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    Having a Home Business Should be Super Fun!

    in Entrepreneur

    Let's talk about making your business fun. It will make you much more attractive and it help you build bigger, better and faster! Show up and be fun! Make your opportunity look attractive to others who are in the J.O.B. jail!

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    Having Fun in the Present Moment on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show

    in Spirituality

    Joy, laughter, fun all are part of the human experience and also part of the divine experience.  As you work today doing whatever it is you are doing, try to incorporate fun and an awareness of the present moment. 

    This show is focusing our attention on the fact that without humor, enjoyment and laughter, life is too rigid and uncompromising.  In order to exercise your highest self, you must remember to have fun!  We'll tell you how!!

    Join us for the conversation.  For more information about this show, please visit our website www.talknangels.com

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    Fun For All

    in Entertainment

    This show is for anyone. We are going to share tips, talk about celebrities, and talk about things that the audience wants to talk about, and more! This is not just some stupid radio station this will be a fun one. You will be able to interact with me and everyone else. I promise you will enjoy my new radio station.

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    Sim Standard Radio Episode 72 - NBA2K16 vs NBA Live 16, Having Fun, and more!

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers! We have a great show lined up and we can't wait to start the discussions.We also have copies NBA Live 16 to giveaway. You must tune into the show in order to win a copy. In the second hour we will open up the line for callers.  Hopefully we will not encounter any issues tonight. We look forward to all of your calls, thoughts, and comments. Listed below is a brief description of tonight's topics. See you guys at 8pm EST. 


    Comparing NBA2K16 and NBA Live 16 - I believe we will cover a lot of areas with this topic. Primarily we will be discussing why you can't use the apples to apples method when comparing NBA Live 16 to NBA 2K16. 


    Are you allowed to have fun? - This is another topic that will cover a lot of different areas. Can you have fun with a game that isn't perfect? Is game trash just because it has flaws? Why do you get upset when someone is having fun with a game you don't like? 


    Madden 16 community check in - We will be discussing how we feel about Madden now that games like NBA 2K16 is out. How do you feel since the last patch? Are you still enjoying Madden? 


    Tentative Topic - There is a chance that Scott O'Gallagher will call into the show. If he is able to make it we will definitely spend a good amount of time talking to him about NBA 2K16. Again, this is possible not for certain depending on OG's availability. 

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    Two Owls Having a Hoot! Wisdom, energy tools & fun to power your soul path

    in Self Help

    Episode #4: Where is Your Home?

    Is your sense of home connected to an external space such as a specific geographic location, an internal space like a spiritual life purpose or blueprint … hmm, or is your sense of home wrapped up in a warm feeling of being “at home” with yourself?  

    The good news is that if you are able to discern the role of each of the above in your day-to-day life, you might be able to identify your unique and true sense of HOME that will nurture, nourish and complete you. 

    Join your hosts, Mildred Lynn McDonald and Madonna MacInnis as they share their personal insights and life experience about “Where is Your Home?". You’ll also enjoy their heart-centered exploration of two key questions: “How do you feel when you are not at home?” and "How do you feel when you are at home?” You’ll love it!

    Join us for 30-minutes of Two Owls Having a Hoot! the FIRST THURSDAY of the month at 4pm PST/8pm AST. Delve into the mysteries of ancient wisdom, explore the healing capabilities of energy medicine, and bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen. Get ready to challenge your six senses, shift your perspective, learn new energy healing tools, and connect the dots between the old, the new and everything in-between.  Tune into Two Owls Having a Hoot! for stimulating conversations steeped in boundless curiosity and Divine wonder!  


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    The Importance of Scheduling Fun Into Your Routine

    in Spirituality

    We have become a society of calendars and lists. However, sometimes we forget to schedule time for fun or doing nothing at all. On Friday, Oct. 2, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. UK, we will discuss how to schedule things that most people don't schedule and the importance of doing so.  

    Join in the conversation through Skype (after the show begins), calling 347-205-9074, or in the Facebook group Purpose Talk Radio Conversations. 

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    Having Said That

    in Pop Culture

    LIVE CALL IN Radio show

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    Having FUN with your 10% ??? with Lisen

    in Lifestyle


    Having FUN with your 10% ???  with Lisen

    What is that? One of my favorite tools that helped me change my money situation when I started Access years ago.

    New Show on "Creating Possibilities"

    This world is full of possibilities and we have choice to create the life we desire. 

    What does intensity mean? Do you sometimes feel like you are going to burst? Cry? You do not know what to do? What can you choose so it changes?

    What if this show can contribute to opening up more Possibilities in Your Life, In Your Business, In every area of your Life?

    What if we can create so much awareness that we don't buy into limitations as real? And we would be willing to acknowledge our awareness and choose from what we know? And be willing to be the magic we know is possible?

    Welcome to open up to more space... space of possibilties:-)

    Creating Possibilities with Lisen 
    A Global Creation In Consciousness


    Access Facilitator & Access Organizer
    Bars, Foundation & Level 1
    Access Body Process Facilitator
    Right Voice for You Facilitator
    Cert. Coach

    Lisen +46 708 39 39 97 | lisen.bengtsson@me.com

    Skype namn


  • Two Owls Having a Hoot! Wisdom, energy tools & fun to power your soul path

    in Spirituality

    Episode #3: What is an Animal Totem or Animal Spirit Guide?

    Did you know that there are hidden qualities and forces of Nature that we can access if we are attuned to the natural forces around us? It is true.  Personal power animals and the connection to animals and their wisdom are found throughout the world in many cultures. From cave paintings, ornate jewelry and carvings to countless stories and legends. 

    Animal Totems express the spirit nature of that species and exemplify qualities we can learn from. They are psychological and spiritual symbols that convey to us the qualities that we need in our daily lives. In essence, they are a mirror of us reflecting our own innate qualities to help ourselves better understand our connection to all things. In this show, we’ll learn some of the natural language the animal kingdom is sharing with us by exploring the following questions: What are Animal Totems or Animal Spirit Guides? How do they work? Why use them in your daily life? Where can you find on-line resources and more information?

    In addition, your hosts, Mildred Lynn McDonald and Madonna MacInnis will provide an example of how they use Animal Totems in their own lives to gain a better perspective, understand inner conflicts, connect with Nature,  and discern which course of action (or inaction) might be in their highest interest.  You’ll love it!

    Join us for 30-minutes of Two Owls Having a Hoot! the FIRST THURSDAY of the month at 4pm PST/8pm AST. Website

  • Food Fun Nation #42 Not knowing what the other one is bringing (Potluck style)

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation #42 Not knowing what the other one is bringing (Potluck Style)

    brought to you by us @ www.foodfunnation.com

    We are back from a small summer break. We will talk about our new domain names and where we are headed in the near future on our website. New name, same old us with hopefully some newer twists without being stuck with a local bran name. Food is International love and we are going North american wide now! Food Nation Food Talk Radio on blogtalkradio is now Food Fun Nation on blogtalkradio......... Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and let's all dig into this next episode. Certified Chef hosted as well as current fast food kitchen Supervisor co hosted...... We know our stuff (From what we know lol)....

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    "Barbershop Talk: Saved but Still Having SEX"

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    In today's society, the church is filled with women who pray for God to bless them with a husband...However, many of them are unwilling/unable to stop having sex with a friend with benefits. Tune into "Barbershop Talk on "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we discuss, "Saved but Still Having SEX". Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online at www.dedantolbertshow.com... "Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years" ?#‎rrtm?