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    Dark Rides and Haunted Attractions

    in Paranormal

    Paranormal and Haunted things do exist outside of Halloween!  Many rides, parks, and haunted houses are open for the public every day of the year.  Join us tonight as we explore haunted attractions and dark rides that are near you!

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    Dark Rides and Haunted Attractions

    in Paranormal

    Listen in on a repeat episode of dark rides and haunted attractions. Halloween is drawing near!

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    The Haunted Hunters Magazine

    in Paranormal

    Join us tonight as we talk about our newly released magazine and the stories within.

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    Haunted Houses In your Area

    in Politics

    The show is about haunted houses in the area where you live, Melissa Bryan and I are going to be talking about the houses we have been in and our experences in and near our area. If you would like to call in it would be great ! They are everywhere and you don't have to use your name when calling in if you wish. And other experiences in haunted areas. It should be a exciting show !!!  As you know Melissa is a great medium I can honestly tell you that !!!! Call in and let's share our thoughts of the spirit world. This has nothing to do with the New Revolution!


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    Patrick Meechan-Spiritual Warfare & HAUNTED houses

    in Spirituality

    This is an early KAPOW Radio Show broadcast dated October 24, 2011 (3 years ago), and is our first interview with author Patrick Meechan who later became one of the hosts on the KAPOW Network and our good friend in Christ. Prayerfully, he will return to the Network one day soon. Forgive the not so tight audio, but listen to Patrick's story about the Haunted House he lived in at 220 5th Street and how he used spiritual warfare to fight against the ghostly demons.

    You will hear strange noises, clicks and even VOICES on the recording that are not supposed to be there! At around 49:00, there is a female voice speaking Chinese dialect that is "bleeding" into our conversation. This was an "EVP" of an other worldly spirit. The demons really tried hard to stop this early broadcast, but failed.

    Hear Patrick's testimony of his survival of a haunted house. This is not for the faint of heart or spiritually squimish!


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    Graveyard Shift SN06E001: "Dear Diary, Bill LUVS Haunted Houses! PS: So do I!"

    in Pop Culture

    In this SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE, Emi broadcasts the interview between himself and famed Author Bill Hall!  The two discuss Bill's newest book, "The Haunted House Diaries", as well as reveal updates on Bill's previous book, "The World's Most Haunted House" (Episode available on archived list)!  Emi and Bill have tons of fun talking ghosts, psychics, ghost shows and they even find time to discuss magic!  Don't miss out, this is just the beginning of what's sure to be a fun SIXTH season of THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT!

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    William J. Hall - "The World's Most Haunted House"

    in Self Help

    What may be the most notorious and most terrifying poltergeist haunting of recent decades, the Bridgeport poltergeist was seen and heard by thousands of people on one unforgettable day in 1974. William J. Hall was one of the local youngsters who remembers vividly every detail.

    Hall grew up to become a magician and a well-known investigator of the paranormal and the unexplained, writing a syndicated column on those subjects for many years in Connecticut newspapers.

    Now Hall returns to his past to share never-before reported interviews of the first responders and other witnesses, and previously unrevealed documents and reports in a journalistic new book … The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street. Yeap! you now can return to 1974 and feel the Lindley Street experience from the inside.

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    Brian & Sherri and the Evil, no good , very scary Haunted House!

    in Entertainment

    As you all know, Brian does NOT do haunted houses! Well that is about to change tonight! The show has been invited to participate in a local haunted house put on by some friends of ours in a nearby town, the theme for this has Brian re-thinking this, Asylum. There will be creepy doctors, nurses and paintients waiting at every turn and you will all bare witness because it will be during the show!

    Brian and Sherri have decided to do this haunted house live during the show, something obvioulsly which has never been done before. So prepare yourselves to hear some crying, laughing and maybe Brian admiting to peeing himself.


    We want to thank our friends at Walmart for being part of our show and Dunkin Donuts, Thank you!


    *Just to warn you, there might be strong language.

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    'Arrow' 4x05 - 'Haunted' Review

    in Film


    'Arrow' 4x05 - 'Haunted'Review


    Laurel, as usual, is an idiot, and pretty much no matter how you look at it, this is the worst she's been in a while.  She's just terrible.  But everyone should relax! John Constantine is finally here!  Here Constantine is in both flashback and present day form defeating evil with ancient incantations and his quick british wit!  We've missed the bloke for sure!  Meanwhile, Quentin Lance finds an unlikely ally in Diggle, and the two embark on a journey to erase a number of names on a list of some sort and find out why Andy Diggle (John's brother) had to die!

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    The Haunted House of Haunted Houses | Ghost Stories, Hauntings, Paranormal & Supernatural

    in Paranormal

    In tonight's episode we will talk about ghosts that came back with a warning of danger.  We will hear tale of a sightseeing trip in Japan that gives three guys a sight to remember.  We will share a story of a listener that had a not so relaxing vacation in London. And, finally we will discuss a story of premonitions of a haunted house of death.

    If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call! Visit http://www.realghoststoriesonline.com or call-in your ghost story 24/7 at 1-855-853-4802 .

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    Welcome to Girl Haunted Radio

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to Girl Haunted Radio. my name is Donna Mistek, I am author of several books dealing with true life experiences of the unknown forces that lie waiting in the shadows to keep us awake all night. I am also the creator of Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine, where I have invited others to share their stories of their experiences of the paranormal, haunted locations and more with the world as we all seem to have the same question, of why, what happens after we die, are these truly the voices of our beloved that we are hearing. I consider myself to be empathic, sensitive, a remote viewer, astral projection, astral traveler. I have been like this since being a very young girl, as long as I can remember I have always been sensitive to those who are unseen but still there. I used to think I was crazy and it took me quite a while in my life to figure out what was truly going on with me. When I got to that point in my life, all I wanted to do was to help others, I started investigating with my sister, and a few others, testing the new equipment that was being introduced into the field at the time. As the years went on, I would only go to home if I was needed to help resolve a problem, especially with children, I would go through a raging blizzard as well noted on an investigation with a family that involved children. We may never find out the answers to  our questions until we join the "other side" all we can do is try to help each other through our tragedies and grief while on this earthly plain. And we can write, and we can talk to help each as well. Join us now on Girl Haunted Radio as we explore the world and more. 

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