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    SRWM ~ Recovered Empowered Delivered ~ RED Alert

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    Its a R. E. D Alert ~ I'm Recovered ~ Empowered ~ Delivered 

    Are you Ready to Get to Get UP? Are you Willing to Give your ALL for Christ?

    "The Lord uphold all that fall,
    And raise up all those that be bowed down.
    The eyes of all wait upon Thee;
    And Thou givest them their meat in due season." Psalm 145:14-15

    Don't Give in to the Pains of your Past and Stay focused to the one who gives you to Strength to Survive!

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    God's Will Is That "Everyone Is Healed"

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    During the month of June we will be honoring God Our Father.  It is always God's Will that every human on the earth be healed according to Matthew 4:23 which states that, "Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.  When individuals state that "If it be God's will I shall be healed."  This statement is not located in the Bible.  Please know that it is always God's Will that you should be Healed.  


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    Interview With an EX Lesbian!! #DELIVERED!!!

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    In this special episode of the Way Walker Radio show we will be interviewing a former lesbian, completely delivered and set free by the POWER of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Shantae Richardsaon who is the founder of Team Ex Lesbian is going to answer questions from the Way Walkers and any live guests who want to learn more about  the awesome transforming power of the Lord Jesus!!!! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!! Call in live (917)889-3226, or you can send in questions to TheWayWalkers@hotmail.com

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    You Must Choose To Be Healed

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    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the power to overcome the lies that has controlled one's life by choosing the truth.  Jesus said:  "...the Truth (alethia) will set you free."  God gives extraordinary freedom to those who dare to trust his Word.  Everyone of us must choose to be healed.  

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    It is an established fact that prayer affects the outcome of circumstances. You have experienced

    dropping a pice of mail into a seemily remote mailbox expecting that it will be delivered to the intended adress.

    You do this with a reasonable level of confidence that the USPS will do what it said it does. You deposit and forget it.

    We can have the same confidence that our prayers moving GOD and therefore affect the outcome.

    HE will not withold any good thing from us. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.   

  • HOw to be Healed by the Power of Forgiveness /Series 3

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    Forgiveness is a process of giving up the false for the true , erasing sin and error  from the mind and body and is closely related to repentance that is aturning from belief in sin to belief  in God and righteousness.A sin is forgiven when a person can admit their  errror and seek forgiveness from the divine center within, which will allow them to have a renewing of mind and body with thoughts and words of truth.When you seek to be forgiven ,you are actually seeking the cleansing of your soul from guilt and pain and to erase non-benifical thought pattern from your consciousness .This is the light that will allow you to come out of darkness  and set you free.

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    Derek Prince How To Be Delivered

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    Cleverness And Common Sense-Your Inner Child: Wounded or Healed!

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    The Spiritual Network Community Forum, Host Marie D. McCohnell (A.K.A. SisterFriend Marie), her co-host and guests discuss important issues and questions concerning spirituality and daily holistic living.  We will also talk with callers throughout the show so: Call in to 714-888-7516 and press "1" to get into the queue to share your thoughts, stories and questions. 

    The Focus of Today's Forum: Your Inner Child: Wounded or Healed?

    "...Nobody knows or likes the real me
    Nobody wants or cares for the real me
    That is why I hide the real me from the world
    That is why I'm sad...Cuz nobody knows"  Author Unknown

    The Questions We Seek To Ponder, Discuss and Answer In This Forum:

    Who is this inner child that lives inside of me?
    Is my inner-child the real me?
    When do, and how do, I meet my inner child?
    How do you go about healing your wounded inner-child?
    What is the age of my inner child and how does it show through in my behavior now?

    Your host is Marie D. McCohnell, M.S. (A.K.A. SisterFriend Marie) and co-hosts Lynda Fletcher, B.S. (Certified Nutritional Counselor), Margaret Bryant Bangor, ME. (Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Psychic), Rev. Naomi Cage (Peace Counselor) and Phillip D. McCohnell (Reiki/Energy Practitioner) and guest co-hosts Laura Houston (Co-owner of The Thearpy Tree), Shonny Annette (Visual Artist and Child Advocate) and other wonderful guest) *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its its host.


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    Crime Survivors "Gratitude Gala & Future for Hopeful Healing "

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    Mission Statement 

    To provide hope and healing to victims and survivors of crime through advocacy and the support of resources, information, and empowerment from the critical time after a crime occurs through the challenges and successes of surviving and thriving.


    We believe that no one should feel abandoned or alone and that every person is deserving of love, respect and dignity.
    We believe that the best way to help others with hope and healing is to work in partnership with our community, law enforcement, elected leaders, and members of the media.
    We believe that all of us together can lift each other out of darkness and into the light of a restored heart and life.
    We believe that every broken heart, every hurt, every wound can be healed with love and a strong community of support.
    We believe in hopeful healing.
    We believe that with faith, there is always hope.

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    Faith Builder Stories W/Rev. Tucker

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    Join Paul & Linda as they play and comment on 11 short audio clips about faith in action. These audio sound bites come from Dr. R.E. Tucker's teachings and are incredible stories about personal faith. They call them Faith Builders!

    Hear about the miracle of the white truck, how a street cop used the word "PEACE" to halt a demon, God's wisdom in everyday work, how a demon was stopped when pastor declared "PEACE," a woman is healed of a brain tumor by faith in God, financial miracles and breakthroughs with faith, and how faith gives wisdom in life.

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    This week the hand of God has revealed to the entire country the sin of holocaust abortions.The planned slaughterhood of the innocents and the sale of human body parts. Even cannibals know what they are eating. A fetus is a communist  buzzword lie to harden your heart to the torture of little children. These tiny infants are being drawn and quartered. A medieval practice performed on William Wallace of SCOTLAND. . A fate worse than death. Judas delivered Christ up to be crucified for thirty pieces of silver. These Judas' bid it up like it is a human body auction. Then the democratic partie de la muerte has the gall to tell you the child being torn apart feels no pain. Now we learn that the baby is kept alive as long as possible  to get the best hearts, livers, legs, feet, and lungs etc. They even turn the baby around in the womb to get better access to the most valuable organs.