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    American Freedom Party Talk Show: Sean Donahue

    in Politics

    Interview with AFP’s candidate for mayor of Hazelton, PA. 

    Discussion regarding 51 million immigrants to the US in 8 years.

    Discussion regarding April 2015 AmRen conference.

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    Exposing Rehabs, What Blue Cross needs to know

    in Self Help

    What do you get for $1,000 a day at a rehab that teaches AA as its basis of treatment? Is Anthem Blue Cross aware of what is going on at many rehab facilities. How easy it to open a rehab. Who  regulates them? These and many more questions we will be asking. . When will CBT , Motivational Interviewing and professionals, like Jeff Foote , Tom Horvath, Dr Marc Kern,  Dr Adi Jaffe, Donna Cornett, Ken Anderson, Stanton Peele, HAMS, MM, SMART, SOS and just plain, Science and Kindness lead the way and begin a decade of scienctific research when it comes to addiction and alcohol use disorder. 

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    Choosing Health with Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton

    in Health

    Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton, author of "Choosing Health" stops by Underground Wellness Radio to discuss why diets don't work and how we can turn mundane decisions about food and exercise into opportunities for choosing healthier lives. Topics will include customizing your diet to support metabolic individuality, goal-setting and motivational skills, improving digestive and adrenal health, and postural therapy. Learn more about Rebecca on her website, www.choosinghealthnow.com. For more health related books and DVDs, visit the UW Store. Hosted by Josh Trent of Wellness Force. www.undergroundwellness.com

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    Player Spotlight: WR Vidal Hazelton, Cincinnati

    in Sports

    WR Vidal Hazelton joins "Reverend" Ralph Mancini, as he discusses the long, winding journey he has taken to become one of the true sleepers of this upcoming draft class. Most recently, the Staten Island, NY native has worked out for the Cincinnati Bengals, the New York Jets and the New York Giants.

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    Rebecca Rovay Hazelton interview Choosing Health Real Health

    in Paranormal

    Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband and daughter. Her book Choosing Health is a step-by-step guide to living a healthier lifestyle.
    Nutrition, fitness, posture and plenty of whole food recipes make this book a must read!
    Rebecca is a Licensed Nutritionist with specialty certifications in Metabolic Typing Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist.
    To learn more, please visit Choosinghealthnow.com/
    TOPIC: We will discuss her book: " Choosing Health: A One - Size - Doesn't - Fit - All Guide To Diet,­ Exer­cise & Motivation - How to chose certain foods for a heather life - How people can take charge of their health - And what tools people can use to improve their health starting today for real results.

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    Trending on design style from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

    in Design

    Live from Las Vegas at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, we dish on delish design with DIY Network host Kayleen McCabe, HouseCalls host Ron Hazelton, and HGTV Remodels host Laurie March on cool colors, burning trends and leading edge fx.

    We get started with the nuts, bolts, boards and tools of renovation with DIY Network’s redolent Rescue Renovation host Kayleen McCabe who brings her passion for tools and her mini harmonica.

    Laurie March, home improvement impresario from HGTV Remodels and CookingChannelTV.com’s “Good to Know” feeds us fun DIY and design tips. And shares her easy weekend projects that include turning a changing table into a bar cart.

    We talk about trends in surfaces, new patterns, colors, and technology with experts from Formica.

    And we take a long view at the home improvement industry with Ron Hazelton and talk about how 3D printing is changing how we build, create, and plan projects.

    From dirty boots and dust-ups to totally on-trend, it’s a design feast right now on MyFixitUpLife.

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    The Pro's and Con's of Money

    in Music

    How Far would u go for Money?.....Also Special Guest(s) Model"Ms Key Jones" from Columbia,Sc

    & Fashion Designer"Mr.Quinton Hazelton" Ceo of "Millionaire Mentality Clothing" from Charleston,Sc...

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    She's The B.O.S.S. Radio!

    in Business

    “Your Brand”
    She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio is a platform for promoting personal and professional development. The show tackles a wide range of topics with positive resolutions in mind. We aim to equip listeners with the tools to help empower them to grow to new levels in work, business and home.
    She’s The B.O.S.S. Radio focuses on more than just women’s issues. We invite everyone to join in the conversation to give a well rounded perspective on the topics of the day. It is our goal to amplify female voices and encourage men to uplift us in our efforts.
    Join LaKita and Pamela as they take a road trip to support the 4 Annual Lupus Beauty Day in East Rutherford, New Jersey while  sharing their experience with Mrs. PR Protocol herself Barbara Holt Streeter. They will be discussing the benefits of using media to promote your brand. Please check out the interviews with Dr. Madeline Lewis and Lamar Hazelton. So stop by at 11:00am to 12:00pm.

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    Ancient Aliens: Yaweh Killed Jezebel for Tolerance 872 BC

    in History

    YAHWEH/ENLIL, ET FROM NIBIRU, HAD ISRAELI QUEEN JEZEBEL KILLED FOR TOLERANCE Web Radio, article, illustrations at link below text   Jezebel is a culture hero in the struggle against the suppression of diversity and against female enslavement.  For thirty years, almost 3000 years ago, Jezebel moved her nation toward justice and appreciation of women, minorities and diverse spiritual practices.  Her life reminds us that we must free ourselves from the ET Nibirans’ woman-suppressing attitudes, miscegenation Nibiru’s King Anu, Earth Goldmining Expedition Chief Yahweh, Yahweh’s rival Allah (Marduk) as well as Popes and fundamentalists of all stripes have inflicted upon us. Jezebel reminds us to accept our essential oneness as humanity.  I am greatful to Leslie Hazelton for this magnificent Jezebel, the book on which this broadcast relies, we see Jezebel was an enlightened queen, urging humanity toward a more civilized civilization.   http://aquarianradio.com/2013/03/yahwehenlil-et-from-nibiru-had-israeli-queen-jezebel-killed-for-tolerance/

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    Straight Down the Middle - High School Golf

    in Golf

    Coach Chris Hazelton
    Started playing golf at the age of 9 and played off and on until my junior year of high school at Carl Hayden. Was recruited to play golf over at Phoenix College by Coach Haberer after the end of my senior year season was over. Currently coach Boys Golf at Betty Fairfax High School and have been the golf coach for boys for the last four seasons. 2013 Fall will be my fifth season.  Our home course is Aguila golf course and we are 5 A division 2. Our school opened six years ago with a freshman student body. Only  one player play golf  over multiple years and finish his senior year as a member of the team, keeping players is challenging.  Next season will be the first season that we will start with the same top 5 that finished with  the season prior.
    The Coach is an Arizona native and grew up watching his dad play who was and still is an outstanding amateur. He thoroughly enjoys coaching golf and is always thinking ahead to the next season as to how he can be a better golf coach.  He has also taught his son how to play the game just ashis dad taught him, and this past season his son played for him as a freshman.
    Rudy Barron 2012 First Man
    Junior in high school , plays baseball and golf. Came to the golf team his sophomore year with no prior knowledge, last season shot a personal best 9 hole match score of 39 at Coldwater G.C.. 2013 Goal: Qualify for the state tournament
    Hunter Hazelton 2012 Second Man
    Freshman in high school, plays golf only. Started paying golf seriously during 8 grade after receiving instruction from dad and becoming a member of the First Tee. Personal best 9 hole match score of 43 at Aguila golf course. 2013 Goal: Qualify for the State Tournament

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    Kid Build Nation

    in Design

    It's design time, kid-style.
    Deysi Melgar from PBS's Design Squad Nation slingshots in to talk about, well, slingshots. And pasta cars, hover shoes and more. This daredevil and future aerospace engineer isn't talking science fiction, either. This is kid-inspire design. From the flying to the funny, just imagine what you can build.
    We're talking with Ron Hazelton from the nationally syndicated television series 'HouseCalls' about more kid-friendly projects, how to get kids started on DIY, grown-up how-to resources, and more. 
    Theresa and Mark are talking Egg-cellent ideas to get everyone from babies to grown-ups involved in egg dying.
    We talk kid DIY safety tips, plus helpful strategies to get kids started in home improvement. Plus learn about a shop tool made for kids that even Mark has on his wish list.