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    Remembering Harvey Milk (World Premiere)

    in Current Events

    Civil Rights icon Harvey Milk is honored on the world premiere of Nicholas Snow Live, a daily, global conversation "Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity."  Additionally, call in at the beginning of each show to share your hot topics!  Have an event you want spotlighted?  Post it on the official Facebook Group page and we'll consider announcing it on the air.  Producer/host Nicholas Snow's previous show, SnowbizNow, has had over 1.5 million downloads.  This new format encourages listeners to interact with the live show as follows:

    Call +1 (347) 215-8866 (during live broadcasts only).
    Follow and Tweet @TheNicholasSnow on Twitter
    Tweet anytime with the hash tag #NicholasSnowLive
    Join and comment in the official Nicholas Snow Live Facebook group.  The shortcut to the group is www.SnowbizLive.com.
    Skype into the show following these instructions.

    Nicholas Snow will Tweet and post in the Facebook group before each show to alert you he's going on the air!

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    Milk the Clock Episode 33

    in Sports

    Two aspiring journalists who love to talk about any and all sports! 

    Kicking off the show with lay up lines talking about Kobe Bryant's season ending injury, comparing the top two teams in the nation for College Basketball in Kentucky and Virginia, also addressing possible changes in the MLB next season. 

    We break down everything going on in the NBA from Hawks winning 17 in a row to Lebron James and the Cavaliers playing like a team.

    Of course it's Super Bowl week! We dive in on what to watch for in this year's game between the Patriots and the Seahawks.

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    Ho's into Housewives. Cows & Free Milk - Sayings From Back In the Day. Are They

    in Radio

    We've all heard them and maybe even said them: "You can't make a ho a housewife" and "Why by the milk if the cow is free?". But since it is common place in our society to glorify the "ho" and sex is not completely taboo before marriage - what place do these sayings have in society today? Do they have any. Join us at 8:00 p.m. as we discuss this topic! 


  • GROW up for What? on Conversations with Angie Harvey

    in Entertainment

    GROW up for What? on Conversations with Angie Harvey

    Recognizing the importance and necessity of your personal GROWTH. 

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    Wisdomkeepers-Dreamkeepers-White Buffalo Teachings by Harvey Arden

    in Religion

    Prerecorded October 16, 2004

    Harvey Arden, Author/Editor of:

    Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders

    Dreamkeepers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia

    Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King

    Travels in a Stone Canoe: The Return to the Wisdomkeepers

    Prison Writings: My Life is My Sun Dance by Leonard Peltier

    White Buffalo Teachings by Arvol Looking Horse

    Wisdom's Daughters by Steve Wall

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    Allison Harvey Woman on Fire Global Symposium

    in Women

    Allison Harvey Woman on Fire Global Symposium

    Who is the WOMAN ON FIRE?

    The “Woman on Fire” is creating a blazing path, creating success for not only herself, but for those behind her. She boldly shares her journey on this road with others so they too can appreciate her challenges, witnessing her tears, but most of all…the smiles of accomplishment. While on the road full of pot holes and blind spots, the “Woman on Fire” seeks mentorship and support through the hills and valleys of business. She is not afraid to fail because she knows that in her failure lie her lessons for success that will bring her from the darkness and into the light. “Women on Fire” are known for listening to that small voice in the depths of their inner being, choosing to believe in themselves when no one else does.

     “Woman on Fire” is about allowing yourself to discover and share your gifts with the world. We honour the “Women on Fire” at this gala. The evening will begin with a WOF Mingle, where all sponsors have an opportunity to present themselves followed by a catered sit down dinner. Guests will have the opportunity to hear from 5 outstanding speakers that will lead to the honouring of the 5 women nominated for WOF awards.

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    Milk the Clock Episode 32

    in Sports

    Two aspiring journalists who love to talk about any and all sports!

    Leading off the show with our reaction to the decision made by Cardale Jones, possible changes in the MLB, and more. 

    We also break down some of the top stories thus far in the NBA with on the court performances and off the court trades. 

    With the NFL AFC & NFC Championship games and with new head coaches beginning to take jobs we go in on everything NFL. 

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    Everyone Has A Story Presents: Harvey Stelman

    in Pop Culture

    On Friday, January 16th I will be sitting down with Harvey Stelman to discuss his book Eyes of Emerald. Set in New York City during the 30s, the book follows a young woman is the first person to graduate high school in her family. This was no small feat for the ecinimic times were not good, and still some unbelievable things happened to her. Was there any truth behind this tale? Tune in to find out.

    Phone lines will be open. Feel free to call in with your questions or comments.

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    Seed Milk Training

    in Food

    11:30, training with Carol Wachniak

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    Pleiadian Initiations with Christine Day

    in Spirituality

    As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians tell us that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our awakening and self-healing process.

    The new frequencies of light and sound that are now hitting the planet are awakening us to remembrance of and reconnection with our true Selves.

    In each episode of this twice-monthly show, international teacher, author, healer, and Pleiadian Ambassador, Christine Day, will present a new body of information and transmissions of sacred tones and codes specifically designed to act as energetic keys to unlock the information residing within the matrix of our cellular structure.  

    One of the key messages of the Pleiadians is that we must accept our humanity and imperfections in order to facilitate the process of our own self-birthing into the Universal Consciousness.  By integrating these human aspects of our Self with our Higher Nature we will more easily navigate our way through this transition.

    Christine Day Online airs on the first and third Monday of each month at 2:30PM Central time.

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