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    Danny Tisdale Talks Harlem On Harlem World Radio

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    Danny Tisdale talks about all things Harlem from recent posts from the photographs of Seitu Oronde at the Harlem Week Appreciation Party at MIST in Harlem, a new post announcing the new TV season with Harlem's Jonathon Broderick's B.O.R.N. brand and much more on HarlemWorldMag.com, then its the hot Harlem history images from 110th Street and Broadway in Manhattanvile, in the 1920's and 138th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in 1910 all on our Harlem History facebook page and much more.

    Dont forget about what we're doing with Zerve.com to bring Harlem events to you directly.


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    Harlem Health & Wellness Round Table On Harlem World Radio

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    Join the Health and Wellness conversation today with CC Minton, Dr. Christine Thorpe and Jennifer Jones as they talk to Danny Tisdale on The Danny Tisdale Show on Harlem World Radio Podcast.

    They discuss the health and wellness issues in Harlem from obesity to the infamous health and wellness New Year resolution, and the people who have inspired them throughout their careers, and tips on health and wellness for 2016.

    Any questions or comments send them to harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com

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    Harlem Renaissance Through the Caribbean Lens

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    The first waive of Caribbean immigrants took place during the Portugese and Spanish Caribbean's planotractic design that supported the growth of the British and Dutch colony's slave system.  While Caribbean slavery started 150 years prior to the British colonies', it was the Caribbean that was the "seasoning" process for middle-America's human trafficking.  While the slavocratic sucess can be observed through the development of Amercian construction, there were components of resistance that shifted the sociopolitcal frameworks of the Caribbean design.  

    The second waive took place when Haiti (1804) and Jamaica (1834), provided a new waive of Caribbeans immigrants.   According to Caribbean lineage socio-anthropologist, WEB DuBois, in his book, The Souls of Black Folk (1903), he indicated that the "free northern Negro" should consider the views of the "West Indian mulattos".  Integrating into black American construct, Caribbean Americans took their place into American black history. During the early 20th century, with the push-pull immigrant principal that brought "West Indians" to New York, the essence of the Harlem Renaissance was within the Caribbean immigrant.  Join us as we talk about the Caribbean Lens within the Harlem Renaissance. 




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    Harlem Renaissance: The Shaping of An Identity and The Nation

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    During the first half of the 20th century, the largest internal population shift in U.S. history took place. Starting about 1910, through the Great Migration over five million African Americans made choices and "voted with their feet" by moving from the South to northern cities, the West and Midwest. In the 1920s, the concentration of blacks in New York led to the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance, whose influence reached nationwide.  From A. Philip Randolph to Marcus Garvey, sociopolitical designs for self-determination became the model that pushed towards sociopoliticah shifts within the American construct.  

    How did these extraordinary people develop and sustain such constructs?  Are they relevant during current times?  Join us as we talk about how the Harlem Renaissance shaped identity for black American and the nation.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African-American_history#The_Great_Migration_and_the_Harlem_Renaissance, accessed 2/20/15.

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    New HW Advice Guru Marsha Thompson On Harlem World Radio

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    Grab a tea, and listen to Marsha Thompson, Harlem World Magazine's new relationship contributor and The Danny Tisdale Show host Danny Tisdale.

    Marsha talks healthcare, education, government, industry and relationships, before she flies off to Russia as she wears her other hat as an international opera star. Marsha and Danny talks to her about advice tips and tells us about House Of Divaria! Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio. www.houseofdivaria.com

    Got a question contact her at harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com with the words Divaria in the subject line.

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    Robb Pair Talks Real Estate On Harlem World Radio

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    Get some tea, and listen to Harlem real estate man, Robb Phair, Robb is founder and president of Harlem lofts, Harlem Lofts is As President and Founder of Harlem Lofts Inc., Robb Pair possesses 30 years of experience as a successful real estate developer and broker, and expertise in sales marketing. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York, North Carolina, and Virginia, and a licensed contractor in New York. He combines an uncanny ability and unique passion for connecting buyers and sellers with an unsurpassed knowledge of the Harlem New York real estate market. Since 2001, Robb has lived in a Harlem brownstone that was developed by his firm. He and his wife are raising their family (four boys) in Harlem - he talks abut the new  3rd quarter Market Report for Harlem and Upper Manhattan real estate and more! Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio. www.harlemlofts.com

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    Harlem World Reading Series Team Talk Books On Harlem World Radio

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    Join authors Eartha Watts-Hicks, JP Howard, CC Minton, emcee Dontre Conerly and organizer Yolande Brener as they talk to Danny Tisdale on The Danny Tisdale Show on Harlem World Radio Podcast about the upcoming Harlem World Reading, Part One event. They discuss the delicious home made treats created by healthy eating advocate, CC Minton, and Harlem World food writer, Lil Nickelson. Listen and taste the Harlem experience Friday, Dec. 4th at 6:30 pm, at Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center, 1942 Amsterdam Ave @ 156th Streeet, New York, NY 10032, http://harlemworldmag.com/harlem-world-magazine-reading-series-part-one/

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    Vivienne La Borde Talks Lincoln Center Arts On Harlem World Radio

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    Grab a tea, and listen to Vivienne La Borde, Director of Government and Community Engagement for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts  and Danny Tisdale, host of The Danny Tisdale Show in the new year.

    Vivienne talks art, education and community, in her new job at the Lincoln Center. Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio - www.lincolncenter.org

    Read more here: http://harlemworldmag.com/vivienne-c-la-borde-named-director-at-lincoln-center/

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com.

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    The New Harlem World Locals Show With Lil Nickelson

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    It's the debut of the Harlem World Locals Show. Great personalities from the beautiful scene of historic Harlem. Today's guest is long time local Lil Nickelson, food chef and food writer with Harlem World http://tinyurl.com/phd6kq6.

    What was it like growing up in Harlem? What are the best food spots for atmosphere, and where are the best tasty places to dinner...and a lot of other local knowledge. Community Chef Lil Nickelson made corn chowder with fresh, local corn & tomatoes (http://tinyurl.com/ohespfm). Today’s show was taped live on Harlem World Radio.

    Connect with us at:




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    Harlem Renaissance: The Shaping of Black Sociopolitical Frameworks

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    The Harlem Renaissance was not only a cultural phenomenon, in "...the early portion of the 20th century, [1]" it was also the nexus for a new form of sociopolitical frameworks.  Its distinctions evolved from  southern black migrantion, the intelligentia of the DuBoisan era, and the push-pull formation of  Caribbean immigrants.  It was successful in that it brought the Black experience clearly within the corpus of American cultural history. 

    On a sociological level, the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance redefined how America and the world, viewed African–Americans.  This new identity led to a greater social consciousness, and African–Americans became players on the world stage, expanding intellectual and social contacts internationally.

    Through the Harlem Renaissance encouraged the new appreciation of folk roots and culture. For instance, folk materials and spirituals provided a rich source for the artistic and intellectual imagination, which freed Blacks from the establishment of past condition. Through sharing in these cultural experiences, a consciousness sprung forth in the form of a united racial identity.  Join us as we talk about the layers shaped the black socipolitical frameworks.


    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlem_Renaissance, accessed 2/14/15.

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    Phillip Smith Talks Guns On Harlem World Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Get some tea, and listen to Phillip Smith, Smith is founder and president of the National African American Gun Association (NAG).

    The National African American Gun Association started with the primary goal to expose, educate, and motivate as many African American men and women to go out and purchase a firearm for community building, self defense, proper gun use, and the gun sports life style. The National African American Gun Association is the first African American Natonal Firearm Organization in the history of the United States. Phillip Smith and Danny talk about the rise of gun clubs, sports, and other gun events in our community! Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio.



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