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    The Best of House of Harley (Episodes 1-3)

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    Check out the Best of House of Harley Talk Radio!!!  I am giving you a compilation of my first 3 shows:

    The Beginning of House of Harley: This show is basically the beginning of my show and my first opening rant titled Give God Everything, Expectations of my show, and my first caller.

    The Friend Zone Part 1: Is where I discussed how men do not want to be friends with women, and how women think men are ok with being in the friend zone when men know good and well that they don’t want to be there.  

    Being Mary Jane Part 1: The show where I discussed the struggle of successful women when it comes to relationships, and settling down.  I also discussed how we shouldn't be fooled by successful women when they try to make us think  that they do not have sex with random people.  Successful single women are just as sexually active as non-successful women!

    Show recap!!!!

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    Talking Motorcycles with Dave Despain, Harley Davidson Motor Co and Nichole Mees

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    This week on Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone 

    Dave Despain joins us to discuss his years with Pro Flat Track, his wildly successful show Wind Tunnel as it wraps up its 10.5 years run on SPEED and his all new show on MavTV! We will discuss pro flat track past, present and future with this legendary broadcaster.

    The Harley-Davidson Motor Company roars in to discuss the their involvement in the XGames promotion, the possibility of a modern era Wrecking Crew, the all new HD Street 750 and the restrictors being removed for the 2014 AMA Pro Flat Track season. Kris Schoonover, MGR Event Strategy and Execution and Paul James, Director of Consumer Events give us an inside look at all things Harley-Davidson for 2014.

    Nichole Mees will join us to discuss her experience in Aspen at the X-Games!



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    Happy Holidays: Out 2014 In 2015

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    It has been long year!!!!  A lot has happened!  On the next House of Harley Talk Radio join us as we reflect on the year and spread Christmas cheer.  We will have full line up of guests that I'm sure that you all will enjoy!  We will have Dr. Germon Miller-Bey, Fitness Expert and Nutritionist Michele Reid our featured business owner Thomas Anderson of Potter's Computer Systems.  We will also have our Featured Artist Sunshyne P with guest appearances from Walter Hemingway of the Root Doctors Band, and Arischa.  We will also have a chance for you as a listener to win $50 from House of Harley Talk Radio by calling to sing your favorite Christmas Song.  Don't Be Scurred!!!!  Finally we will have Battle of the Sexes Christmas Edition.

    Call the show 347-884-9373

    Sponsor: www.ladysusieqfashions.com

    Twitter @hohtalkradio


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    HoH First Take

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    Join us tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio as we give our First Take on today's Hot Topics

    Eric Garner's killer will not be indicted

    More Ferguson 

    Bill Cosby

    Ray Rice

    That Republican Staffer that should of kept her mouth shut

    Creepy football player checkin out Maliah Obama


    Call the show at 347-884-9373 

    Twitter: @hohtalkradio 


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    GameChanger Clothing Radio: Harley Beekman-Nick Davis

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    On tonight's show Johnny Q. aka Johnny Quantum will be interveiwing Harley Beekman a rising star in New York and Mid-South Powerhouse Nick Davis.

    8pm CT/9pm ET: Harley Beekman

    8:30pm CT/9:30pm ET: Nick Davis

    For all your T-shirts, Hats , Hoodies, Custom Walkout shirts and clothing needs go to: http://gamechanger.storenvy.com/

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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #7 - 911 Memorial Ride - Dallas Harley Davidson

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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #7 - 911 Memorial Ride - Dallas Harley Davidson With Mel Moss and Mel Robins of Sons of Liberty Riders Texas.

    Ont Todays Show - Latest 811 Memorial Ride Update - Change your password -  Pelosi opens Mouth - Army Officer Barred From Entering School - Miltia Buildup On Border - ISIS Plans - We Plan OINK -  Dallas Mystery Copter - Chicago Firemen Sent Home - Obama turned down by 3 golf courses - no respect - Americans fell unsafe hold their breath -

    All That BS and more Tonight 7:30PM


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    House of Harley HOT TOPICS

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    It's HoH HOT TOPICS!!!!! Let's talk and debate about what's going on in todays News and Entertainmen...and what's up with that lady getting arrested for leaving her babies in the car while she went on a job interview?!?!?! Would you leave your kids in the car??? Is President Obama weak when it comes to Russia?

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    An Independent Point Of View: Interview With ROW Star Ryan Davidson

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    Ryan Davidson: originally started in Oklahoma and played College footbal started wrestling around 2005 before making his way to Booker T promotion around 2008-2009 as one of the top indy stars in the area. Ryan has done extra work for both TNA & WWE and done a few tryouts for WWE over the years and always in good standing with the company as someone to watch. He is the current Reality of Wrestling TV champion with Stevie Ray of WCWs Harlem Heat as him manager/consultant. Myself and Ryan will talk Reality Of Wrestling and there big show this coming Saturday Christmas Chaos 9 which will feature superstars from Pro Wrestling yndicate. If you have a question for Ryan or wish to talk Christmas Chaos the number is (323)870-4022. Come join us for some independent wrestling talk.

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    YES!!!! Your VOTE Counts!!!!

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    Yes....When I talk to people, I hear it all the time "My Vote Doesn't Count", but House of Harley is here to tell you YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!!!  Join us on House of Harley Talk Radio @9pm 10/29/14 as we interview the honorable Congressman Jim Clyburn, Bakari Sellers (candidate running for Lt. Governor), Tom Thomson (candidate running for SC School Superintendent), and Chandra Clevland-Jenning (candidate running for Richland School District 2 School Board), and many more!!!  

    HoH is worldwide, but this show is dedicated to you South Carolina, because we need change and vast improvements to our state!!!! This show will be an intimate moment for you all to call and ask questions to the candidates that are running for office. Please feel free to call the show @347-884-9373 @9pm 10/29/14.....YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!!!!!


     Sponsored By: http://www.ladysusieqfashions.com


    Twitter: @hohtalkradio



    *if you have trouble listening to the show online call 347-884-9373 to listen to the show on your phone

    *if you are listening on your smart phone internet and you are experiencing issues...give the show time to load and or refresh your screen

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    The Dynamic Duo - Elizabeth Blackney and Cherylyn Harley LeBon

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    Today on the Willie Lawson Show

    Elizabeth Blackney is an author and advocate. A media and communications strategist, she develops campaigns designed to persuade and inspire action. Her expertise includes a strong focus on maternal and child health, strategic diplomacy and other efforts to prevent war crimes, particularly forcible rape, Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage and the deprivation of religious equality. Her presence on traditional and social media includes a regular column on The Huffington Post and at Ricochet. She has written for numerous NGO and advocacy organizations, and speaks to schools, universities, and conferences on building awareness and influencing core constituencies. Blackney is writing her memoir, which will explore her experiences and coverage of rape, genocide, equality, global health and spirituality. She is a mother, Gold Star Wife, and completed two forty day hunger strikes to bring attention to the sexual and gender based violence in Congo, and the marginalized people of Sudan and South Sudan. Her first book, Sex, Lies and Politricks is available on Amazon. Follow her on Twitter @MediaLizzy.

    Today on the Willie Lawson Show my friend Elizabeth Blackney will be my guest.  Topics will range from the 2014 November elections to famine in Africa. We will talk about her work with the Huffington Post. We will play the word association game sure to send you over the edge!

    AND... Our super super special friend Cherylyn Harley will also join us.Truly a power-packed hour!

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