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    Colorism and Racism A look into Self hatered

    in Culture

    Join in on the conversation as we continue to discuss Colorism, and Racism Black on black style or should I say, 'Black love American Style' We will look at the self hater, the platation mentality, and the Negropean. Why do we seek white approval for the things we do? Why do whites have to feel our pain before it becomes an issue? 
    Im expecting your Common Sense on the matter join in!  This Thursday 8pm EST - 7pm CST - 5pm PST   The call in number is 323-927-2904 you can call in to just listen OR PRESS ONE to let us know what you think! 

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    Conservative nitwits...not a border-crisis, its an humanitarian crisis stupid!

    in Current Events

    As politicians play political football with the lives of potentially thousands of immigrant children coming across our borders seeking the same opportunities that our fore-fathers promised to all people (except slaves) coming to our shores, even if its across a sweltering desert where many have perished, more have not been found and even more to join them in the future by doing nothing more than fleeing levels of violence in Central America that make last weekends bloodshed in Chicago look like a bake sale...REALLY!  Don't any of these supposedly 'caring' GOP/TeaBaggers know the difference between a humantitarian crisis and an invasion.  They profess 'christianity' while espousing a level of hatered and vitriol more akin to Boko Haram than 'christianity'...they should be ashamed.  Plus the usual blith and blather you all so dearly love...later

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    Be Like REAL Women Ought 2 Be, NOT the way GIRLS should be, PT 2 Ways of 1 self

    in Women

    Women, we are more than just a beautiful body and face,MADE by the rib of a Man, glorified by GOD and was called Woman, someway cursed by somethings we have to carry on in LIFE because of our Mother Eve, but here to tell u, theirs a differance in being a SILLY WOMAN AND A REAL WOMAN with inner strength built on nothing less than the will of her FATHER, pretaing to the LORD when we stop being silly Men will respect you and NOT use you, but WIFE YOU .''

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    Why do people hate people who are different? (Homophobia)

    in Self Help

    Homophobia!  How do you feel about same sex marriage?  What is a fag?  Why do people say hateful things?  Is it ok for a man to give his opinion on another man if he has dated his sister or friend?  EXCLUSIVE I WILL PLAY A VOICE MAIL,
    I want reaction please call in 646-595-4892 or email me at Justtalkaboutit2012@gmail.com lets start a conversation!

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    #4HFA - Haters Ball: A look into our "love to hate" attitude in sports

    in Sports

    Do people really give a good reason why they hate athletes, teams, and certain sports?

    Is jealousy the root cause of athletes hating on other athletes?

    Do you think the reason we hate on sports is because we do not understand the sport?

    Do you think the media plays a big role on the hatered of athletes, teams, and sports receive?

    Do you think some athletes bring it on themselves?

    Are some players immune to hate?

    Is there a difference between hate and criticism? 

     Is it ever ok or rational to hate?

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    Straight Outta Camden Radio Show 5.2, Start @ 7

    in Comedy

      Today we will be talking about: How do you feel about your EX? We all know that sometimes we leave our ex on bad terms and that create hatered.  Whats the first thing you wanna do when you make it out the hood? Everybody wants that fame and fortune, lets just say that you get that, what would be the first thing you would do? Whats your idea of a first date? People have all different ideas of a first date but what is yours? People that are Cheap? Have you ever been wit someone that can be cheap is hell? Is it right to be a cheap bastard?What if:  Men. You were dating somebody for a while and had a baby. You been taking care of this baby for over a year thinking its yours, and come to find out its actually your friends. Now this friend is somebody you chill with all the time. Yall homies. What would you do? How would you react? Call in @ 347-215-9272, and come kick it with us.

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    in The Bible

    "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the MOST HIGH shall abide under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY."

    Psalm 91:1
    Psalm 91:2-15 ( read daily), and be encouraged.
    Psalm 23:4
    Isaiah 59:19

    So much is happening all over the world today and in our city. The great city of Chicago Illinois has become like a valley of death. Violence, hatered, evil, unrest, dread, fear, death and shadows of death all around us. Psalms 23:4 tell us "Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou are with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

    The second half of Isaiah 59:19 tells us; "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the SPIRIT of the LORD (shall)!! lift up a standard against him."

    * GOD'S standard is righteous judgment bringing on His level of quality and order to a situation.


    *I encourage you to pray with me for the inhabitants of the city of Chicago.

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    The MADHOUSE *NFL Talk All The Time Forum & MORE!! #2*

    in Entertainment

    Well Ladies and Gent.....Tonight marks the return of The NFL Talk All The Time Forum & MORE!!! With all of the recent releases, trades, aquisitions of players, hatered amongst so called fans, and the NFL draft coming up.....There will be lots to discuss and NOTHING will be sugar coated!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The MADHOUSE!!!

    **Music and audio clips that are ocassionally used on the show..are protected by fair use and are the soul property of ALL those involved in their creation. NO infringement intended!!**

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    The MADHOUSE *NFL Talk All The Time FORUM & MORE!!!!*

    in Entertainment

    Ladies and Gents!!! Welcome inside The MADHOUSE!!! Tonight, we will spend some time addressing "ALL" of the hatered amongst NFL fans NATIONWIDE. What does being loyal to your team mean? Would you stick by your team, even if they didn't make the playoffs or the super bowl? The show would love to hear from anybody in The NFL Talk All The Time group on facebook!!! 323-784-9673

    In the MORE portion of the show, we will be covering current news stories and entertainment news!!!

    Going to be an interesting show tonight!!!!

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    A Better World Coming

    in Religion

    Would you like to live in a Better World ! A world with no hatered,no racial or religous prejudice, no sickness, and no diseases. Aperfect Utopia.
    Believe it or not we are going to soon see a world like this UTOPIA. to have a world of peace.Soon in the future we will see world peace. But men won't bring it ! Your bible say" The waqy to peace they no not" So what must happen in order for us to have a perfect peaceful world? Tune in and find out.

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    Sean Hannity vs Khalid Muhammad !!!!! The Hatered of most white Americans.

    in Entertainment

    Sean Hannity vs Khalid Muhammad !!!!! The Hatered of most white Americans.

    Nation of Islam power // Made in the USA Baby !