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    STEVE JACOBS: ACE Hardware Science...How hardware teaches science

    in Education

    STEVE JACOBS ( no relation) ...

    ACE Hardware Science...How hardware teaches science

    Presented by PITSCO EDUCATION

    www.pitsco.com @pitscoed


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    DIY for Your Soul Podcast - Don't Go to the Hardware Store for Oranges

    in Self Help

    This podcast addresses the fact that many of us look for love, acceptance and support from people that have consistently shown us that they are unable to give us what we need. We will discuss how our frustrations of not getting our emotional needs met is often because of the choices we make. It calls us to accept the people in our lives as they are, and to seek out support from those that are willing and able to give it to us in the manner that we need.

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    TECH PM - Heartbleed Bug Impacts Hardware

    in News

    WSJ's Mathew Passy looks at how Heartbleed is impacting network hardware; Amazon's acquisition of comiXology; Twitter's problem with getting people to tweet; the proliferation of Ransomware and another down day for tech stocks.

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    HGTV's Property Brothers talk new furniture line at the National Hardware Show

    in Design

    We're talking tool innovations and the Property Brothers' new outdoor furnishings and more on this episode from the National Hardware Show in Vegas.

    How do you know you’re at risk—of being boring? Is your design look a blend of “I’ve always done it that way” combined with lots of beige? When was the last time you looked at your home?

    The cure is color, so pick up some paint and punch it up a notch. From fixing that old doorknob hole to sharpening up those shutters outside, you can body slam boredom in no time. From prep to color pop, from deck to decore, let’s make the tough stuff easy.

    We're talking new tool innovations from the HYDE Tools booth at the National Hardware Show and we're shaking down what's amazing from the trade show floor with our guests. HGTV's 'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott are sharing a preview of their 'not-yet-available-in-stores' outdoor furnishing line. Make it Right Mike Holmes talks his latest ventures on improving communities and skilled trades. And 'Consumer Reports' Senior Market Analyst Michael DiLauro is breaking down what's best in mowers and more.

    So take a look around. And dare to be awesome. You can always repaint your house beige—but not today because awesome is now on MyFixitUpLife.

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    An Infrastructure for Analytics

    in Technology

    Applications for analytics are important, but those analytics have to run on hardware of some sort. The infrastructure you choose, whether public cloud or on-premise data center, something in between or a combination of multiple platforms, will have a significant impact on the application's performance.

    In this episode we talk with Jim O'Reilly, a noted expert on application infrastructure, about the plusses and minuses of the different infrastructures and how a company should go about the process of deciding which infrastructure is the best one for their analytics needs.

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    An Industry Update from Geoff Clapp, co-Founder BetterPHA

    in Health

    On the final program for 2014, serial entreprenur and digital health innovator Geoff Clapp joins co-host Phil Marshall, MD and me for a wrap of the year. Join us at 10AM Pacific Time/1 PM Eastern for key insights and material trends on our move from the volume to value healthcare ecosystem

    About Goeff Clapp:

    Geoffrey spent more than 12 years disrupting the telemedicine market with Health Hero Network. During his tenure at Health Hero, Geoffrey served multiple roles, including COO and CTO. As CTO, Geoffrey designed and implemented award winning hardware and software products, including Business Week’s 2000 Product of The Year.  During his time as COO, he guided the company through the “bubble” bursting in Silicon Valley.

    More about BetterPHA:

    'A shared vision of extending world-class medical knowledge to everyone, wherever they may be, is what brought Mayo Clinic and Better together. It is our hope that Better will give people the means to worry less when it comes to health care and instead focus on being well. 

    Better is backed by the Mayo Clinic and the Social+Capital Partnership. Our team has founded some of the biggest health care and consumer internet companies in the world.'

    Geoff is no stranger digital health innovation. Join us as we get his take on the status of the market, and what he and his colleagues are up to at BetterPHA.

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    Interview With Peter Robbins, UFO Researcher and Author

    in Paranormal

    Peter Robbins, long-time UFO researcher and author of many articles, and co-author with Larry Warren of "Left at East Gate,"  an incident that rivals Roswell, will be interviewed by Host Dr. Steven Katz.

    We will discuss the reality and history of extraterrestrial sightings and visitations.  Peter's long-time interest in Dr. Wilhelm Reich's UFO investigations will also be covered.

    Are we dealing with hardware, atmospheric singularities, or metaphysical craft?  Mr. Robbins is one of the most honest and credible researchers in the field of Ufology.  What is the government hiding from the population of the earth?  We will hope to find out.

    Peter was dealyed yesterday.  Hopefully, he will call in today.

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    Exploring the Data Minefield in Franchising

    in Business

    This week on Franchise Today the focus is on something that seems to be in the news every day - data breaches! With data breaches more than doubling since 2009 to more than 25,000 incidents in 2013 and with 467 of those breaches occurring in the retail sector, franchises have been affected as well. Our guests this week are Tom Epstein, CEO of Franchise Payment Network and Lee Plave, Partner at the law firm, Plave Koch. Both are active IFA members on the Marketing & Technology Committee and are also some of the leading thought-leaders in franchising on today's topic.

    About Our Guests

    Lee Plave has extensive experience counseling distributors and franchisors, including drafting and negotiating franchise agreements for complex international and domestic transactions and advising clients on all aspects of franchise and distribution law. He also counsels clients on the application of technology to franchise and distribution systems. Lee focuses his attention on matters such as social networking and social media issues, e-commerce, data use and security policies, cybersquatting and domain name disputes, consumer complaint and cybersmear sites, as well as software and hardware licensing. In addition, he represents clients in matters before the Federal Trade Commission.

    In addition to his role as CEO of Franchise Payments Network, Tom Epstein continues works with the IFA, serving on Supplier Forum, The Marketing & Technology Committee, FranPac supporter, host of IFA FBN (Franchise Business Network) in Orlando, has been published in all major Franchise Trades as well a sponsor of countless industry events though out the year. FPN works exclusively in the franchise space, utilizing Tom’s extensive knowledge in retail and payment processing to facilitate the unique needs of franchise systems.


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    How To Make Your CyberSecurity Defenses The Best Ever

    in Technology

    In today's world, we all know that just about everything and anything based on Internet are prone to Cyber Security attacks and hacks.  Whether it be malware, spyware, trojan horses, botnets, etc. your corporate IT infrastructure is fair game to it all. But, implementing a security strategy to protect your small to medium sized business (SMB) is not only confusing to figure out, but it can also be costly as well.  But, this scenario could very well be changing now. 

    In today's radio show, we interview the CEO (Mr. Andrew Bagrin) of a brand new company called "My Digital Shield". His company has developed a new security solution which is very affordable to the SMB.  All that is required is some hardware, come cabling, and a quick download of their security solution.  All of the security monitoring is done in the Cloud - so you can stay focused on what you do best, which is running your business.

    Listen to our interview with Mr. Bagrin, and find out how you can fortify your lines of Cyber Security defenses further and deeper, with "My Digital Shield".

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    Ace Hardware's John Venhuizen role of core values on CEO in 10

    in Lifestyle

    CEO in 10 welcomes John Venhuizen, Chief Executive Officer of the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world. John provides insight on how core values are strategic at this very successful company. 

    Learn about Ace customers being shareholders, Ace's local ownership approach and their focus on gratitude as core value. 

    The program is sponsored by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals, America's #1 seller of inspirational fine art greeting cards and sensory travel journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information.

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    Legal Eagle and the Coach with Bryan Kiser and David Altenbern

    in Business

    Legal Eagle and the Coach with Bryan Kiser and David Altenbern and their guest Rajesh Kanuru & Doug Noll:

    Rajesh Kanuru, one of the founding partners of KP Law, LLC, has established a reputation for being a zealous advocate for his clients who were hurt through work or the negligence of another. Believing that involvement is key to a successful representative, he has fought for the rights of clients against large corporations such as PepsiCo, Ace-Hardware, Dominick’s, Ford Motor Company, Fed-Ex, UPS and many more. His dedication to his job is unparallel to any other. He is tenacious when it comes to fighting for the rights of hard working individuals. Kanuru excels as an attorney, because he is able to advocate his client’s position and through this, is able to satisfy his client’s needs. 

    Doug is a sought-after keynote speaker at national conferences. He has an active international training and workshop schedule. From the Middle East to Asia to Europe and throughout North America, Doug teaches executives how to lead groups in difficult decision-making. He also teaches advanced mediation and conflict resolution skills and master negotiation workshops. In addition to being a keynote speaker and negotiation trainer, Doug is a full time peacemaker and mediator. He specializes in difficult, complex, and intractable conflicts. He is an adjunct professor of law and has a Masters Degree in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Doug is AV-rated and was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to peacemaking. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators and on the American Arbitration Association panel of mediators and arbitrators. 

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