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    Louisiana and Mississippi Harrell Family History

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    I want to celebrate "Black History Month" by promoting the history of my own family. My great-great grandfather Robert Harrell and his son my great grandfather Alexander Harrell make me proud to be their granddaughter. Robert Harrell was born a slave in Amite County, Mississippi and so was his son Alexander. 

    After slavery, in 1888 they both purchased 200 acres of land in Amite, Louisiana to maintain and keep their freedom and the freedom of their family. Please join host Antoinette Harrell as she discuss her own maternal family history.

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    Humpday with Harrell #13/ Rehab with Leaf

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    Valentines day is here so lkets talk about what to get, where to go, and what to never ever do or get....Call in and let me no what your doin...Ladies gimmi a buzz and lets help out the guys.... we need all the help we can get.....929-477-1660 or if you cant down load the show for some reson call in and I will get you in that way....  Good tunes, Good vibe and me... Harrell... So lets hang out from 8-10 tonight and every Wed with Humpday w/ Harrell and lets get over the hump together.... 

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    Humpday With Harrell#10 /Rehab with Leaf

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    Humpday with Harrell / RehabwithLeaf #10

    HUMPDAY W/ HARRELL This Wednesday... Dont miss it..

    Relatiomships... How do we keep our wife/girlfriends happy?No not a joke there is no punchline. also how to keep your dudes happy ladies. So join me Wed, we'll rock out and talk relationships, not that i'm any good at em. We'll ask the experts is what we will do... 929-477-1660 is the # call in and tell me how you keep your signifagent other happy.... And SHARE this post every cha...

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    Humpday with Harrell #10 / RehabwithLeaf 


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    Humpday With Harrell#11 /Rehab with Leaf

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    Humpday with Harrell is back and stoked to hang out, since its over a billion lets talk about it.. what would you do with over a billion??? Call in and let me no. 929-477-1660....   Hows those Nrw Years resolutions goin?? tell me about it...   tune in for Humpday w/ Harrell every single wed from 8-10 on Blog Talk Radio......

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    Humpday with Harrell/ Rehab with LEAF #7

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                                    HUMPDAY  WITH HARRELL                                                                                                                                           Exclusivley at BLOGTALKRADIO.com                                                Do not miss this show friends, Were going to be talking about Dating scams.. There all over, Dirt bags tring to scam ladies and lame  chicks trien to scam guys. So check us out and find out what to look for...... Also trien to get LEAF to drop by and tell us about MC.n for some show w/ Snoop Dogg..... EVERY SINGLE WED From  8-10 dont miss it,,,,. 

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    April Deep Aries Presents: Legendary entertainer Grady Harrell

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    Grady Harrell is a natural born entertainer.  Mr. Harrell comes from a musical family, his mom was a member of a soul group Friends of Distinction.  Mr. Harrell's natural personality shines in his stage plays and love for Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke.  Three solo projects that show his romantic charm and 80's and 90's vibe, which formerly he worked with two great groups Shalamar and The Whispers!  Grady has also toured with Patti Labelle and currently has his band, Groove City band based out of Vegas.  Also, a native entertainer of Los Angeles!

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    Humpday with Harrell/Rehab with Leaf #6

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    UPDATE.. 7-9 Wed LIVE at Laughs unlimited at Christmas with leaf comedy show. Doors open at 6

    So last week was awesome, thanks to all that called in and all the listeners....we killed it on the #'s last week,Ratings were through the roof We helped you with your profiles last week so this week we will talk about  what is a good opening line and what you should never ever say..so tune in Wed the 25th and every Wed from 8-10 exclusivly on Blogtalkradio;com enjoy the weekr- and dont forget Rehab with Leaf this Sun and evert Sun from 6-8  DONOTMISSOUT,,,!!! give a call and join in ,     9294771660,i n and joinn the fun                          Humpday with Harrell,/ Rehab with leaf

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    Humpday with Harrell just tunes on a tue #2

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    So i told ya more shows n more music, so here we go.... Sit back relax grab a cocktail or a beer or just a water and listen to Humpday With Harrell on a tue..... And remember EVERY single wed is          Humpday With Harrell.... And EVERY Sun is Rehab with LEAF.... Do not miss one show you;ll regret it fo sho....

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    Humpday With Harrell #4 / Rehab with Leaf

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    The Honeymoon Stage How lonf does it last?? Why is it so good?? Why does it happen?? When do you know its ovr?? Join me this Wed and every Wed Humpday With Harrell,, call in 929-477-1660 and tell me about your honeymoon stage. Donny Allen from Donny Allen and the Shovelheads Will be dropping by the studio and taling about his latest CD and all his up comming sttff... Tell a friend heck tell two friends...

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    Humpday with Harrell just tunes on mon #1

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    Gonna start playin more music for you guys, so spread the word and tell the world Harrell is in the house.Im workin on a ton of new songs for the studio, bare w/ me people it just gets better n better.....

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    Humpday with Harrell #12/ Rehab with Leaf

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    I'm back and here to stay... Lets hang out listen to some tunes and talk about whatever we want