now

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    MAN TALK - Healed But Not Set Free

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    FOR MEN ONLY - Ladies, you can listen but not dial in. However, you can post questions for consideration by joining the group page: The Real Talk with Chris Richardson Show

    Guest Co-host: David Burrus, Edward Smith, and Timothy Baldwin Sr.

    Discussion topics: Open for all men to SHARE your PERSPECTIVE.

    Are you playing hurt?
    How do men mask and carry their pain?
    What does it mean to be healed?
    How do you get free? Is being set free a state of mind, body or spirit?
    Are you playing to your potential, or playing your potential (woman)?

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    God wants you healed

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    Hi and welcome to the Tears To Breakthrough radio show. Are you sick in your body? Know that God does not take pleasure in you being sick. Join me today as I encourage you and pray for your healing.

    See you on the other side!

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    Healed Of Cerebral Palsy - Marlene Klepees - Bringing Heaven To Earth

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    God still performs miracles today! Marlene Klepees was miraculously healed of cerebral palsy and medically verified by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. This remarkable woman of faith has an amazing story to tell and now sees God perform the miraculous through her ministry. We will have a live call in at the end of the program for healing prayer.

    Find out more about Marlene's amazing story here!




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    "Delivered From The Power of Darkness"- Conclusion Rhuomai - delivered OUT FROM

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    What is the extent of your deliverance from the kingdom of darkness and Satan's authority over you?

    Is it an incident-by-incident deliverance?

    A temptation-by-temptation deliverance?

    Or is it a once-for-all deliverance?

    The answer is found in this word for "to rescue fom, to preserve from, to deliver out from, to deliver out of" that is the Greek word found in our study during this series:

    "Giving thanks to the Father, who has RHOUMAI me out of the kingdom of darkness and translated me into the Kingdom of His dear Son."  Colossians 1:13.

    For deliverance from darkness to be a part of your daily walk, you must see that your deliverance from darkness has already been accomplished when you were born again.

    Now you are walking out the deliverance YOU RECEIVED.

    This will be the conclusion of this current study on Colossians 1:13 - Delivered From The Power of Darkness.

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    Episode 2805 - Keeping your Deliverance after being delivered from Schizophrenia

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    Episode 2805 - Keeping your Deliverance after being delivered from Schizophrenia

    Minister Jai'rus and Kelly Wright

    Recorded 9-9-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com


  • Prayer with You: Health! Healthy! Healing! Healed! Healthier!

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    Prayer with the Prophets!

    Let's pray like: Jesus, King David, Daniel, Prophetess Anna, Paul and Silas and “YOU”!

    Luke 18:1 (KJV) 
    1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

    Matthew 6:9-13 (KJV) 

    9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
    10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
    11 Give us this day our daily bread.
    12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

    Let us pray until we have the answer!

    What is the Focus Prayer today if any?

    How to reach us:

    JOY Christian Center

    Loren and Arjeana Due, Ministers of the Gospel

    P O Box 18

    Victorville, CA 92393



    760 951 9484 Office


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    What is a Medical Intuitive? Can I be healed of my physical and mental ailments

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    Have you ever felt that no matter how you word what is physically ailing you, the help you are getting from practitioners just is not the right one?  Have you felt like it just did not find the root of the issues you have with your body?  What is going on?  Need someone to help you turn the corner in getting help?  Sometimes all you need is to ask an intuitive outside of the current treatment process and ask what is deeply inside you that needs to be healed.  Can you take that leap?  What do you hide inside you?

    Shannon McRae, Ph.D, medical intuitive and psychologist has written The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine which is her memoirs.  She talks about many cases where the physical or mental conditions were identified and treated with healing touch, positive thought, and other alternative treatments.

    For more information visit:  www.ConsciousEnergies.com


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    ENVISION THIS: Using your Inner Physician to heal yourself

    Kathleen Kanavos is on a mission is to save lives one person at a time by teaching them how to self advocate in the face of opposition by standing in their power & speaking their truth. "Listen to your Inner Guidance & Physician-within. We are made up of so much more than Id, Ego & Super Ego." Kat's book is an International Bestseller and her story is published in chapters of many books listed on her website. She is a speaker/presenter @International Association for the Study of Dreams,& Expos around the country. Her upcoming events are on her website @ www.survivingcancerland.com She lives on both the East & West Coast with her author husband of 33+ years and her 3 cats.

    Surviving Cancerland is Kat ‘s account of how she learned to stand in her power and speak her truth during a life crisis by connecting with her physician-within through dreams, meditations, and prayer. Believing in her intuition, Kat used it to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment in her healing process, often needing to persuade her doctors to cooperate with her. Don‘t tell your Higher Power how big your problems are, Kathleen says. Tell your problems how big your Higher Power is! Kathleen believes you should work with your doctors, financiers, coworkers, bosses, and family, but never forget that you must make the final decisions. She hopes her story can help you make better choices, live a more fulfilling life, and discover your destiny.

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    The Holy Spirit Can Help Us Be Delivered From Needs We Believe We Have

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    (My apologies, due to a technical error this program was not produced on the original date. I hope you enjoy the program.)

    When we see ourselves as bodies and are focused on the egos issues instead of on God and His Will we will see ourselves with unmet needs a plenty. Developing an ear for the Holy Spirit and the ability to know His guidance  can help us with to let go and not be emotionally attached to them. The Holy Spirit remembers who you truly are and where you came from.

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    Sunday Church Worship Enter In and Be Healed

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    Sunday Church Worship Enter In and Be Healed

    Sunday Church Worship Enter In and Be Healed Is Healing for Today, should we trust the Lord to heal our love one with cancer and serious disease... Jesus Healed them all...Now the the day of salvation healing and salvation 

    Sunday Church Worship Enter into his presence and be filled with His Holy Spirit. www.newhopetoday.tv
    Broadcast New Beginnings Christian Center Sunday mornings 11:00 am

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