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    Holly Elle, Pop & R&B Singer/Performer out of Nashville

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Holly Elle, a Pop and R&B Singer and Performer from Nashville to the show. 


    An electrifying bond of authenticity links modern chanteuse Holly Elle’s radiant voice to lyrics, melodies and beats. With soul infused pop as a point of reference – and the mantra “No Labels, no rules, no limits” – Holly arrives with verve, vision and vibe.  
    Her viral video hit “Freak” struck a resonant chord, especially with young LGBT audiences who drew inspiration from the song’s message of empowerment and inclusion. Praised by opinion makers across the board, it was highlighted with two articles in the leading national gay publication The Advocate. Further strengthening this connection, Holly was invited to perform at the 250,000 strong Atlanta Pride Weekend.

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    K.Y.D. on the "DrCal Hour Of Insight"

    in Current Events

    K.Y.D. ( Hasson Barrow) is a young man who wants to get across the message that there is just too much violence in this country. He started out as a rapper at the age of 14 and he experienced some things which gave him a different perspective on life. He is now on an active mission to help stop the street and domestic violence throughout the communities in this country. Please tune in on December 11th at 6PM EST to hear what this young man has to say.




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    Interview with Randall Hasson

    in Spirituality

    Jo's guest today will be Randall Hasson...owner of the "Randall M. Hasson Gallery" in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    All of Randall's work has a Spiritual essence...he is one of Jo's all time favorite artists. 
    Be sure and tune in...we know you will enjoy meeting Randall.

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    The Complete Book of Pies w/Julie Hasson

    in Food

    Julie Hasson has shared her expertise through articles and recipes for well-known magazines including Bon Appétit, Cooking Light and Vegetarian Times, as well as in numerous newspaper and web articles. Julie is currently working as a spokesperson for the Sugar Association and is one of the hosts of the cooking show and DVD “15 & Done” (Banyan Entertainment). She has done numerous television appearances around the country.

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    DC Carnival Controversy: Bill Hasson Interview

    in Culture

    Today's guest is Bill Hasson, a long time supporter of Caribbean Culture in Washington DC as well as internationally.  He is talking with me today about what really went on behind the scene in the planning and eventually the un-doing of the 2011 DC Caribbean Carnival.
    Do you have a comment or question about today's interview?  Do you have something that you would like to add to the discussion?  Follow us on Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook, and join us using Facebook or Twitter login in the forum on Socamom.com. 
    Intro and Outro music by St. Lucian soca artist Mantius Cazaubon.  You can download his music here.
    #dccarnival #soca

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    NY Writer Maps Journal News Employee Addresses

    in Radio

    Remember communist thinking Janet Hasson, publisher of the Journal News who approved voyeurism at the Journal News, allowing her communist thinking employees to map out and list the addresses of private citizens who exercise their constitutional rights to own firearms in Westchester and Rockland Counties, N.Y.?
    What's good for the goose... Robert Cox of "Talk of the Sound" in Westchester, N.Y. has maped out and listed the names and addresses of the Journal News employees. Hasson doesn't like that. Neither do her employees; the same ones that thought listing the names and addresses of ligitimate American gun owners was fair game and good for a few laughs.
    Who's laughing now?

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    Horror Society Live

    in Film

    The guests this week are the guys from The Living Corpse comic series, Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser. They are amazing artists, plus have a movie in the works based on the character The Living Corpse.

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    Lez Play Radio | "SUICIDE IS NOT THE OPTION...AND IT DOES GET BET" | Hosted by: LezPlay Camz

    in Women

    TONIGHT!! 8PM!!





    Together, we will work towards breaking the silence about depression, investigate the stereotypes, and learn the steps needed to helping our loved ones.

    We cant turn back the hands of time, but we can take the steps to help others like Joseph Jefferson, Aiyisha Hasson, and Mosey Viaze!!

    LISTEN BY CALLING: 347-945-6067

    or log onto BlogtalkRadio/LezPlay Radio.

    or chat live @ Dollhousemediagroup.com

    TODAY they will know, that we care, and that they DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER ALONE...


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    Creating an Entry-Level Resume That Rocks

    in Jobs

    The Resume Girl, Lauren Hasson, joins us to share tips for creating an entry-level resume that speaks to the need of potential employers, makes the most of your skills, education, and experience, and will get you noticed by potential employers.

  • Rabbi Yehuda Glick/ Rabbi Tovia Singer, Israel and the Temple Mount

    in Politics

    Rabbi Yehuda Joshua Glick is an American-born Israeli rabbi and Torah Scholar, Recently he was shot during an assignation attempt by HAMAS and survived 4 bullets in the chest and abdominal cavity. He is a civil rights activist who campaigns for expanding access to World Jewry to our temple mount area, which is currently under control of Jordon... Glick is the leader of the group Haliba  a coalition of groups dedicated to “reaching complete and comprehensive freedom and civil rights for Jews and Gentiles on the Temple Mount. Yehuda Glick was born on 20 November 1965 in the USA to American parents, Brenda  his mother and his father Shimon Glick; the family made Aliyah to Eretz Israel when he was a child. Glick is chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, and previously worked as the executive director of The Temple Institute, a group that supports the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount.Glick advocates opening the Temple Mount on an equal footing to prayer by Muslims, Jews, Christians and others. He has been called "a symbol of the struggle for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. And has been described as representing the recent shift in the demand for Jewish prayer to be permitted on the Temple Mount on an equal footing. Left Wing Liberal journalist of Haaetz Nir Hasson credits Glick as having put the Israeli left on the defensive by "uncover(ing) the absurdity created at the Temple Mount" by a status quo that, by permitting Muslim prayer while prohibiting Jewish prayer, "discriminates against people because of their religion


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