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    Head Injuries and Concussions!

    in Education

    Head Injuries and Concussions!
    Host: Dr Bones & Nurse Amy
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Thursday 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones of doomandbloom.net, goes solo for the first time as the lovely Nurse Amy is visiting her daughter in Chicago for Mother’s Day. Join Dr. Bones and T. D. Bird, the African Gray Parrot (T. D. stands for “That Darn”) as he discusses head injuries and some new research on concussions, the open wound, and issues related to gastric reflux. Also, the FDA does an about-face regarding whether to use aspirin as primary prevention for heart attack.

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    in Lifestyle

    HE should presume the role of Head of Household, Protector and Provider but in some cases she has to take the helm. Sometimes, the definition of this role is not clearly defined and gets sort of misconstrued by both genders creating alot of confusion. There are some men that relinquish their role for selfish and cowardly reasons leaving the woman and their family to fend for themselves...... Join us for a very instrumental discussion on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO!
    Get your copy of the hottest Non-Fiction Book out...... "LET IT BE KNOWN" by author Al King whom is also host of the show available in Paperback and ebook at www.thealkingpointofview.com

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    GEI Radio Presents: Are women the new Head of Household?

    in Entertainment

    Join us Tone Mitch, Tru and Janell Divine this week as we will be discussing the absence of the male in the household. We will also have Donald Snowden blessing us with Health Talk. Also joining the conversation will be the Fab 5 Janell Divine, Courtney Holmes, Jay Noww, Danielle Nivens and Chris Moore. Tune in this Sunday April 20, 2014 7-9pm 347-934-0021

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    Activating Compassion Radio - Dragon's Head

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Dragon's Head - An emerging new sound that may be described as Celtic Rock Fusion. Their music is always heavy, melodic, and inspiring. Even when they get quiet there remains a roar at their core, a resolve to share even their sweetest melodies with intensity. Taking their cues from alternative, progressive rock, punk, jazz and Celtic balladry, Dragons Head can shape their sound to any venue or occasion – whether it is a stadium, a festival, a nightclub or a church. Their versatility in arrangement and presentation allows them to adapt to any worthy request. Though you will hear the muses of the ages represented in their songs, Dragons Head brings a sound unique and memorable. Their signature sound will ring in your ears until the coming of Ragnoarok (the end times).  You can connect with them at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragons-Head/296164203885443?sk=timeline

    To purchase Dragons Head "Songs of the New Old Ways" go here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dragonshead

    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

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    Why Karen D. Neal Is on Her Way to Becoming a Household Name

    in Writing

    Karen has had a love for words since she has been able to speak. Her passion began with her competitive classroom spelling Bees. Her love for speaking continued into high school when she placed third in a state public speaking competition for VOCA. Her dad proudly displays the plaque on his wall to this very day. She never saw her passion developing into what she can only describe today as an amazing blessing.  

    Karen has worked in the medical field for 25 plus years and continues to do what she does best, be a support system for others and provide comfort to them.

    She has combined her love and passion to create books of entertainment while touching on real life situations. Karen's first title, Grey Family Preys was published in June 2013, via Amazon Kindle as well as paperback, and touches on child  molestation.  She later signed with World Haven Agenda for a short period before gracefully departing with the publishing group.

    Karen is now the entrepreneur of Pensive Publishing, a small publishing company that she began in June 2014, and delivered She Me We, as the first title, her short story. This story touches on D.I.D/Multiple Personalities, but delivers entertaining fictional characters that you will love.

    Karen D. Neal is on her way to becoming a household name and give all praises to God.

    Visit her at: https://www.facebook.com/KDENISENEAL

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    How Do I Stop The Negativity From Running Around My Head?

    in Spirituality

    It happens all the time, images in black and white or full Technicolor surge to the forefront of your mind making you feel like screaming, crying and curling up into a tiny ball. Words, sounds, the memory of smells, the visceral feelings that you felt, the knowing within your scope of understanding that you know, the visions of past events that you’d rather keep buried or locked in the recesses of your mind.  New and old hurts that you’ve dissected and then catalogued for some sort of future reference…if needed.   The problem is, these catalogued events seem to magically escape the mental lock and key and surge to the forefront of your mind replaying like a horror movie starring you.  This is what I call going down into the rabbit hole of Alice’s wonder-land. 

    I wonder if I said this or I wonder if I did that.  These innocent questions start a chain reaction that compound.  And before you know it, somehow you’ve slipped and the perceived negativity that has happened in the past now runs rampant around your head unchecked, growing in power.  And as a result it becomes the focal point in your mind.  Your perceived negativity can be all consuming, yet it carries within it the answers that you are seeking.  The true understanding that you are wanting, and ironically, the magic you need to move you forward.
    Join me, Dr Wendy Dearborne choice expert and Olivia Lashley expression coach as we look at the negativity and the benefits that it brings.

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    in Lifestyle

    Kalpana Sehwani, the Diet-Buster, is the Founder and Head Coach at LostNFoundU, where she helps busy successful women break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, shed the unwanted weight for good, feel energized, be revitalized and finally feel confident and sexy.  


    Over a span of 20+ years, she was prodded on a quest to manage her weight, waistline and pant size. A former yo-yo dieter herself, she tried countless diets, including The Scarsdale Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet, Eat More Weigh Less, Weight Watchers, and Atkins, to name just a few. Finally in 2011, determined to do things differently and lose the weight for good, she dug in, studied, and created her system, LostNFoundU. The truth is anyone can lose weight.  But most dieters feel deep shame when they slowly gain the weight back and more, like she did many times over. What she realized is that the key to real health is keeping the weight off for good.  LostNFoundU was so effective that she shed 70 pounds in 7 months, and has kept it off for more than 3 years.  LostNFoundU is the unique system, based on Kalpana's years of trial, error and finally success, in losing the weight for good, reclaiming her health, and finally finding herself in the process. 

    Her website: www.LostNFoundU.com

    FREE E-REPORT www.takebackyourhealthreport.com

    Complimentary 45 min. Choose You Reboot Session www.ChooseYouSession.com


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    Your Beautiful Baby's Head

    in Parents

    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book: Includes 450 ASL Signs for Babies and Toddlers, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    Since 2001, WeeHands has been an industry-leading children's sign language and language development program delivered through interactive, fun classes, as well as a line of tailored products. In 2014, WeeHands became part of Morneau Shepell’s Children's Support Solutions, an organization that provides health-centered and educational services to children with differences to help them reach their potential.

    This week, Sara will chat with Jennifer Barnard, the founder of Baby Begin. Jennifer is a pediatric Occupational Therapist who was been in treating infants for years. On today's show, we'll be chatting about infant flat head syndrome.

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    D***Head Radio #58 The New York HATE show ...Special Guest Veeza

    in Entertainment

    Oh Yeah ...Just Cus i CAN bout to do an EXCLUSIVE SHOW

    Lots Of Classic Music AN INDEPTH interview With VEEZA

    giving us the WORD on his Split From NWO

    Is THIS THE END of His Battle Rap Carrer

    The Great Poet Purge , The 7 Levels of VaJeen 

    Did I Mention MUSIC?

    tune In @830 You Wont Wanna Miss This One OOOOOOWEEEEE




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    Chatting w/ Temple Central Texas Christian School, Head Coach Jeremy Calahan

    in Football

    TA discusses with Temple's Central Texas Christian School head football coach and former CenTex standout, Jeremy Calahan. Coach Calahan's new job at CTCS, today's style of recruiting, academics, and what it means to be a CenTex native will be the topics of discussion.

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