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    The Vicious Attacks on Michelle Rider / The Shoars Family Tragedy

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    Hear the vicious attacks by Mathew T. Grey, an Ex-DCF Investigator to Michelle Rider on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's Facebook page.  I will read ALL of his hate and idiocy so you can hear just how pathetic these people truly are.  I have also challenged this Mathew T. Grey to come on the program and defend his untruthful and hateful actions.  Will he take that challenge? . . . Only his incredibly ignorant self knows the answer to that.

    Also:  A terrible tragedy and a terrible injustice has been served once again on anther American family.  The Shoar's Family tragedy.  All seven children removed after an accident in the home.  Still no reason, still no charges and still no children!

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    Just told I'm a retard liberal by a stupid, illiterate & hateful con..thank God!

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    Your always questioning host decided to once again attempt to find out what makes me, me.  Why am I this craven, evil liberal who believes in the rights of people, universal healthcare, a living wage, that immigrants are not "border crisis", that people shouldn't go to bed hungry, that great schools are a good thing and that our climate needs to be kept healthy?  I begin to search for the answer to my quest to become a conservative at the bequest of all those who denegrate liberals as somehow being retarded because we believe in humanity and decency in a highly complex world.  Yes, I want to become a hateful, war-mongering, vitriol spewing, self-righteous, lying ass acting like a pestulant 2nd grader on the playground...who happens to be white fat and a bully (Chris Christies' childhood!).  Change is good.

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    Remaining in hateful abusive relationships for delusions, money, and position

    in Spirituality

    Dennis C Latham handles the phone lines while The Ordinary People Society - TOPS Radio Airs and Broadcasts - Ceo, Founder, and HOST Kenneth Glasgow.

    Call-in number: 1 (323) 679-0905 5PM to 7PM CDT - 6PM to 8PM EST


    Spiritual and community support and activism for , encompassing , and , for the homeless, ex-offenders, ex-drug addicts, women in crisis, etc. under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Glasgow

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    The CIA. The Mad Scientist - Psychotic Branch of the Intelligence Services.

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    What is the CIA. WHO are they? What is their ultimate function? How are they funded? Who was behind it's creation?  WHY are they being used against Americans?

    The CIA was never chartered for domestic work against US citizens, but documents that were released prove they not only have operated on American shores, they have covertly been experimenting on unwitting US and Canadian citizens for decades. They have committed heinous crimes both domestically and abroad. They are responsible for nearly every war we have seen on this planet for the last 60 years.  They are funded to a very large degree, through the drug trade, and weapons from small arms to military weaponry.  They excel in the "Art of Deception", and behind false flag ops.  They are responsible for buying out all the so called journalists, news stations, and other news outlets, who all simply hand out the news they are handed. They are actively behind a lot of television programming, even handing out scripts to such shows as the x files.  They have murdered journalists who try to go on to expose them, and those agencies and joint special task forces working with the CIA. They set up the Al Sharptons, and the Jesse Jackson's, to  divide us, brew more unrest, and even set their people in demonstrations to turn them to hateful riots.  .

    For answers to all these questions and for all the REAL dirty little details, tune into this program.

    Eric Jewell is formerly 193rd Military Intelligence, Ft Clayton Panama.  He now works actively, developing civilian counter intelligence operations, operating LEGALLY, exposing to the public the massive propaganda campaigns going on around us that have put us into a literal Matrix. To find out more at www.theacrp.org, or t their message board here, where he is known as "Wolfbitn":  http://acp4usa.freeforums.org . Or contact him at eric@theacrp.org

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - WhereThere is Hatred Let Us Sow Love

    in Spirituality

    FOCUS: Where there is Hatred Let Us Sow Love

    There is a Power within us that is greater than any offense, any hateful attack, any acts of disrespect, and any wounded pride. That Power is the Power of Love.

    Divine Love is seeded in the Soul of every human being. In that seed is full Universal Knowledge of Oneness -- full apprecation for Life''s singularity that is One Life expressing Itself in every life.

    In the seed of Love planted in the heart of each of us there is the Inner Knowing that every act of violence is the Soul screaming to feel connected and accepted, loved and respected. Every moment of rage is the Soul's plea for a soothing moment of Loving Kindness.

    Today we nurture the seed of Perfect Love planted in our Soul until it sprouts into leaves of tenderness that awaken Compassion and Understanding. We do this for  ALL who are screaming for Love to soothe their broken hearts.

    Every moment in which we remember that Love is in us all, we are watering and nourishing the seeds of Love in every human heart. 

    In the consciousness of one who is immersed in the divine love of God, there is no deception, no narrowness of caste or creed, no boundaries of any kind. When you experience that divine love, you will see no difference between flower and beast, between one human being and another. 

    Prayer of St. Francis by Anonymous 

    Let me be an instrument of Perfect Peace

    Where there is hatred,
    Let me sow love;
    Where there is injury, pardon;
    Where there is error, truth.....

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    Theodore Kaufman - Hateful Jew

    in Education

    Our German Ancestry
    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann
    Theodore N. Kaufman is just one more of a multitude of hateful jews who have plagued America and Europe for centuries.  A strong hemp rope should have been used on him when his first book appeared on the shelves.  I could say the same for the other hateful jews who published the subversive Time Magazine.  The same magazine is run by the same subversive filth even today.  No surprise there.
    Here is a quote from Mark Weber (ihr.org) :  
    "Kaufman's fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman's plan a "sensational idea." "
    email:  rsch13@yahoo.com

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    Making Love or Making Hate

    in Politics

    At some point, we have to stop claiming that people are "hating" simply because we disagree with them. There is some real hatred out there and we need to fucs.

    Some of these ignorant cops in America are hateful and that is real.

    There are racists at large who hate others.

    And, some of us even hate ourselves.

    Then, there is the hatred across the gender divide that rears its ugly head whenever discussions are held about relationship issues.

    We have to choose between loving each other or embracing the growing acrimony that is festering on both sides of the gender divide.

    Black males and females are at war with each other in many corners of this nation. Hateful things are being said back and forth, and things are getting critical.

    I’ve been trying to move people by tapping into the hot topics that cut deep into human nature. The upside is that some of us are awake and realize that even if we disagree, we can still be committed to our people, or at least have a discussion about the divergences. The downside is that many of us have no idea how to have a conversation. I get literal demands from people to have discussions with them after they have cursed me or disrespected me in their disagreement with me.

    We have to decide if we are going to hate or love and then proceed with discussions, dating, loving and living.

    Listen to The Bridge Radio today at 4pm Pacific as we discuss love, hate and the thin line between the two. Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James and co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio.

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    Issue: The was a day no one in North Florida could get married.  Who's to Blame?

    Florida ended its gay marriage ban at midnight on Monday.  As a result, some clerks opened up shop early.  But fourteen counties, mostly in North Florida were hateful and wouldn't let anyone wed.   WTF?

    Should the gays be blamed?  I mean if they didn't want to get married, then straight people in North Florida would have been able to get married.

    What is motivating clerks to deny everyone the right to marriage to prevent gay marriages?  Is it religion or do they really just want to wait for the final ruling?

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    Have Churches Been Effective In Changing The Hearts Of Racists?

    in Women

    The movie Selma chronicles a period in American history when the church-led Civil Rights Movement was effective in exposing the horrors of southern racism. The tactic of non-violent direct confrontation was meant to shame hateful people into stopping their violent behavior. After seeing how ugly their hateful behavior looked before the world, some whites actually did become ashamed. But today, many whites and other non-blacks find many excuses to allow, condone and even promote hateful, racist behavior. Are churches effective in changing the hearts of racists? Or is racism and white supremacy too ingrained into American culture? Is racism a mental illness or spiritual illness? Is it possible to eradicate it from American society?



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    Out of the Closet: Is Homosexuality Sin?

    in Christianity

    It is the year 2015. Homosexuality is today accepted by in large in society as a perfectly normal lifestyle. The great coming out of the closet that has occurred over the last twenty years is over and being homosexual is no longer seen as something to hide for many people. To speak out publically against homosexuality is seen as "bigoted", "close minded", "old fashioned", and "hateful". Homosexuals have aligned themselves with other civil liberty groups (black rights, women's rights, etc.). It is not uncommon to find "gay Christians" who are active in their churches. Is all of this ok? What does the Holy Bible say about the subject? What does Jesus Christ think about Homosexual lifestyles? Join brother Jim in this ministration and get the wisdom of God on the subject.  

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