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    Heather "The Heat" Hardy joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss her rematch December 5 at The Barclays Center against Noemi Bosques.Hardy talks about the first fight against Bosques in May that resulted in a split decision although most felt Hardy won decisively.We get Heather's thoughts on giving Bosques the rematch and what she thinks will be different in this fight.Hardy also gives her thoughts on Alicia Ashley's historic win over Christina McMahon to make her the oldest female world champion and the state of women's boxing going into 2016.Heather also gives her take on Ronda Rousey and the controversy of her being on The Ring Magazine cover and she gives an honest opinion of Oscar De La Hoya's aspiration to promote women's boxing.

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    Greg Hardy pictures released,all we can do is be mad and move on.

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    Talking about Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy. Pictures from his domestic violence case surfaced this week of the victim, his former girlfriend Nicole Holder. Yes the outrage is understandable and everyone wants him to pay for what he did, but look at your justice system first and how its already a done deal and him losing his right to play football for it is completely asinine. All we can do is be upset and have no choice but to move on.

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    Week 9 Predictions, Greg Hardy - Domestic Violence and the NFL

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    We will be taking callers all hour long, so listen in live and call (347) 850-8627!  In the news we will give our takes on all the news of the NFL.  We will go through the NFL News and talk about the following:

    Greg Hardy had charges of Domestic Violence expunged from his record today - then photos of his victim hit the media

    No Comment From Hardy

    The NFL said they had the photos

    Belichick Good at Coin Tosses

    Jeremy Langford starts for the Bears on Monday Night Football

    After the break, we will talk Week 9 predictions!

    We will also play SHOCK THE JOCK so you can ask us ANY QUESTION, we will pick three questions to answer and Nash or Matt will LIE on one of the answers, if the audience is most correct, we will shock the liar with enough volts they will feel like they touched an electric fence.  Text 77948 and type the word text and then space, then your message.

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    Cowboys Return To Action, Is Dez Bryant Joining Them? Is Hardy In Line?

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    KD and Fish chop it up, discussing the in's and out's of Dez Bryant's possible return against the New York Giants. Dallas looks to end a three game losing streak on the backs of... their defense? Tony Romo gets to start practicing, when? The running back rotation looks like what? Greg Hardy said... oh yeah, you're going to need to tune in to the latest episode of Crunchtime!

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    Fight Performance Coach Tony Ricci joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give us an update on some of his fighter's who have big fights coming up.First, we look back at Danny Gonzalez & Anthony Karperis' last fights and Tony tells us what the gameplan is for each fighter going forward.Ricci gives us the lowdown on Heather Hardy and Chris Algieri as they prepare for their fights coming up December 5 at The Barclays Center.Tony is also working with UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman & Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Liam Mcgeary and gives us the story on their training leading into their next fights.We also get Ricci's opinion on weighted vests,Cyborg cutting weight in hopes of a Rousey fight and CM Punk taking trying MMA next year.

  • Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with special guest Randy Hardy

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    After a month off and lots of upgrades, the ALL new Incubi Incarnate Broadcast Network PRESENTS your host Bill Bachman and VERY special guest Randy Hardy of SyFy's Deep South Paranormal and the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015.. LIVE! Be sure to join our interactive chat room on our website  www.IncubiIncarnate.com/iiblistenlive!

    Randy did not believe in ghosts at all. But his friend and neighbor Kevin was a firm believer. In an attempt to prove each other wrong they decided they would go ghost hunting. Randy figured if they didn’t find any ghost he would at least get to see some really cool historic places.

    One of the first places they investigated was Lafayette Cemetery Number 1. After reviewing the evidence Randy realized he had captured a class A EVP that said, “leave now” when he was sitting inside one of the tombs at the cemetery. There was no one else even near the tomb he was in where the EVP was captured.

    He created his own Paranormal Group called Down South Paranormal. They started investigating plantations, local residents houses, cemeteries, any where they could. They often got evidence and would sometimes post videos of the investigations on You Tube.

    The SyFy channel decided to do a reality show about ghost hunting and stated looking for ghost hunting groups in the South. That’s when they came across Randy and Kevin’s videos and contacted them and the rest is history!

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Patricia Hardy Shaw

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Patricia Hardy Shaw

    Topic of Discussion: Sexual Soul Ties

    Patricia's Bio

    Patricia Shaw is a Transformation Strategist, Author, and Speaker who compels women to Conquer their fears, Accomplish their goals, so they can Possess their land.  She is the leading expert giving relevant knowledge on the subject of “ Soul Ties” a term society refers to as  “toxic relationships.”

    She uses the knowledge she has acquired in her loving marriage of 26 years to her husband Michael to empower, impact, and inform women it is possible to live a life of excellence in all areas of life.  She is the mother of two young adults.

  • Live With Ron Hardy

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    In this episode we will be talking to Ron Hardy about the upcoming "Bring Back The Love" here in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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    Heather "The Heat" Hardy joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss her upcoming fight August 1 at The Barclays Center.This will mark Hardy's fourth fight at The Barclays Center and it is quickly becoming her home.We also take a quick look back with Hardy at her last fight against Noemi Bosques and what she see's in her future going forward.Hardy talks about her confidence in being matched up with most girls in her weight class and her hopes of one day getting a WBC World Title shot and facing Jackie Nava of Mexico when she is ready.Hardy also talks about her increasing popularity,women's boxing on TV and gives us a few thoughts on Danny Jacobs taking on Sergio Mora and Paulie Malignaggi's return to face Danny Garcia all on the same card she fights on.

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    The Greg Hardy-Running Back-Coaches Fault Cowboys Free-For-All Podcast Rumble!

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    Nothing is off limits as KD checks in with the latest episode of Crunchtime. Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain return and with them comes a firestorm of national controversy with our own Mike Fisher embroiled. Fish weighs in on the situation while Joey Ickes and Keith Mullins join KD in parsing through the strange Cowboys coaching decisions (and shortcomings) as well as the fits for the returning players and how things will look moving forward. It doesn't get any more hectic than Week 5, with the juggernaut offense of the New England Patriots coming to town scoring 40 points a game. Oh boy... 



    (Music: The Man Righ Chea - Mystikal, No Limit Records | Put Your Cups Up - What? Band Live Performance 2011)

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    Guest: Kathi Hardy

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    Jim and Jennifer welcome Kathi Hardy to the show.  Kathi is a recovering drug addict and former prostitute who has dedicated much of her life helping those who have found themselves in similar life situations.

    A faithful participant in San Diego's "Prostitution Impact Panel," which has hosted over 808 men with a staggering low 3.5% recidivism rate, Kathi has also helped start the Survivors of the Streets group, which the City Attorney's office utilizes as a First Offender Diversion Program for adults who were picked up for prostitution activities. Many of the 700 participants have been victims of human trafficking. Working with Juvenile Hall and Child Welfare, her group has seen hundreds of children who have been victimized, with the goal to reeducate them so they may lead healthier lifestyles.  

    Kathi’s program won the Norma Hotaling Award, Chief's Award from San Diego County Juvenile Probation, and recognition by New Alternatives, Inc. in San Diego.

    She can be reached at ffexploitation@sbcglobal.net