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    STEVE JACOBS: ACE Hardware Science...How hardware teaches science

    in Education

    STEVE JACOBS ( no relation) ...

    ACE Hardware Science...How hardware teaches science

    Presented by PITSCO EDUCATION

    www.pitsco.com @pitscoed


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    Season 3 Awards Show

    in Hockey

    Well it is the end of Season 3 and we are handing out the hardware for the season, also some preview of next season.

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    DIY for Your Soul Podcast - Don't Go to the Hardware Store for Oranges

    in Self Help

    This podcast addresses the fact that many of us look for love, acceptance and support from people that have consistently shown us that they are unable to give us what we need. We will discuss how our frustrations of not getting our emotional needs met is often because of the choices we make. It calls us to accept the people in our lives as they are, and to seek out support from those that are willing and able to give it to us in the manner that we need.

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    TECH PM - Heartbleed Bug Impacts Hardware

    in News

    WSJ's Mathew Passy looks at how Heartbleed is impacting network hardware; Amazon's acquisition of comiXology; Twitter's problem with getting people to tweet; the proliferation of Ransomware and another down day for tech stocks.

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    2014's IMLD Honors & Dishonors

    in Football

    Not only is this Jay and Dre's annual Honors and Dishonors show, where they award the hardware for the most memorable people and events in the NFL during the past season, but it's also their 100th show!  So put on your tux and join the boys as they give the football community the shine they so richly deserve, for better or for worse.  Do you have your own MVP or biggest turd of the season?  Be interactive!  Call in and join the fun.


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    HGTV's Property Brothers talk new furniture line at the National Hardware Show

    in Design

    We're talking tool innovations and the Property Brothers' new outdoor furnishings and more on this episode from the National Hardware Show in Vegas.

    How do you know you’re at risk—of being boring? Is your design look a blend of “I’ve always done it that way” combined with lots of beige? When was the last time you looked at your home?

    The cure is color, so pick up some paint and punch it up a notch. From fixing that old doorknob hole to sharpening up those shutters outside, you can body slam boredom in no time. From prep to color pop, from deck to decore, let’s make the tough stuff easy.

    We're talking new tool innovations from the HYDE Tools booth at the National Hardware Show and we're shaking down what's amazing from the trade show floor with our guests. HGTV's 'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott are sharing a preview of their 'not-yet-available-in-stores' outdoor furnishing line. Make it Right Mike Holmes talks his latest ventures on improving communities and skilled trades. And 'Consumer Reports' Senior Market Analyst Michael DiLauro is breaking down what's best in mowers and more.

    So take a look around. And dare to be awesome. You can always repaint your house beige—but not today because awesome is now on MyFixitUpLife.

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    Episode 35 – William Dranginis - Bigfoot Encounters & Technological Research

    in Science

    Tonight we’ll be speaking with William Dranginis. William has worked for 22 years in the surveillance industry under government contract so he has been able to familiarize himself with some of the most cutting edge technology and hardware in the fields of surveillance, thermography, 3D printing, forensics, drones, and much more. He uses these acquired skills to aid him in his research that is directed towards producing scientifically repeatable evidence for the existence of the creature known as Bigfoot. William had a few encounters with Bigfoot throughout the years, the first of which happened in 1995 in the presence of 2 FBI agents. We’ll be discussing his experience in technology, his encounters, and some of the people that he has worked and had correspondence with such as world renowned anthropologist and primatologist, Jane Goodall. Please join us for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation.      

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    Interop Radio: It's All About Storage

    in Technology

    One of the secret areas of exciting news in the computer world is data storage. After years of incremental progress things are changing -- and changing fast.

    From the hardware on which bits are stored to the software that manages the hardware systems, 2015 is set to be a year that sees significant improvements in speed, reliability, and flexibility in storage systems for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises. Join us as we talk with noted storage expert Howard Marks about recent improvements in storage technology and what he sees on the horizon for the coming year.

    Howard Marks is founder and chief scientist at Deepstorage LLC, a storage consultancy and independent test lab based in Santa Fe, N.M. and concentrating on storage and data center networking. In more than 25 years of consulting, Marks has designed and implemented storage systems, networks, management systems and Internet strategies at organizations including American Express, J.P. Morgan, Borden Foods, U.S. Tobacco, BBDO Worldwide, Foxwoods Resort Casino and the State University of New York at Purchase. The testing at DeepStorage Labs is informed by that real world experience.

    He has been a frequent contributor to Network Computing and InformationWeek since 1999 and a speaker at industry conferences including Comnet, PC Expo, Interop and Microsoft's TechEd since 1990. He is the author of Networking Windows and co-author of Windows NT Unleashed (Sams).

    Interop 2015 will take place from April 27th through May 1st at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. More information and registration details are available online!

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    Computer America - Autodesk's Ralph Bond!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Both Hours: It's time for Bond...  Ralph Bond joins Craig and Ben with computer news and special topics.  For many years, Ralph was Intel's Consumer Education Director.  Ralph is now with Autodesk and he is an official Computer America correspondent. Topics tonight include the Top Tech Suprises and dissapointments of 2014, hardware that could change how you sleep, making sure your secret chats stay secret, Sony's super-thin tablet to be launched soon, Samsung's 360-degree VR headset and so much more!

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    Living The American Dream Through Franchising

    in Business

    We have a great show  today.  We are meeting with Tony Lutfi, CEO of the Marlu Investment Group.  The Marlu Investment Group are franchise owners to systems like Arby’s, Church’s Chicken, Jack in the Box, Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores, Sears Home Appliance Showrooms, Sears Outlet Stores, Little Caesars, Sizzler and more.

  • Bert Martinez is joined by Tom Hopkins, Mark Fischer and Patrick Renvoise

    in Business

    Tom Hopkins carries the standard as a master sales trainer and is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship.Over 4 million people on five continents have attended Tom’s high-energy live seminars. Tom personally conducts 30+ seminars each year traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines. He is the author of 17 books, including “How to Master the Art of Selling™,” which has sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide. This mega-selling book is considered a must-have reference guide for top selling producers in every field of sales. He has also authored three selling-skills books in the popular “…for Dummies®” series

    Mark Fischer co-creator of the SmartTek Systems personal security app and an electronic security industry veteran with an extensive technical background in hardware and software application development. His specialties include central station technology integration and communications, mobile GPS, M2M communications and applications, security software development, and emerging technologies

    Patrick Renvoise Co-Founder & Chief Neuromarketing Officer SalesBrain . Patrick spent 2 years researching and formalizing a science-based persuasion model-the NeuroMAP™. This proprietary methodology has been used for the past 12 years to help over 6,000 companies worldwide scientifically CAPTURE, CONVINCE AND CLOSE more business


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