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    Divine LifeStyle Special guest Harriet Vanderpool

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    Harriet Vanderpool grew up in a family where Christ was first. As a family they attended New Hope Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Va. At an early age she became a member of the children's choir and later joined the junior and adult choir. Upon graduating from Deep Creek High School, she relocated to Lawton, Oklahoma where she pursued her gift as a singer, songwriter, and choir director.
    In 2004 Harriet released her first solo album, which she wrote and co produced with her pastor Steve Peacock entitled, "Through Your Eyes." In 2006 Harriet recorded with the late Minister Keith Law of Williamsburg, VA. who wrote and produced with The Winans, Donnie McClurkin, and Steven Herd. She also recorded with Levi Little formerly of the 90's R&B group Black Street, and Pastor Steve Peacock who wrote for Nicole Mullens, Robbie Cunningham, and Va. HolyBoyys.
    “I Can” Harriet Vanderpool
    Current Single: “I Can”
    Release Date: 1/01/2012

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    Join Talein for Monday Motivation and Inspiration on the Divine LifeStyle Show with Talein. Get your week started and be sure to send in your ASK TALEIN questions to info@divinelifestyle.org or send Talein an inbox on facebook.com/Talein.

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    Former 60 Day Weight Loss Winner Harriet Parker

    in Sports

    Listen to the testimony of Harriet Parker, former winner of the 2014 Lee Haney's 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge.  She speaks on what motivated her, challenges faced, and how she overcame those opposing forces.  Thank you Harriet!

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    Harriet Tubman Has Returned, She's Free At Last! Thank God AlmightyFree At Last!

    in Self Help

    Harriet Tubman has finally, returned and she is free, at last! Thank God Almighty, She Is Free At Last!  She has stood and delivered her people from the lost of their homes! Now , you should come on In this room and help us to give praises. Now, Throw Up Your Hands and let us give He, She , or It The Highest Praises of the universe!  You may also call in, our phone lines will be open, as well, as our chat room.

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    Harriet Lerman, "Voice of the People" - Talk Show Host

    in Politics

    Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Harriet Lerman into the "High Noon in Lake Worth" studios for a special edition of the show. Ms. Lerman hosts talk shows called "Voice of the People" and "Peas in the Pod" that air on the www.WEInetwork.com. She comes from a varied political career which included a ten year stint as a state legislator in Maine and she also ran for a Palm Beach County Commisssion seat, narrowly losing to former County Commissioner Warren Newell. Ms. Lerman is a progressive voice within Palm Beach County Democratic circles. Mr. Blackman will return the favor and appear on Ms. Lerman's show January 20, 2015.

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    Stand And Deliver, A rendition by Harriet Tubman, Performed By Yours Truly Omi

    in Self Help

    This is a Pre- Proformance of Stand And Deliver. A rendition by Harriet Tubeman , Performed By Yours Truly! Come out for a discussion on the topic of why it is necessary for the spirit of Harriet Tubeman to return! Just maybe you can be the next Harriet Tubman. She was also known as Moses the deliver! 

    Harriet Rose was born into slavery in 1819 to 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland. At the age of tweny five she married John Tubman a free African American.  Howover, five years laters fearing that she would be sold south she made her escape, after freeing herself from slavery she returned to Maryland to free others. Join us in this discussion! This will be a live audit performance. However come and learn how you can see the performance acted out live on stage by yours truly Omiyinka 7 & Tribe.

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    Interview with The Western Swing Authority

    in Music

    The Western Swing Authority is a unique collaboration of seasoned professionals whose bios include multiple Canadian Country Music Awards (band members hold at least six CCMA awards and over 20 nominations among them), Juno nominations, and resumes that span from working with Gordon Lightfoot, to Ian Tyson, to George Canyon. They have been spreading the gospel of Western Swing around the world, being named the 2014 CMAO Roots Artist of the Year as well as picking up nominations for CCMA Group of the Year and Roots Artist Of The Year.

    The WSA recently completed their new album called NOW PLAYING -  produced by Jason Barry at Barrytone Studios. The project's release date is set for February 3rd, 2015.

    The Western Swing Authority is: Shane Guse, Stacey Lee Guse, Ed Ringwald aka Pee Wee Charles, Paul Chapman, Dan Howlett, Matthew Lima and Jim Boudreau. They were signed to eOne Music Canada in 2014. Visit www.thewesternswingauthority.com for more information.


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    Blacks Who Persevered in Spite of Disabilities

    in Self Help

    Did you know that Whoopi Goldberg had a learning disorder as a child? Were you aware that Harriet Tubman had epilepsy? These are only two of the many examples of Blacks who became successful despite their disabilities. Some people tend to discourage others with disabilities from achieving their dreams because "it's for their own good"; they want to overprotect them or they just don't understand how a person can accomplish anything despite his/her "limitations." Once you hear these different celebrities' stories, you'll never view people with disabilities the same way again. You will be inspired and encouraged to uplift someone else and even accomplish your own goals!

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    The Harriet Cammock Show

    in Current Events

    The Harriet Cammock Show is a radio talk show based on the principle of living your best life now. Featuring guests who discuss a variety of today's current events, listeners to the show will be informed on political social, religious issues as well as how to live  in today's fast changung world. The show features empowerment sessions and listeners will be inspired and motivated. Make sure you tune in every day as Harriet also talks about relationships and how to successfully navigate those in our changing times!Show times are 10:00 AM EST on BlogTalkradio.com a Monday through Friday and on KEBN Radio online @ 11:00 AM EST. Listeners on KEBN Radio can download an app from the app market for Android devices. 

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    ATTACK OF KILLER BEES: How to survive attacks communicated by silly humans

    in Education

    ATTACK OF KILLER BEES: How to survive attacks communicated by silly humans

    These bees only have a bite if you allow them to distract you and if you have no understanding of logical fallacies, figures of speech, and blind rage/ignorance, mixed with an unhealthy dose of CointelPro.

    SITUATION:   I just experienced another bullying attempt while I was on a show called Talk Real Solutions.  Several guest callers went on the attack calling me names, using ad hominem attacks, creating straw men arguments, moving the goal post, etc.   I was about to hang up but then I remembered both that other callers were quite but probably not as blatantly negative, but also that if you hang up on a bully they then continue their attacks without you there to help educate others to the killer b's (B**tch****, bast***d) tactics. So at the end of the attack, I decided it would be appropriate to create a short radio special regarding the incident and ways you (the listener) can survive such BS, but also not be detered from the positive you seek to do. Remember that some people are paid to distract us from our casues, others are apologists (brainwashed) who do this out of their own non-profit ignorance.



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    Chuck Skull's Golden Age of Radio

    in Entertainment

    The Golden Age of Radio

    Featuring shows from Jack Benny to The Shadow to The Lone Ranger to Bob Hope to Classic Commercials to well known news events in history.


    as well as our two serials THE MAGIC ISLAND and PLANET MAN

    This is the Golden Age that is remembered when radio ruled the airwaves. And its being brought back by Chuck Skull rite here on The Wacko Network. 


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