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    Fighting HCV With CathieCats

    in Self Help

    Rasing awarness of HVC Chatting about anything and everything sharing stories of out Battles  of our wins and losses Telling the truth about this life taking disease advocating for testing and awarness and trying to lead others who are just begining we are strong we are peace and love we are not a stigma nor are we going to be ignored and shunned by those who have no education and information on what HCV is and Why it Kills


    Show begins each Wednesday night @ 8:P.M EST

    Call in # 213-286-6766

    Also please feel free to join my FB HCV Groups

    Woman Rock With HCV

    HCV & Fit

    Fighting Addiction and HCV

    I look forward to meeting chatting advocating directing you and mostly supporting you

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    Saturday Talk on Addiction and HCV with Cathie Cats

    in Self Help

    Call in # 216286-6766


    Addiction and HCV Recovery

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    HCV and Harvoni

    in Self Help

    Call in today and tell of your expereince of using Harvoni


    Call in # 231 286 6766

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    CathieCats HCV Corner

    in Self Help

    Advocating, Awareness, Education, Heath and Support


    Hi I'm Cathie Cats Allow me to introduce myself:

    This evening I'll be sharing my story


    Guest Call In (213) 286-6766

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    Dialysis Patients...... How to Ask For What You Need, With Clinician John Rider

    in Health

    John Rider will discuss how patients can empower themselves and take charge of their own treatment. His insight will help listeners and callers process the difficulties faced by Dialyis Patients and their family. He presently works with Out Patients at High Point Treatment Center in Brockton, Boston.

    John is a past National Advocate for the Commitee of Ten Thousand which deals with the hemophilia community, living with HIV/AIDS and HCV. He helped get national legislation passed and supported litigants in a national class lawsuit.

    Show will air Thursday February 11 at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 PM Pacific

    You can listen on line at:  http://blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates or call into the show no earlier than 10 minutes before airtime at:347-857-3961

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    Recovery With Cat

    in Self Help

    Talking about eveything we need to recover

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    Saturday Mornings With Cathie Cats

    in Self Help

    Fighting Addiction and HCV


    Fighting both Diseases is a tough fight, this Saturday 8/9/14 10:00 a.m est

    we will be hosting this topic .

    Call in # 213-286-6766


    Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday

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    Talk with Tenney: A Conversation with Jen Padron

    in Current Events

    Jen Padron's agenda:

    1.) Peer Services | Supports in an Integrated BH and PC public health environment using my model

    2.) US Peer Services | Supports Center, University of Southern California (USC)

    3.) US Peer Leadership & Workforce Development Institute, University of Southern California (USC)

    4.) Mobile Crisis Intervention MH/SA and the Role of the Certified Peer Specialist in Mobile Crisis Intervention

    5.) The Innovative & Emergent Roles of the CPS, RC and CHW in Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Public Health (e.g., Health Home, PCMH, FQ Peer Services via 1910, 1115 Medicaid Waiver, etc...

    6.) Q & A dialogue 


    Padron is a 2015 Doctor of Public Health Candidate. Her subject matter expertise leverages peer services, supports, delivery, frontier and rural public health and peer services in integrated physical and behavioral systems of care within the United States. “A Study of the Relationship Between Physical Health Problems, the Well-Being, Recovery, and Community Participation of Adults Living with Mental Health Disorders” is a secondary data analysis of randomized controlled University Pennsylvania and Temple University studies. It examines the impact of intervention aimed at enhancing self- care behaviors, patient-physician communication, and motivation to participate in treatment. She completed graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin and undergraduate studies at the University of Washington at Seattle.
    She has postered, appeared and published broadly on HIV/AIDS/STD/HCV education and SPMI, higher-education and SPMI, US peer leadership and workforce development. She blogs on hope, recovery and wellness solutions on madinamerica.com and integrating behavioral and physical health care utilizing peer services/supports on jenpadrondot.com as a person with the shared life experience of mental diversity.

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    CathieCats Corner

    in Self Help

    Welcome to CathieCats Corner


    HCV Awareness is our topic today

    Hit this ling to Skype in and My  Call in # is


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    Friday Night Open Mic With CathieCats

    in Self Help

    Call in and Chat with Cathie Cats on Friday Nights we have an open MIc


    Friday Evenings @ 9:00 P.M EST 


    Call In # - 213  286   6766

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    CathieCats HVC Corner

    in Self Help

    Cathie Cats HCV corner is trying again @ 9:30 PM


    Tec probs should be cleared up