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    It's Not All Harley Quinn and Malkavians: Mental Illness Portrayed In Gaming

    in Video Games

    The team at Game Centric Radio will take on a hot-button topic -- depictions of mental illness in gaming! Whether we're looking at video games (from Borderlands to the depictions of Joker and Harley Quinn) to portraying mental illnesses (known as "derangements" in some systems) in table-top gaming, we'll be exploring accuracy and the fine line between "over the top" and downright offensive. We'll even look at character-based board/card games that touch on the subject, such as Gloom and Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill.

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    HoH Presents: Local Artist Review Sheem One Take Over

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    IT'S EVERYTHING SHEEM ONE IT'S EVERYTHING SHEEM ONE!!!!!  Join us tonight @9pm as Sheem One the MC takes over House of Harley Talk Radio.  We will playing songs from his new album and some of his classics.  Also, feel free to call in and tell us what you think!!!  House of Harley is Home of the Local Artists!!!!  If you have music that you want to get out there....hit us up @ houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com

    Call us at 347-884-9373

    Twitter @hohtalkradio

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    The Best of House of Harley (Episodes 1-3)

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    Check out the Best of House of Harley Talk Radio!!!  I am giving you a compilation of my first 3 shows:

    The Beginning of House of Harley: This show is basically the beginning of my show and my first opening rant titled Give God Everything, Expectations of my show, and my first caller.

    The Friend Zone Part 1: Is where I discussed how men do not want to be friends with women, and how women think men are ok with being in the friend zone when men know good and well that they don’t want to be there.  

    Being Mary Jane Part 1: The show where I discussed the struggle of successful women when it comes to relationships, and settling down.  I also discussed how we shouldn't be fooled by successful women when they try to make us think  that they do not have sex with random people.  Successful single women are just as sexually active as non-successful women!

    Show recap!!!!

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    HoH @ Speed Dating SC Rocket Man Dueling Piano Bar

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    Join us as we broadcast LIVE at the Rocket Man Dueling Piano Bar..... Budweiser Oculto Beer release party, as we engauge in conversation about relationships, and inverview special guests.  As we are broadcasting live there is a will be a speed dating event going on brought to you by Speed Dating SC (Nicole Brady) Lipstick and Lesbians

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    Come and Talk to Me

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    It's been a while HoH Fam since we've actually had a live show at our regularly schedule day, but we have been working hard on other projects, and I'm sure you all have been seeing HoH all over the place.  However.....WE ARE BACK!!!  Come join us as we discuss current issues and get our take on them, and of course you can call in a debate with us and give us your take on how you feel about the current HOT Topics!!!

    Call the show 347-884-9373

    Twitter: @hohtalkradio

    Email: houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com



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    Finding HOPE in the Struggle

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    Well Well Well....another unarmed black man killed by a cop.  This time it is in my state of South Carolina.  Over the Easter weekend Walter L. Scott was murdered by Officer Michael T. Slager, because he "Feared for his life".  Call us and voice your opinion on what is it that needs to be done to end these senseless killings.  Before we start getting emotional let's learn the facts about what is truly going on.  Also join us as Kiwan N. Fitch as we discuss her Finding Hope in the Struggle 2015 Conference that will be held April 9th and 10th here in Columbia South Carolina.  This conference will introduce concepts, resources, strategies, services that will improve families ability to have success.  

    Join us tonight @9pm and call us at 347-884-9373

    Email: houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com

    twitter: @hohtalkradio

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    Freestyle Sunday @ Mynt Lounge

    in Entertainment

    If you didn't make it to Mynt Lounge, you missed a great show!!!  Guess what though...House of Harley just happened to be recording LIVE!!!  Check out Live Performances from Joe Tucker, Andrea Renee Boutte, Aaron Green, and last but not least the Headliner of the night Arischa Frierson!!!!  Hosts of Freestyle Sunday Jeffrey Guillaume and Chadwick Pressley!!!  House of Harley Talk Radio.....Enhancing Events!!!

    If you would like for HoH to broadcast your event email us at houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com 

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    Barn Goddess BBQ & More with Host Lori Frazee

    in Cooking

    Join Lori each week as she interviews BBQ and Food personalities from across the nation.  This week we wrap up the Memphis in May week experience with Too Sauce To Pork.  We'll kick off the show with the "Evil Genius" of the Madness Neil Gallagher and some of the others will chime in.  Hope you can listen in.  Call in number is 347-989-1121.

    This show is sponsored by Sweet Smoke Q, Cookinpellets.com, and Royal Oak Charcoal.

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    Special Guests: “Panhead Jim” Mahaney, Historian, Blogger and Vintage Enthusiast

    Ever since the widespread introduction of automobiles and motorcycles, their owners have set out to see the world around them from behind the controls. The early days saw most enthusiasts trying to cross the United States from coast-to-coast; not an easy task when the majority of the country was still unpopulated and lacking proper roads. These trips were often treacherous and long, but still the popularity grew. Today, the thought of touring the country is still exciting, but is nowhere near as treacherous. Cross-country trips today are usually done from the comfort of a climate controlled auto or large touring motorcycle. But, this week on Classic Chrome, we are joined by an old bike enthusiast who is setting out on his own to prove that old machines can still reliably make the journey. “Panhead Jim” Mahaney, who lives in North Carolina, is well-known for his antique motorcycle blog “Riding Vintage”. Jim is also a contributor to numerous magazines, such as American Iron, and has ridden many thousands of miles on old machines. Currently, Jim is in the process of building a 1933 Harley Davidson VL which he will be riding solo across the United States from California to North Carolina.

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    Save South Carolina State University

    in Entertainment

    Tonight is your night to speak up!!!  Let your voices be heard!!!  Should SCSU be closed for a year or should SCSU continue to stay open to provide education to its current and future students.  There is 119 years of history in one school that is being threatened.  There are many great alumni that has graduated from SCSU, and many of those students was provided a chance at education when other colleges did not accept them into their 4 year universities.  Join us tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio, and our Special Guests SCSU Alum Hamilton Grant, Former Board of Trustee member Dr Walter Tobin and other special guests as we discuss 
    - What Happened to SCSU - The Facts 
    - Why is SCSU is in this predicament - Who is responsible? 
    - How to fix the issues at SCSU 
    - Is closing the school a bad or good thing? 
    - Close for a year SCSU Agree of Disagree? 
    If you are an alum of SCSU, current, or future student of SCSU we would love to hear from you!  If you are for closing SCSU we want to hear from you, and we ask you to be respectful to our guest and to each other.  Our goal tonight is to find answers to the problem and get SCSU back on track and to give you all a chance to sound off.   
    To call us dial 347-884-9373 and press 1 to speak to us.....If you have skype you can go click on the show link and click on the skype icon and it will put you in queue.  If you do not have access to the internet you can listen by calling 347-884-9373 
    Sponsors: Lady Susie Q Fashions www.ladysusieqfashions.com



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    Baltimore: The Wrong City at the WRONG TIME

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    YES.....we have another innocent black man murdered by the Police!!!! Of all the places why did this police infused epidemic of killing innocent black men had to happen in my city of Baltimore!?!?!  Well it's not like it hasn't been going on, this has been happening for years!!!!  Is there going to be any end to these senseless killings?  Are the "Protesters" wrong???  This is starting to be a regular thing these days, and we have to take a different approach to things as a people, as a community, AND the Police culture needs to change.  Join us tonight 4/29/15 @9pm as we discuss the riots in Baltimore, Freddie Gray (RIP), and as we speak to our special guests!!!

     Twitter: @hohtalkradio

    Email: houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com