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    Muslims Do's and Dont's

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    What muslims should do, and what they shouldn't do.

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    Religion in Politics and More...

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    No matter how much we try to avoid it, many of our political choices are influenced by our religious beliefs. Associated topics often spark sharp responses. Two examples of this include a comment from Evangelical leaders Pat Robertson as well as criticism regarding a garment worn by Muslim women. This program will explore, "what are the real concerns?"

    France's Proposed Burqa Ban: Why Americans Might Want to Consider It Too
    But the issue of the burqa, what it symbolizes and how it resonates with immigration policies here in the U.S., raises some serious questions. Is it a sign of repression, even when the wearers aver they have "chosen" to don it? What is the impact of a woman's wearing of a burqa or a headscarf on other women in that society? These are deeply personal questions to which every woman (and man) will have a very different answer.

    Haiti and the Pat Robertson Paradox
    Here's the Pat Robertson paradox: Maybe the overwhelming condemnation of his comments about Haiti following the earthquake is evidence of how much religion continues to matter to many Americans.
    This series of programs are designed to offer tangible solutions to the critical issues that are challenging the quality of life in various populations. Each segment will begin with a clearly stated problem, along statistics about the problem before inviting participants to help develop workable solutions. We invite forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and solutions oriented talkers to engage in meaningful problem solving.

  • Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us this evening at 6pm EST

    Boko Haram is on the rampage again.  UN is Silent! OIC is SILENT! Christians being slaughtered and Pope is opening his arms to the Islamic World?  

    Iran openly threatens to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  UN is SILENT! OIC is SILENT! Iran shows their Hebrewphobia and violates the entire UN Resolution 16/18 and OIC is SILENT! 

    Obama/Jarrett election team now in Israel working diligently to campaign against PM Netanyahu.  Even after President Soundbite stated he was not going to get involved with the campaign.  Geez Pres Soundbite (Obama) lied yet again and now working to oust the Prime Minister.  Obama has a deep disdain for Mr. Netanyahu. This action to send his campaign re-election staff to Israel to campaign against the Prime Minister is unprecedented from an UnPresidential man! 

    Michele Obama disses the Saudi's, refuses to wear headscarf.  All women must wear headscarves, hmm what does that tell you?

    ISIS beheads a Japanese journalist. Barbaric! Sick! Inhumane!

    Mitt Romney is a NO for 2016 Presidential Race! 


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    #5 Misconception that Islam oppresses women. Part II

    in Religion

    Sister Alia and I in a very candid (too candid at points) discussed the reason behind the Muslim headscarf and began to discuss the liberation and freedom of women through Islam...