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    Meet Ande Lyons, Founder & Chief Passion Curator Bring Back Desire

    in Women

    "She lost babies, businesses and all their money and their harmones, but they never lost their passion and love for each other"

    Ande Lyons is the founder and Chief Passion Curator for www.bringbackthedesire.com where she tastefully and playfully shares tips tolls and resources with women who want more sensuality and sexual excitement in their lives. She is the host of After Dark Radio Show, she helps couples stay tuned in and turned on through her engaging and informative conversations with love exprts and relationship experts.

    An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and several successful businesses to her credit Ande is enjoying a well balanced life (realy) managing her growing business while raising two wonderful boys with her husband of 25 years.

    Check out her website at www.bringbackdesire.com her after dark radio show link is:

    http://blogtalkradio.com/andelyons and you can connect with her on facebook at bringbackdesire


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    Romantic Notions That Lead To Foolery: Valentine's Day Edition

    in Lifestyle

    Like the holidays, Valentine's Day can be tense. It has been known to stir up unreasonable emotions, have unmet expectations, produce raging harmones, and/or leave some feeling unappreciated, unloved, even depressed and depleted.

    So much to talk about here. Join us so that you have the right perspective about the day and the appropriate expectations for the day and beyond.

    *NEW* The Grown Zone blogs on JET Ma gazine, online and two of our posts, 3 SIGNS THAT HE'S NOT GROWN and 3 SIGNS THAT SHE'S NOT GROWN, have gone VIRAL. Have you read them? CLICK HERE

    For a daily dose of Grown, Join us in The Grown Zone!

    Connect with us on these platforms:

    Twitter: @GrownZone

    Facebook: /GrownZone

    Blog Talk Radio: /GrownZone

    Instagram: @GrownZone

    Google+: +GrownZone

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    Mental Disorders are sometimes Caused

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight we will be teaming up with our brother show Stripped Down with Alex Young and Nikki Guy to talk about Mental disorders that are caused by stress or trama. Some women simply have children and can not handle her emotional stress and harmones some ppl have seen a lot of things in battle or have been thru something that their brians just cant handle please listen in tonight so we all can talk about this problem and things we can do to help a loved one. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm central time call in and tell your story 

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    Do Not Be Fooled; Diet, Lifestyle and Hormones do Matter!

    in Women

    Seperate The Hype and Find The TRUTH:
    April Theme: Cancer and Health Awareness
    Replay: Marcia Scoville MS CNM APRN is a specialist in bioidentical hormone balancing and has been providing women’s health care for over 25 years.  She still spends her days helping women in her private practice, she also  travels to teach providers and pharmacists in the US and Canada.
    In 2002, she started All for Women Health Care in order to devote more time to treat and educate women about their hormonal issues.  She is dedicated to providing care for women of all ages who are experiencing problems with their health and life function that are related to hormonal imbalances.
    Using a natural, well monitored and scientifically based approach, she has helped numerous women regain their sense of self and normal function in their lives. She is fully licensed in the State of Utah to diagnose, prescribe and treat women’s health problems. 
    All for Women Health Care Inc.
    Salt Lake City, Utah

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    The Difference Between "Lust & Love"...

    in Entertainment

    Lust is an altered state of consciousness programmed by the primal urge to procreate.
    In the early stages of a relationship, when the sex harmones are raging, LUST is fueled by idealization and projection--you see what you hope someone will be or need them to be--rather than seeing the real person,flaws and all.
    Signs of "LUST":
    U're totally focused on a person's looks and body.
    U're interested in having sex
    U'd rather keep the relationship on a fantasy level & not discuss real issues.
    U are lovers but not friends!!!
    Signs of "LOVE":
    U want to spend quality time togeher other than sex.        He or She motivates U 2 B a better person.

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    Desiree interviews Monika Klein and Dr. Gail Jackson

    in Business

    Women, Harmones, Health and fashion too!
    Complimentary event on Sunday, January 22, 2012
    from 2:00 - 5:00PM
    at the Red Bag Boutique
    10754 West Jeffeson Ave.
    Culver City, Ca. 90231

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    Health Tips for Women experience Menopause issues

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    My guest for the Show is Dr Barbara Hoffman a dynamic woman who has helped so many women.

    Dr. Barbara Hoffman is a Doctor of Naturopathy, author, medical researcher, women’s health advocate and natural hormone consultant. She is also a television producer and for 11 years, she produced a cable network television program which focused on health and wellness. During this time she met with doctors from all over the world and compiled research on topics ranging from hormone therapies and natural healing methods to skin rejuvenation.

    Barbara has been in the medical field for over 30 years and worked in the field of women’s health since 1980. For the past 15 years she has been researching the benefits of natural progesterone and writing about alternatives to synthetic hormones. Her passion to teach fuels her mission to empower women to make more educated and informed choices about their health. She holds a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health and is currently completing her studies in Holistic Nutrition. Her credo is “Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life”.

    In conjunction with her extensive research in the field of natural hormones for menopause, PMS, and osteoporosis, Barbara founded the Progesterone Research Network.

    Barbara Hoffman is the author of the following books, pamphlets & periodicals:

    Natural Progesterone For You
    The Good Mood Diet Plan
    Good Skin Care Made Easy
    Hope For Your Hormones
    Adrenal Fatigue: 21st Century Syndrome
    Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy
    New Functional Medicine Strategies to Reverse & Prevent Brain Aging
    Barbara is a Member of both the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
    and The International Hormone Society.

    Barbara resides in Orange County, California. She has been married for 25 years and has a son studying natural health at Oregon State University.

    Contact Dr. Barbara: drbarbara@askdrbarbara.com

    Web Site: www.askdrbarbara.com