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    Misunderstanding of Dynasty Hawk

    in Entertainment

    ima Introduce myself im BlackHawkE better known as Dynasty Hawk,. Fly back in time as i bring you my life from growing up in the streets of West Philly to my present days as Dynasty Hawk...

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    "Conversations with Golden Hawk" - Experiencing Magic

    in Self Help

    Hi Everyone please join Golden Hawk and Janine Kimmel on Friday evening Sept 12th at 6:30 pm EST for a wonderfully enchanting discussion on the Unpredictable Magic of Living a Virtuous Life!

    Goldie and Janine have both been enjoying a tremendous amount of syncronistic experiences ever since they asked the question "What is my relationship with water."  Now these syncronicities are morphing from an awareness into a whole new level of experiences that is purely MAGICAL!

    Tune in as they share the mystery and the magic of being aligned with mother nature and all the gifts of her endowment - you will be glad you did!

    "Thank you everyone for all your support - it is always deeply appreciated."

    Golden Hawk


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    "Conversations with Golden Hawk" - Intimacy in Our Lives

    in Self Help

     im so excited to be sharing time and space with my friend Paulette Ball on a very sensitive subject of intimacy. I recently experienced a sense of abandoment in a relationship which triggered in me the desire to look at intimacy in my own life. As I was seeking this wisdom, Paulette commented on a thread of mine of how she personally handled this very issue in her own life & her words jumped off the computer and went straight into my soul - here is the thread & her response

    "i'm working on this in my own life and i am very interested in how many of my friends feel they have a sufficient amount of intimacy in their lives - male or female doesn't matter and i am not asking about sexual intimacy - i am asking about emotional intimacy.

    Paulette Ball - Trust was important with me at first, Goldie. And then it became okay to let the need for trust go. That was a powerhouse for me. Huge.

    Golden Hawk -  Paulette - you have hit the proverbial nail on the head - its funny cuz i never sense a relationship that gonna go sideways - it just kinda happens.

    Paulette Ball  - I hear you. I so understand, too. It was the same for me. And people have not changed, so I changed how I viewed their actions/reactions. That is when I let go of the need to trust as a means to keep people at arm's length. We humans... we are something special for sure!"

     Please join us on November 24th, Monday night at 8:30pm est - 5:30pm pst for a heartfelt discussion on this very illusive subject.

    Paulette Ball was a horse trainer and then became a horse show judge - she opened and owned a health food store for 10 years and learned a LOT there, too. She is a Massage therapist, spiritual counselor, Master Herbalist, nutritional microscopist and bred and trained dogs, too.

    Call in and share 646-929-2084  - Tank you for all your support - i always appreicate it!!!!

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    The Hawk SNR DJ Hawk Birthday Show

    in Music

    Tonigh Is a open show where people can call in to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year to someone over seas in the Military.  Or to somone here in the USA.  Also tonight is just a big get together and talk about todays music and how its changing.

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    "Conversations with Golden Hawk" - Leaving the Matrix

    in Self Help

    Hi Everyone, please join Golden Hawk and Janine Kimmel on July 3, at 6:00 pm EST for an inspired conversation on how the matrix influences our lives everyday and our personal journeys as we move out of it.  Goldie and Janine realize this is a huge topic with many avenues to take, so they have decided to focus souly on recent events which they feel have inpacted their lives the most. Its going to be a conversation filled with gracious reflection and bold awareness and we hope you'll tune in and be inspired.

    Thank you everyone for your support, its allways appreciated - Now on with the show!!!!!


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    Hawk Talk January 16, 2014

    in Sports

    Coach Hasen and Goalie Matt Vince on this weeks Hawk Talk with Gonzo and Knabber !

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    Hawk Talk With Gonzo and Knabber 4/3/2014

    in Sports

    Coach Hasen and guest on this weeks Hawk Talk with Gonzo and Knabber !

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    Hawk Talk With Gonzo and Knabber 4/17/2014

    in Sports

    Coach Hasen and #28 Stephen Keogh on this weeks Hawk Talk with Gonzo and Knabber !

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    Hawk Talk With Gonzo and Knabber 4/10/2014

    in Sports

    Coach Paul Day and #88 Cody Jamieson on this weeks Hawk Talk with Gonzo and Knabber !

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    "Conversations with Golden Hawk" - Our Relationship with Water

    in Self Help

    Please join Golden Hawk and Janine Kimmel on Friday evening, August 8th at 7:00 pm EST as they share a light hearted discussion of what they both discovered after they asked themselves the question "What is my relationship with water"

    Both Goldie and Janine realize that once a question is asked, the universe will deliver answers to us often in ways we never expected and after 3 weeks of inquiring they're both ready to share their discoveries!

    "Inner exploration; discovering who we really are, is a life changing and strengthening experience. Like nature, our inner self flourishes when we care for, love, and respect ourselves. This is the natural and authentic way of being...vital" Janine Kimmel

    Thank you all for tuning in and supporting the show - its always appreciated!!!!

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    Hawk Talk With Gonzo and Knabber 3/6/2014

    in Sports

    Coach Hasen and guest on this weeks Hawk Talk with Gonzo and Knabber !

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