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    OTMC Live! Call-in on Cop Harrassment, Brian Williams, Marissa Alexander

    in Politics Progressive

    Marissa Alexander is almost free. She stood her ground without killing anyone. That got her three years in prison, with the threat of 60 more. She's out now.

    Brian Williams. Guess what everybody. Our illustrious press lies to us. 

    Caller describes harrassment of activists by cops in Arizona. 

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    reverse racism ,harrassment and sociopathy and opinions on music ,singing

    in Music

    i will talk about dialogue regarding reverse racism and harrassment and sociopathy

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    Our Journey Towards Freedom

    in Christianity

    When we choose to live our lives in full devotion to God, giving him all we have, our hearts and minds completely focused on Him we will be met with great resistance, hostility and harrassment from Satan. As we make that journey and get ever so closer to the finish line I have seen personally the lives of many derailed by seductive allurements that say life is better over here or the grass is greener over there, many who wish if they had it to do all over again they might have taken a different route, instead of the sin that so easily entangles. At some point in our lives many Christians have given in to the flesh, feeding it with ographic magazines, videos, affairs. And I to , have a few regrets of choices I have made to enjoy pleasures for a season and gone off course. But I am so pleased to say we have a risen Savior that brings deliverance, freedom and restoration for all in need of His healing touch. And if your finding your self stuck in a rut and having difficulty battling your flesh, just know your not alone, cause the more you want to devote your life to the Lord, the more Satan wants to throw you off the tracks an render you ineffective for God and his purposes for your life as you make your journey towards wholeness and Freedom.

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    Harrassment In The Workplace

    in Entertainment

    Tune in for tips on being safe in your work environment right here on "Let's Talk With Shantae"

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    issues of todays Athlete

    in Sports

    Marshawn Lynch Rodger Godell Harrassment

    Warren Sapp

    Josh Mcnary how athletes should out smart the dictators

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    Anti-Semitism in America/ NYPD Officer Dovid Attila and Shifra Hoffman

    in Politics

    Police officer Dovid Attila, a decorated Israeli war hero, and dual national who is experienced in Counter Terrorism Operations and trained to protect the site, lives and property was assigned to the World Trade Center Command Base at the rebuilt world trade center in New York City. Dovid is his Hebrew name and was the target of constant harrassment, jokes, antisemitism and had swastikas placed on his locker room, text message on the phone were sent along with threats of physical violence and occasion threats of death made against him. We will have him with his attorneys on to discuss the litigation and issues in the NYPD. In addition, we have invited NYC councilman David Greenfield, along with Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams from 100 Blacks in law enforcement on to discuss the major issues of faith and race that the PBA obviously has helped to cover up. Also invited will be Pat Lynch if he choses to show. I doubt he will because of the active litigation. It has always been the position of our show, Israel is the home of the Jewish People, and Dovid needs to be there. Shifra Hoffman from ISRAEL NATIONAL RADIO, will be appearing the last half hour of the broadcast to say hello to David and discuss the importance of returning home.

  • CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: 2015 - Charlie Hebdo and the year of accountability

    in Current Events

    2014 created numerous head shaking moments that have us asking "What ever happened to accountability?"  Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Donald Sterling and sports.  The media - does the media report or inflame? Bill Cosby has us asking about the "casting couch" environment that is legend in Hollywood.  Actions by some police have resulted not only in the deaths and harrassment of far too many young black men. Where is the accountablity in Washington, DC? The lies, misdirection and scandals are not just on one side of the aisle. 

    Join Critical Conversations host Lisa Ruth as she talks about accountability in sports, politics, media, and entertainment with Senior Political Editor Jim Picht, business and entertinament editor Terry Ponick, writer and editor Gayle Falkenthal, and writer Eric Golub as they talk about accountability in 2015 and whether we will be better - as individuals or a nation.

    Critical Conversations features the writers and editors of Communities Digital News talking about the headlines and the people making them. Thursdays at 6:30pm EST then available On Demand. 

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    THE MARK presents "PLEASE DON'T TOUCH"-Blatant Sexual Harrassment in CosPlay

    in Entertainment

    THE MARK challenges the ever increasing violation of a person's privacy and individual space.  Weare talking about sexual harassment at the popular conventions around the world and its effect on those who venture out to display their wardobe and costuming talents. 

    When asked to take a photograph with a buom or scantily clad costumer, as percieved by the photoghrapher asking, violations of a person's civil and sexual rights are somtimes executed.  Some people believe tat gettng close to a costumer, by invitation, also mean that they are allowed to pose with this person in any maner they want, many times wih physical contact. 

    Our panel of callers and professionals will argue the right of anyone who fits that description.  Is it ok to touch a person without their expressed permission and if so, how far can they go? Are persons not familair with the cosplay world, find a hotel or convention area full of sex appeal inviing and ripe for ilegal behavior?  What exactly constittes illegal behavior during aspace of posing, body painted, g-stringed indiviuals?  We'll disect the do's and don'ts of CosPlay photography and crowd control duing the world's stage of sci-fi an fantasy characters.

    Call in at 914-338-0314 and submit you opnion and experiences.  We'd love to hear from you..

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    Tonight's the night

    in Entertainment

    Tonight the boys discuss the past week in entertainment, gaming, wrestling, and their personal lives!

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    This week in Review and what constitutes sexual harassment

    in Lifestyle

    One of the hottest conversations this week has been the video of the young lady walking through NY being "harassed" by quit a few men in the city. While there was one guy who seemed to follow her for 5 minutes (per the onscreen graphic), many seemed to only be speaking, offering compliments and acknowledging her beauty. Well according to the producers fo this video, she was constantly being harassed and she is bringing a stop to it. Join us on this episode as we discuss this in detail. 

    Join us every week for provocative talk radio about everything from God to Hip Hop. From the stock market to the Android market, your mind is to big to be thinking about so little. Join us every week for the conversation! 

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